Asacat – New Beginnings Ch. 1

Summary: In the aftermath of the final confrontation with Morgana, Merlin reveals to the Jewel Riders that Gwenevere is the new Wizard of Avalon.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

The party cheers and hugs are exchanged. Things are going the way that it should, or so the Jewel riders believe. So it seems to our Riders that evil has been destroyed.  Finally after a half-hour or so Merlin calls them to be quiet.

Merlin-“Thanks for your heroic rescues my friends. You have banished Morgana and Kale into the

wild magic and have saved Avalon. We shall go back and report back to the King and Queen. Princesses,

use the staff of Avalon to bring us back.

Gwen raises the staff of Avalon to bring them back. A flash of lavender color surrounds them as they are transported straight into the jewel room. The girls look at each other in amazement; the guys look to see if everything came with.

Fallon- “What was that?”

Merlin, with a gleam in his eye. “This transit was provided by the Staff of Avalon. With the One

Jewel that adorns the top of it. Both combined contain all the magic Avalon has.”(Pauses.) ” So what Gwen now holds is a very powerful tool. Certain responsibilities and measures now must be taken.”

Merlin looks at Gwenevere and Wolf Pack. “I must first speak with Tamara and Fallon privately

first. Then in a little while, you. Go with the wolf pack and make the preparations for the party that is to

honor you. I will call for you when the time is right.”

Gwen is perplexed at Merlin’s request- “Of course Merlin as you wish.” Then hands Merlin the

staff. Then leaves the room with the Wolf Pack.

Tamara-“Is something wrong Merlin?”

Fallon- “Yes, please tell us what’s going on?”

Archie- “Yes, do.”

Merlin-smiles at them. “We are at a new point in our lives. No longer are you students of mine, or

are you Jewel riders any longer.” Tamara and Fallon gasp, Archie lays on his back and faints. Merlin just

continues. “Let me show you. Tamara, power up into your jewel armor.”

Tamara raises up her Heartstone. “By the magic of the Heartstone.” Nothing happens.

Fallon- “By the magic of the Moonstone.” Like Tamara’s stone, nothing happens.

Fallon, tearfully. – “What has happened? I mean with our Jewels?”

Merlin now looks at them with a stern look. – “You will assist the future ruler and wizard of Avalon. She will need your wisdom and courage as she rebuilds Avalon. She has a large responsibility and she will need you two by her side. She will have to recharge your stones by using the One Stone. ”


Tamara- “But you are the wizard of Avalon.”

Merlin- “No, my jewel was destroyed, as you witnessed. Now Gwen is to take my place. But don’t despair my friends. For if I know Gwen, she is going to need you more then ever.”

Fallon looks at her powerless jewel. – “I just don’t believe this”

Gwen enters and Tamara and Fallon give her a big hug

Gwen- “What’s going on guys?”

Merlin has a large grin on his face. – “Power up you jewel armor, Gwen”

Gwen reaches for her Sunstone. But with all the commotion going on, she forgot that she used it to forge the One Stone. Then it occurs to her what has happened to it.

Gwen, with a sheepish grin. ” I don’t have it, I used it to make the One Stone.”

Merlin- “And so you did. Now raise up your arm, Gwen.”

She does.

Merlin- “Now call with your mind for the One Jewel staff.”

She does and the One Jewel staff, without hesitation, leaves Merlin’s hand and reappears in her


Merlin- “You, my dear Gwen, have turned all the Wizard Jewels of Avalon into the One Jewel. Therefore, you are the new Wizard of Avalon.” Then Merlin, himself, bows to Gwen.

Gwen, in complete shock, looks at Merlin. “What?  But the jewel riding, looking for magic.. I don’t understand.”

Merlin- “As I have told Fallon and Tamara before. I have lost my jewel. In fact we all have. Only you, Gwen, has a working Jewel now.” Looks squarely at Gwen. “Princess, all I ask it that you use your new power wisely. You will know what to do. I will be around a short while to help you. But for now I take your leave. Go my young friends, and enjoy your selves at the party. For tomorrow, we start your new training.”

Gwen- “We will, and thank you.”

Merlin exits.

Archie still somewhat out of it- “What was all that about?”

Tamara, with a grin. “Tell you later Archie.”

Gwen lifts up the staff- “To the friendship ring, take us mighty staff of Avalon”

In seconds the four of them stand in the center of the ring.

Archie- “Most amazing, princess.” The girls nod in agreement.

Gwen, to Tamara. “Music and kindness has been in your blood from the start.” Holds up the staff.  “I

recharge the Heartstone to assist the Staff of Avalon.” A red bolt fires from the staff to the Heartstone. Then Gwen looks at Fallon. “Fallon, Your skills as a warrior and your cunning skills of tracking are to assist The Staff of Avalon, I also recharge your moonstone.” A blue bolt fires from the staff to the Moonstone. “With us and the pack, Avalon will be in good hands.”

They all hold hands and say their famous fraise.  “Friends together, friends forever.”

Gwen becomes her old self. “Now let’s get to that party of ours”

A woman stands hidden behind a brush not very far away. “Yes, please do enjoy your party, young Wizard. A cold smile comes across her face.

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