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We love a good piece of fan art – the way it can take a character or idea that only exists in someone’s head, and bring them to life with characters from a series you love. Jewel Riders fan art is precious to us, because compared to relatively large fandoms, we have an amazing number of good artists who still love and remember Jewel Riders. Fan works are often a barometer of a fandom’s health – many fan works means there is still active engagement with a series. For a series over twenty-five years old, we’re touched so many artists still choose to put pen, ink, and color down and create art of our favorite characters!

Scroll to the very bottom of the page to see some vintage artwork created by Chris and Ronnie as children!


25 Pieces for 25 Magical Years!

To celebrate the fandom as part of our zine “Circle of Friends,” we selected twenty-five pieces of art that had been submitted to the Archive for inclusion as part of the finished zine. Unfortunately we were limited in what could be included in the print copy, but we loved each entry and wanted to showcase all of them, and their unique styles! This art was an integral part to help the fandom celebrate 25 years of Jewel Riders!





Submissions from Hubbabubbagumpop

Submissions from Neil Abbott

Submissions from Jackie Distel


Over the years at the Archive. we’ve run several different Artist Challenges – Designing the cut characters Princess Tara, and Brand and Blazer, designing a new magic jewel, and designing a unicorn.

Artist Challenge 3/2021: Design a Magic Jewel

Artist Challenge 4/2020: Design Brand and Blazer

Artist Challenge 12/2017: Design a Unicorn

Artist Challege 2/2017: Design Princess Tara

Below, you can see some “vintage” artwork done by Ronnie and Chris around the time the show aired.



3rd Anniversary Art Gift Exchange

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“Jewel Riders” Fan Art

Mermaid MerMay Fan Art

Unicorn Fan Art