Official Style Guide

A bit of explanation about the Style Guide, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, a Style Guide is a document produced by the creators of a property (such as a television show, films, etc) and given to licensors and other product developers to use with creating products and materials that remains “on model” or true to the original look of the show. For instance, Gwen should always have golden hair, and her images include the yellow pantone to provide the exact color needed to achieve the desired style. You can see these images used for various merchandise produced for the show. Take a moment to look through the images and see if you notice familiar faces from other merchandise!

If you’d like to download a high resolution PDF of the images, click here!

And if you’re an artist looking for inspiration or to use the artwork in your own projects, check out our Clip Art Page. And if you’d like to color in the lineart, check out our Coloring Pages!


We also have a picture of this page from the Starla version of the Style Guide.