Fallon, Moondance, Moon Stone


  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5′ 5″ (165 cm)
  • Hair: Raven black, with purple highlights, straight, worn long
  • Eyes: Deep sea green
  • Skin: Olive/cocoa
  • Family: Alfred (Father), Winerva (Mother)
  • Favorite colors: Blues, greens, offset by light purples.
  • Favorite foods: Pot pies, fruit rolls, granola chewies.
  • Pet peeves: Being cooped up in the Crystal Palace, mishandled equipment, trying to be something one’s not, lying, bragging

A free-spirited member of the Jewel Riders, Fallon is a tough, fearless and graceful young female warrior. Often described as a tomboy, Fallon is an athletic and skilled nature lover. She is known as a no-nonsense, sassy scout-expert but with a soft heart, especially for her best friend and trusty steed, the unicorn princess Moondance. The two are bonded with each other through the Moon Stone, an Enchanted Jewel with power of the Moon to create and detect illusions.

Fallon was born in Avalon’s Great Forests near Kingstown. From an early age, Fallon had a natural propensity for nature—she has always felt at home in the forests, reveling in the majestic wonder of the great trees. Fallon always had great aspirations of a higher education and a burning desire to have an animal as a lifelong friend. Her dreams came true the instant she saw Moondance and bonded with that incredible unicorn princess in the Friendship Ring. She regrets that her parents did not show up for the special ceremony but accepts the fact that they have their own separate lives now.

Fallon has strong skills in tracking (also without the use of magic) and scouting. She knows the forests of the kingdom of Avalon like the back of her hand. Fallon and Moondance are pure joy to watch as they bound, leap, and practically fly, racing through the forests. Fallon has a warrior’s instinct for split-second timing, and is proficient in self-defense and survival skills, including fencing and archery.

Fallon has the soul and spirit of a great warrior, and never hesitates to take any risk to fight against evil in her determination to make Avalon safe from the dark magic. Fallon is the first girl to be accepted as a member of the Wolf Pack, the elite knights that protect the Crystal Palace and patrol the Great Forests. She has earned the respect of the male riders by training hard and taking her responsibilities very seriously. The boys in the Pack respect Fallon and her fantastic unicorn Moondance as equals and comrades.



Built for speed, Moondance is a unicorn princess, the daughter of Queen Sierra. The magical unicorn is very gentle and brings out these same qualities in her Jewel Rider partner, Fallon, who often has a rough exterior. Well paired with her especially daring rider, Moondance and Fallon are both graceful, agile and athletic, forming a formidable pair and practically inseparable on their adventures. Moondance has an aerodynamic saddle and special and riding gear to increase speed. With her head and beautiful swirled horn lowered, she looks like a bullet, eating up the kilometers and practically flying through the woods.

Fallon gives the appearance of a tough personality, but Moondance brings out in her a loving, sensitive, responsible, and capable girl. The two talk to one another all the time. Moondance understands the pressure that Fallon is under being the first girl to be accepted to run with the Pack’s wolf riders. But Moondance is very patient and considerate of Fallon as she loves her unconditionally.


Moon Stone

The Moon Stone is the Stone of illusion. The Moon Stone’s magic has a principal special ability to create illusions and allow invisibility. It can also reveal things that are hidden, help find the user’s way when lost, penetrate traps and hidden doors, and uncover hidden clues. Its other abilities include magically adding to Moondance’s already naturally perfect racing and leaping abilities.

It is most powerful at night under the bright moon and emits rays of sparkling diamond moondust when activated. The Moon Stone and the Sun Stone of Princess Gwenevere work best together at the “magic hour,” at dawn and dusk, when the powers of the stones are balanced.





“Did You Know?”: Fallon originally had another special friend, a wild falcon dragonet named Sky Dancer, who would only come to Fallon when called. One day while exploring the Forests of Arden many years ago, Fallon came upon a nest of dragonet eggs about to be eaten by a huge slime snake. Fallon saved the nest and attended the eggs until they hatched. The dragonets were saved and to this day, they come to Fallon when she is in need of a little aerial reconnaissance. The largest and most beautiful of the group is a golden dragonet Fallon has named Sky Dancer. Although Sky Dancer cannot talk to Alex, he can talk to Tamara who is happy to translate if the dragonet wishes.