Fan Works


At, along with preservation one of our goals is to feature artwork and writing submissions from fans.  We would love to have your creations featured on The Jewel Riders Archive.

Submissions must not contain anything violent or offensive in nature. Posts may not compromise the character’s integrity. In connection with anything you submit to us – whether or not solicited by us – you agree that creative ideas, suggestions or other materials are okay to be featured on the site but do not constitute a contract of any kind.  You retain full ownership of your work; think of the Archive simply as a gallery to display and share it.

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Or check out these “Jewel Riders” Fan Videos

Some fans have even crafted their own plush and soft goods items!

Ronnie even made these poems in his youth (including a guest appearance by the poem from Stormy’s Nightfall)

Back in the ’90s, Stormy’s Avalon was the place to go for any and all Jewel Riders information. You can check out our retrospective and history of this amazing fan site here.  The site was full of fun fan art and fan fiction. All of the fan fiction has been archived for posterity here at the Archive.

In this September 2019 video, Ronnie re-discovers childhood artwork and poetry.

During a trip to Ronnie’s grandma’s house, he took us on a virtual tour of his grandpa’s workshop where many of Jewel Riders homemade and wooden toys were crafted.

He mentioned the Paint-By-Number paintings that his grandpa helped him to create, a beautiful example of his grandpa’s wood carving skills – A Heart Stone and a Crystal Carriage for the dolls, and a variety of wooden jewels, and even Merlin’s staff!