Asacat – The Start of Something Big, Amurlate Ch. 4

Summary: The adventures of Merlin’s apprentice Amurlate and his magical panther Long Claw.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Chapter 4. The Book of Destiny.


Taya heads to the Castle of Lord Darrin. She sees the small brown castle set on a hill over looking the vast forest of the North Woods. Getting audience with Darrin would be no problem for her. He has been a friend of her grandfathers for many years. She rides into the castle and dismounts. Darrins’ squire comes up to meet her. Then escorts her to Darrin.

Squire. “Taya the grand daughter of Morton is here.”

Darrin, with a smile. “Let her approach. What is it my dear.”

Taya approaches with her head down. “My grandfather was attack by a woman with great powers. He’s dying, he has asked me to go and get the Jewel Riders of Avalon.”

Darrin, a grim look appears on his face. “The Jewel Riders are in New Camelot. It is too late to send a rider now. Stay in the castle for tonight and the first thing in the morning we can make arrangements. I will send a servant to tend to your grandfather.”

Taya is somewhat disappointed, but nods her head anyway. The squire leads her to a bedroom to spend the night. As she lies on the bed, she is reminded of the pain in her grandfathers’ eyes as he fell. Tears start to fall as she tries to sleep.


Amurlate looks outside of his window of his bedroom at the Crystal Palace. The stars were countless that night. The smile, still on his face from the afternoon party, was for being admittance into the Jewel Rider circle was an honor and a dream of his. He closes his eyes for a moment. A voice enters his head. “Marcus, Help me!” As Amurlate concentrates, a vision comes to him. A man in pain, lying on the floor of a building. A girl knelt next to him being told, “Go and get The Jewel Riders.” All night the vision plays over and over in his head.

Amurlate woke up early in the morning. Hurrying to the breakfast table, he finds Gwen and Tamara munching on rice cakes.

Gwen looks up and sees Amurlates’ face as white as a sheet. “What’s wrong?”

Amurlate. “I had a vision last night. It was about man in pain asking for the Jewel Riders.”

Tamara. “Do you know who?”

Amurlate. “I remember him from along time ago, but I don’t remember his name or why I remember him. I do know where also, in the North Woods.”

Gwen, finishing her last rice cake. “Well we may as well check it out, will have to do it without Fallon though.”

Amurlate. “Where is she?”

Tamara. “Out scouting with the boys. She won’t be back till noon or so. I think the three of us the can handle this one.”

Gwen, with her officiating voice. “Let’s rally to the Travel Trees in five minutes.”

Amurlate calls Long claw out of the forest. Tamara sends out a call for Shadow the unicorn. Gwen comes riding with Sunstar the flying unicorn.

Gwen. “Armor up guys.” “Travel Trees of Merlin, send us to the Northwoods, if you could, please trees of good.”

Travel trees turn from wood to shimmering crystal. “We hear the call of the Princess of Avalon and are ready to serve.

The portal opens and the gang jumps in. They take flight to the Northwoods. The flight comes to an end in minutes next to the castle of the lord Darrin. They enter the castle through the main gate. As they pass, the servants bow before the Princess.

The group dismount from their animal friends. The servants tend to the unicorns, horse and panther with food and water. While the Riders follow Gwen into the castle.

Squire bows. “Princess you bring honor to this humble castle. With you permission I will call upon lord Darrin and announce you arrival.”

Gwen slightly embarrassed. “Please do.”

Darrin comes running to the princess. “The princess and The Jewel Riders, I am so honored by you presence.”

Gwen. “Lord Darrin, I would like to introduce you to Amurlate, he is our newest Jewel Rider.” Darrin and Amurlate shake. “Amurlate had a vision that someone in your area has been hit with magic, and is in trouble.”

Amurlate. ” It was vision about a woman using magic to attack an old man. Do you know anything about this?”

Darrin. ” Yes, a girl named Taya came to me last night with a request to get the Jewel Riders here. A woman using magic to over come him visited her grandfather. Let me fetch her, for I let her stay overnight in the castle.”

Taya enters and curtsies to Gwen. “Oh Princess, you came. Are you here to help my grandfather?”

Gwen gives her a hug. “Will do what we can.”

Amurlate. “Please bring us to him.”

With: Taya on her horse, Gwen on Sunstar, Tamara on Shadowsong, Amurlate on Long Claw, they journey to the little town of Hope. The towns’ people bow as they see their princess riding through town. They come to the store and dismount.

As they enter, they use their jewels to investigate for clues. Taya rushes to the back of the store; they follow her, and find her grandfather lying there.

Taya. “Grandfather they’re here, the Jewel Riders.”

Darrins’ servant who was sent the night before looks gravely up at Taya. “Your Grandfather is very weak. We should let him rest.”

Morton, very softly. “Is that you, Marcus.”

Amurlate walks over and kneels. “You where the one calling to me in my vision.”

Morton. “I have something to give to you before I die.”

Morton finds strength to pull himself out of bed. He crawls to the bookcase. He takes an old book off the bookcase. “Take this book with you, guard it with you life, and never let evil find it.”

Amurlate. “What is it?”

Morton. “It’s the book of Avalons’ destiny.”

Tamara. “I have never heard of The Book of Destiny before. Gwen?”

Gwen. “Me either.”

Morton. “Of course you haven’t. Only Merlin and I know of its whereabouts. For beings of all kinds want this book. But, alas I am ready to pass on. The book now points to Marcus to hold. For you are now ready to be it keeper.”

Amurlate. “What?”

Morton opens to the middle of the book. Gwen and Tamara look, but see no writing. Only Amurlate and Morton can see the ancient writings printed on the page.

Amurlate, reads a little of the passage, It tells of this book being given to the man called Marcus. The book tells of responsibilities and dangers of holding this book.

Amurlate. “Look at this writings and pictures.”

Gwen. “But there is nothing on the pages.”

Morton. “That is because only those who are chosen to keep charge of the book can see its writings.” Looks at Amurlate. “You Marcus of Lost Lands are one of them.”

Tamara. “Marcus? Lost Lands? I don’t get it?”

Amurlate. “A place I almost forgot about, my birth place. A land of rivers that flowed of gold. It was an Island in the Great Sea not far from here. A place of incredible wealth and magic. The Wizards Paradise as the Avalon people would call it. The Island was to become the greatest treasure in Avalon. It was the Seat of Merlin himself.”

“Then it happened. Morgana, ruler of the northern side, was upset of Merlin’s want of alliance with Avalon. She didn’t want to collaborate with the humans. She made this very clear to Merlin. Merlin listened, but his decision still stood. Morgana was furious. She and her band of opposing wizards formed an alliance to over throw. This happened during one of Merlin’s visit to Camelot. My Father was in charge while Merlin was away. I was a student of Merlin when this was happening. So when I heard of this alliance plan to over throw, I decided it was time to tell Merlin. So I took leave to go to Camelot. On my way, I suddenly blacked out. When I came to,” points to Gwen and Tamara, “I saw you guys.”

Tamara “Amazing, but why does Morton call you Marcus?”

Amurlate thinks for a second. “That was my birth given name.”

Gwen. “We heard Morganas’ alliance message when we where at her palace.”

Amurlate, still looking at the book. “So what of this book?”

Morton. “You must,” As death starts its’ over take him, “Protect it from the evil forces that come after it.”

Amurlate places the book in his cloak. “I will, I swear to you.”

Darrins’ servant enters the room. “He needs his rest now, please go.”

Gwen, Tamara, Taya, and Amurlate turn to leave. Figuring that letting him rest would be the best. Amurlate turns to look at Morton.

Morton whispers. “Come hear for a second Marcus.”

Amurlate walks over to his bed again.

Morton whispers to Amurlate. “Forgive me, please, my son.”

Amurlate stunned, looks at the aged man, tears start to fall from his eyes and roll down his face. Morton continues. “I tried to contact you, but couldn’t.” A smile slowly comes to his face. “You did the right thing, I mean, going to Merlin.”

Amurlate, seeing the truth that is now in front of him, chokes out the words. “Thanks…Father, I do forgive you.”

Morton. “I ask you to do this one other thing. Watch over Taya.”

The two cup their hands together and hug. For the longest time his mind was cloudy, now his past has become crystal clear. Happy thoughts start to run through his head, scenes of home, his father, his mother, and sister. All of it came back to him, like it was yesterday.

Those where the last words of Morton as he faded out of sight. Amurlate heart becomes heavy as he falls to the ground to weeps.

Taya storms in. “Grandfather?”

Amurlate looks up and hugs Taya. Both cry their hearts out. After a few moments Amurlate looks at Taya. He wipes the hair out of her eyes. “Taya, I promised my father that I would watch over you, and I will.”

Taya looks up at Amurlate and smiles. “I saw these happenings in my dreams…Uncle. Now I understand.”

So Amurlate and Taya stand up, wipe the tears from their eyes, and walk out to be with the others. Amurlate, helps Taya onto her horse, then climbs onto Long Claw. “Let’s go home.”


Marlana changes to her true self, from the Darrin servant she posed to be. She enters the room where Morton was. She sits on the bed and thinks about what was said. Tears begin to fall from her eyes.


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