Celebrating our First Magical Year


Hey Jewel Fans!  Can you believe that it’s been a year to the day since we threw open our virtual doors and started this adventure together?  It’s amazing to think of all the things we’ve uncovered and experienced just in a year: we began with Enchanted Camelot last September and just finished releasing the Season One production materials last August.  Over the course of those twelve months we have featured great behind-the-scenes content, fun fan works, and been able to interact and even meet with some of the other fans of Jewel Riders!  It has truly been a blessed first year for Chris, Ronnie, and the Archive as a whole.

Today also marks the twenty-first birthday of Jewel Riders.  Twenty-one years ago today “Jewel Quest: Part One” premiered on US television, starting some of us on a journey that still hasn’t reached its end.

JRA Girl's Hug

We thought it would be fun to look back on where we started a year ago, and see how far we’ve come since.

How many of you remember this screen?

JRA Countdown

Who subscribed to be let known when the site went live?

We used this holding page as a countdown to the launch of the Archive as we were still frantically putting it together behind the curtain.  Back when the JRA looked like this…


We weren’t sure what we could do with WordPress at the time, and started cautiously.

Thankfully, Ronnie’s graphics and Chris’s programming abilities improved, and we were able to whip up something that looked a bit better!

Coming Soon!

The ubiquitous banner.

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is Paper, and boy do we have paper in abundance to give out today.  We just released 169 pages of beautiful storyboards for “Jewel Quest Part One”, which Ronnie has even composited into a video animatic with the audio from the episode!


Click on the image to see the storyboard and the videos!


Also, since today is the day that “Jewel Quest” premiered in the US, we are celebrating by releasing the episode in three different versions: Gwenevere, Starla, and French Starla!  We will be releasing these three versions for each of the episodes exclusively on the site and our affiliated social media outlets, so stay tuned each week!


“Jewel Quest” originally premiered as a two-parter, which you can view a special screener video of if you’re too antsy to wait for next week to see what happens! 😉

We’ll be following the first season’s release schedule for our own episode releases, so don’t touch that dial, and see what other great Amazin’ Adventures are coming your way!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie


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