Experience the magic of a live Princess Tenko stage show!

Let the Magic Begin!

We’re celebrating Princess Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic with a bunch of cool new things we’ve updated the site with. You can check out our Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic page for a fuller exploration of Tenko.

The first thing we wanted to share was the new episode of our podcast where Chris and Ronnie break down the development history, cartoon, and dolls of Tenko.

Chris also recently acquired a new Tenko cel for the Archive from Ebay. There were two cels listed, unfortunately he only got one of them, but thankfully we were able to save the listing photos of the second cel!

And now for some really neat items pertaining to the actual stage magician.

Genii Magazine, the magazine for stage magicians and conjurers, has done two articles on Princess Tenko – one in 1989 when she was named Magician of the Year, and again in 1995 when the cartoon and doll line debuted.

You can also watch an amazing live performance from Princess Tenko’s “Kabuki-za Special Performance” from 1989 at our YouTube channel! We think this is the same performance that is mentioned in the Genii Magazine article from 1989. We were very lucky to have this amazing bit of history donated to the Archive!

And remember, you can always watch the entire cartoon series – together for the first time! – on our YouTube channel.

Until next time Jewel Fans, remember “The Magic is Within You!”

Chris & Ronnie

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