Kathleen – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Written as part of of the Third Season Synopsis Writing Challenge

Author: Kathleen

Kathleen – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Merlin has come back to Avalon and the one jewel has brought peace to the land. Starla is struggling with her identity now that she gave up the sun stone to form the one jewel and she is no longer a jewel rider and without the sun stone to pass down she will be the last queen of Avalon if the people of Avalon will let her be queen since she lost the sun stone. These questions have taken Starla into the hall of portraits several times as she sought advice from the first Queen of Avalon and the one that found the sunstone since she is just getting reassurances from her friends and not actions to resolve her problem. Finding the diary of the first sunstone jewel rider, Starla finds accounts of how the first sunstone came to exist and she decides to follow in the path of the first jewel rider and restore her destiny.

Starla heads out on her own to follow the first jewel rider but it doesn’t take long for her friends to find her and join in on the adventure. Along the way they will encounter new friends, new magic, new stones and new enemies! Will the Jewel Riders ever be a trio again? Will the magic of friendship stand this newest trial? Only time will tell, so join us on this adventure in Season three of Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders.

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