Drake, Thunder, Forest Stone


  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5′ 10″ (177 cm)
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Skin: Ruddy tan
  • Favorite foods: Trail burgers, milk shakes, potato rolls
  • Pet peeves: Gwen gets mad at him for seemingly no reason, Gwen is nice to him for seemingly no reason, Tamara gets mad at him for seemingly no reason, Tamara is nice to him for seemingly no reason, having to lower himself to ride any other animal but Thunderbolt.

Drake is an athletic and dashing young man. He is powerfully built and has a head of thick, unkempt hair that he constantly brushes back from falling into his eyes. 

Drake is strong willed and determined to do things his own way. He is perfectly comfortable earning his way through accomplishment and achievement. Well-paired with his wolf pal Thunder, Drake fancies himself a roguish young “Romeo,” always looking for a great adventure. He carries himself like the leader he will someday be—Drake possesses a tremendous charisma, an irresistible personality, and immense good humor. Daring and valiant, even if often also stubborn, he boldly leads the Pack to fight alongside the three Jewel Riders in their quest to stop the evil Lady Kale. 

Drake plays “ladies man” with a touch of irony, and comes to believe his winning smile and easygoing ways are sure to charm Gwenevere eventually. He and she both protect and save each other repeatedly, and despite all of her teasing of Drake, the Princess finds herself genuinely attracted to him. Though everyone considers them a potential couple, Gwen is not ready to admit feeling anything more than friendship, and instead likes to mess with his head. Even though she loves dressing up and flirting, she aggressively refuses to wait around for a man to come find her, to Drake’s great frustration and confusion.

Drake prefers the functional wardrobe of the Pack as his everyday adventuring clothes. He is especially proud of his jewel armor’s helmet design, in the shape of a wolf’s head. Drake is aware, however, that dating the Princess requires more than a Pack Rider’s riding clothes, especially when accompanying her to great ceremonial balls held around the kingdom.





 Thunderbolt is strong, noble, and very dedicated to his rider Drake. Like his human friend, he is always looking to ride into a great adventure and will push himself to the max for his friend to run faster and jump higher. And like Drake, Thunder too is very protective of Tamara, the youngest and most vulnerable of the Jewel Riders.

Thunderbolt understands Drake better than anyone and knows the young man may someday become a great leader of the kingdom of Avalon. He often offers a kind word of encouragement and support to help Drake when things do not go right. Sharing his magical Forest Stone with Thunder allows Drake to use the wolf’s keen senses to help them on the Pack’s patrols through the Great Forests that border Avalon’s capital city of New Camelot.

Forest Stone 

The Forest Stones are the Enchanted Jewels that are all green colored and shaped like an arrow head (pointing up like a tree). They use the power of the Great Forests and emit bright green beams of light when activated. Their jewel armor sets are all identical and wolf-themed.

Their jewels allow the young men of the Wolf Pack to share the senses of the wolves, allowing them to feel what the wolves feel; this increases their tracking and fighting skills. They also allow the Pack to use the trees of the forests to increase their strength and ability to communicate. Their other powers include enabling their users to share the senses of the wolves to heighten perceptions and increase strength, the ability to create a sense of teamwork within the Wolf Pack like trees in a forest, improving communication and coordination, communicating with the trees about past events and history, and the abilities to control forest growth and make the trees come to life.