Brand, the Fourth Pack Member

Written as part of of the Brand and Blazer Writer Challenge

Author: Hubbabubba

Title: Brand, the Fourth Pack Member

In a attempt to get rid of the Jewel-Riders, Kale (and Morgana) poisons a Traveling Tree that
sends the Jewel-Riders away to another dimension. In this new world filled with
lava-monsters the they met up with Brand and Blazer, the lost members of the Pack.
Meanwhile Drake, Josh, Max and Archie tries to find a cure for the traveling trees (with the
baby animals wanting to help, but only screwing things up instead)
After finding shelter in mountain Brand tells the girls how he and Blazer ended up the
lava-world. Years they accidentally went through a wild-magic portal and ended up in the
Lava-world. He and Blazer has spent the last years fighting against the lava-monsters.
Things heat up when Brand keep dismissing the girls help, believing that’s a mans job to
fight and protect while girls are only good for housekeeping and other “girlish” stuff. Fallon
takes offense, Tamara stops her and Brand from fighting but Fallon runs off with Moondance
to scout the area.

While on her own Fallon has a heart-heart with Moondance telling her how much Brand
remind her of her parents who were also was very traditional in her upbringing. Suddenly
she and Moondance gets attacked by a bunch of Lava-monsters. Things are going fine until
Brand and Blazer jumps into the battle and ruin Fallon’s’ plan. Brand goes on again how a
girl can’t fight he gets overwhelmed by the lava-monsters. Luckily the other -jewel-riders
comes to the rescue and together with Fallon and Moondance they get rid of the

At the same time Archie has finally come up with a potion to cure the traveling trees but Kale
attacks them. Thanks to a diversion made b the baby animals, Archie manage to heal the
trees and open up a portal to the lava-world. The Jewel-Riders and Brand (plus Blaze)
successfully jumps into the portal and help the other send Kale flying.
In a touching-moment Brand and Blaze reunites with the Pack and apologizes to Fallon for
his behaviour. At the end they both decide to travel through Avalon to see what they’ve
missed, but they promise to aid the Jewel-Riders and the Pack whenever they need them.

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