Memorabilia (Avalon)

From Jacquesworth at our sister site The Avalon Archive:

The only real merchandise that came out of Avalon: Web of Magic were from contests held by the official website. There were a few fanart contests during the books’ original run, and a badge-collecting contest that ran sometime after the revised books were released. (I didn’t participate in either, unfortunately.)

The first two images are prizes from the fanart contest. If I’m remembering this tumblr post correctly, the lucky winner received a see-through Avalon: Quest for Magic backpack (this contest must have been when the back half of the series was being published), two copies of the first two books (they look like first printings, the author is credited as Shelly Roberts), some folders (which I don’t think they kept), and a copy of the B*Tween CD.

The rest of the pictures are from the badge-collecting contest. The grand prize was supposedly a Kindle Fire, but nobody’s ever posted it. The known prizes you got from the badge contest were a set of child-size bracelets that said “healer,” “warrior,” or “blazing star” (like those Livestrong bracelets), a certificate of completion, an Avalon-branded tote bag, a mistwolf plushie, and a copy of the B*Tween CD.

Seven Seas had some Avalon merchandise they sold on their website. They had posters of the book covers and shirts with the mages on them. (All the shirts were in child sizes, unfortunately.)

In the back of my original edition copies of Ghost Wolf and Heart of Avalon there are advertisements for Avalon plushies and shirts. Just cut out the back page, mail it with some cash, and you could have a mistwolf or unicorn plushie of your very own. Or a shirt with the Secret of the Unicorn cover on it. (Again, child sizes only.) I’ll take pictures of them soon.

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