April Update


Hey Jewel Fans!

As the cold of winter melts into the warmth of spring, we here at The Jewel Riders Archive are happy to share several exciting updates with all of you!

First off, we want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Deborah Allison, who celebrated on April 3rd!  You will all know her best as the voice of Fallon on the show.

Deborah Allison

Deborah Allison

Also, we hope you had fun and enjoyed the posts we made around April Fool’s Day!  Drake’s Love Struck-fueled antics seemed the perfect fit for us to celebrate with. 🙂


In other news, we’re starting a new program here at the Archive.  One of our original mission goals when formulating The Jewel Riders Archive was not only to archive and catalogue official materials, but fan works related to Jewel Riders as well.  In particular, we wanted to re-home the materials from Stormy’s Avalon page and make sure that they had a home on the web.  We’re proud to finally be able to launch this new program with none other than Stormy’s novel-length fic Starstone!  Stormy was gracious enough to let us host her story here, and over the next months we will be steadily adding new works to the Fan Works section of the site.  Do you have something you’d like to submit to be archived here?  Send it to us, and we’d be happy to feature it here!


And finally, this month’s feature script is “Home Sweet Heart Stone!”  This is a Tamara feature episode, and is the only time in the series that we meet her parents Doc and Charity.  (Doc is even referred to as a country vet in the script!)  It’s a fun read, and the highlights include finally getting names for the two adult Prism Foxes (Kit’s mother is called Indigo, and her father is called Spirit), and finding out that the baby sheep given to Tamara at the end of “The Faery Princess” is named Harley (very appropriate for a biker sheep!) 

Another interesting note to look out for in the script is a completely different song entitled “Down on Heartland Farm,” which was apparently completely replaced by the song that made it into the final cut of the episode.  And just for fun, keep an eye out for the appearance of “Elton Owl.” 😀

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~ Chris & Ronnie

P.S. We wanted to extend a call out to any Jewel Riders fans out there who may have copies of scripts, storyboards, or any other developmental material that they would be willing to share with the fans.  We know there was a “Wizard’s Peak” storyboard in particular that went up on Ebay and was sold before we could get it, and if you bought it, please get in touch with us!  We’d love to feature scans on the site!

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