December Update


Hey Jewel Fans! How are you all doing this month? We hope you’re staying warm and spreading good cheers with family and friends this holiday season. 🙂

Have you been keeping up with our weekly releases of the Season One episodes over on our YouTube channel? We’re proud to say that with the release of “Full Circle” we have now finished releasing the “Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders” version of the complete first season. This is, to our knowledge, the first time this version of the show has ever been widely available online. It’s the version we grew up with, and we’re delighted to be able to share it with all of you!

We’ll be back in Fall 2017 with Season 2, on its original US airdates! In the meantime, however, we will be continuing our release of the season 2 scripts.

This month, we’re featuring the script for “The Wizard of Gardenia,” the adventure that sees the Jewel Riders visit the Wizard Lair of Mallory in an attempt to find the Garden Stone, with a little help from Chance, the gardener!


Fun tidbits from the script include: Gardenia was supposed to be based on the gardens of the palace at Versailles, the Jewel Riders were originally going to be attacked by “sound clouds”  that emitted ball lightning as they crossed the desert, and that the appendages on Chance’s head are meant to look like television or radio antennae that he can’t get in tune. (Talk about a dated reference!)

In other news, have you seen everyone’s favorite Princess, Kerry Butler, on the new season of Gilmore Girls? She plays the therapist! Many thanks to Lisa for bringing this to our attention!


And that’s it for this update! Stay tuned for later in the month, where we hope to share some great holiday-themed goodies and open a new section of the site!

Friends Together, Friends Forever, and Merry Christmas,

Chris & Ronnie

P.S. Enjoy this rendition of “Away in a Manger” performed by Kerry Butler!


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