Model Sheets & Concept Art

Model sheets are created to show a character in its final form from several views so the animators can understand the character to be able to animate it.  Simple characters may only get a front and back view.  Main characters will get multiple views and sometimes close-ups with different facial expressions.

Some of the model sheets in this set are from the Kenner design team. Those have the artist’s mark and date.  Other versions are from the animator after they took our character designs and refined aspects to make them easier to animate.




The Pack – Drake, Josh, and Max


Unicorns – Moondance, Sunstar, & Shadowsong

Archie & the Babies – Spike, Cleo, & Sugar


Secondary Characters – Merlin, Queen Anya, King Jared, Goliath, Ian & Queen Sierra

Villains – Kale & Morgana

Grimm and the Dweasels

Crystal Carriage

Crystal Palace

Other Animal Characters


Jewels & Objects