Brand and Blazer Episode Summary (Fern’verse)

Written as part of of the Brand and Blazer Writer Challenge

Author: Strongheartmaid

Title: Brand and Blazer Episode Summary (Fern’verse)

When a frantic missive from Princess Tara pleading with him to return from his self-imposed exile arrives, it informs Brand of an unspoken crisis within the Crystal Palace – one that will change everything they know from the creation of the Enchanted Jewels they use to the war between Merlin and the rogue wizards from centuries ago. And now there’s a massive race against the clock to find a cure for the curse that was activated by a long forgotten healing spell that only the Forest Stone can use before it’s too late for the current leader of the Pack and his protégé, Drake. But if Brand thinks he’s going on the quest alone (which he’d much prefer) – he’s sadly mistaken as the members of his own Pack, Shawn, the young future Earl of the Riverdells and his second in command, and Thomas, cousin to one of Drake’s teammates, plan on joining him, not to mention that Princess Tara refuses to let them go without a royal escort.

The first stop in the quest is deep within the heart of the Forest of Arden – where an old witch, one by the name of Madame Mim, is waiting – but that’s not without its own challenges as they have to first aid the Prince of the Forest of Arden in his own quest before they can even get to where Madame Mim is hiding – and providing she’s even willing to help students of her longtime rival, Merlin…

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