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We took a small poll on Twitter recently to try and confirm one of our longstanding suspicions after watching the Jewel Riders fandom for a long time: which Enchanted Jewel is the most popular?  Participants were given the option of choosing among the Sun, Moon, Heart, and Forest Stones.




These results are not a huge surprise to: the Heart Stone (and Tamara by extension) is far and away the most popular.  (We were sad to see so little love for Gwen though!)  Is it the pink hair?  The talking to animals?  The music? The Zebracorn?

Tamara S2 Opening

At the very heart (see what we did there?) of the Jewel Riders, we submit that Tamara is likely the character that most young viewers identified strongly with: not everyone can be a fabulous princess or brave oudoorsy type, but lots of children love animals, music, and the thought of dying their hair. 😀

But all this talk of the Enchanted Jewels has got us digging back into the Show Bible for more information.

Did you know that originally each of the Enchanted Jewels was going to have three different power levels, for instance?  Back when a main feature of the show was the fact that the jewels split in half between a Jewel Rider and their magical animal friend, each level of power roughly corresponded to how many pieces were present.  Level One powers could be performed with half a jewel (by either rider or animal), Level Two powers could be used when the two halves of the jewel were put together, and Level Three powers were found when different Enchanted Jewels were used together.

Heart StoneFor instance, the Heart Stone’s Level One power was telepathy and empathy with animals, and also the ability to heal (hence the name: The Stone of Healing); Level Two was the ability to communicate with many different animals over a large area at one time, and Level Three was mass emotional effects.  The Heart Stone was also noted to have the ability to strengthen the effects of other Enchanted Jewels, which is why most people who wear the Heart Stone have strong musical abilities.  Strong music makes strong magic!


Sun StoneIn the beginning, the Sun Stone was sometimes called the “rainbow jewel,” which emitted a rainbow-colored beam, and where different colors of the light spectrum could cause different magical effects!  Level One was Green/Yellow/Gold, which was “beauty energy” that could help things grown, Level Two was Blue, which was for force fields and power blasts, and Level Three was white, for telekinesis and the ability to move objects, as well as the ability to bend light and hide objects!  The Sun Stone is noted to be most powerful under the midday sun.


Moon StoneThe Moon Stone, called the Stone of Illusion, has some very interesting powers.  Level One is for creating simple illusions, revealing hidden things, or helping the wearer find their way when lost;  Level Two is for creating more complex illusions, invisibility, and the ability to penetrate traps and hidden doors; Level Three gives the wearer the ability to create mass illusions and control the tides!  An interesting tidbit is that the Sun and Moon Stones work best together at the “magic hours” which are dawn and dusk!


DrakeIn the original series bible, there were six Forest Stones!  The Level One power included improved strength, teamwork, and sharing the perceptions of wolves; the Level Two power was the ability to communicate with trees about past events and history, and the Level Three powers were the ability to control forest growth and help the forest come to life.


The Enchanted Jewel Riders Show Bible is full of such amazing, interesting tidbits about our favorite show, and if you haven’t read it, we heartily suggest you spend a bit of time.  You never know what magic you might uncover!


Jewel Power!

~Chris and Ronnie

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