Gryphon Rider – Flight of the Wind Stone Ch. 1

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Flight of the Wind Stone, chapter 1 by the Gryphon Rider

disclaimer the original characters of Jewel Riders ( Tamara, Fallon, Gwenavere, ect) belong to Bahbot the rest (at the risk of sounding selfish) are mine, mine I tell you { insane laughter}.

Well that held aside the prologue. Jewel Riders speaks of Avalon but what of a lone Jewel Rider in

another place? Our story begins with Tamara and Gwen talking on a couch in a ball room during a grand dance.


“You see Drake yet?” Gwen asked trying and failing to keep the worry out of her voice.

“The Pack probably came in late from that problem near the desert today.” Tamara said trying to calm her friend.

“Hey, come back here!” they heard Drake’s voice yell.

“What is….?” Gwen began but wasn’t able to finish her sentence as a man in haggard clothing with a dirt encrusted black beard ran into the room.

“I need the Jewel Riders.” He declared desperately, then collapsed.



The man woke up to Tamara’s, Fallon’s, Gwenavere’s, and Queen Anya’s faces slowly coming into focus.

“I musta died because I see angels.” the man croaked.

“Well, he’s charming.” Tamara said with a quirk of a smile.

“Where are you from?” Anya said gently seeing the man clutching his head after Tamara’s words.

“I’m from the kingdom of Alitro, in a small village called Crystal Wells.” the man replied quietly.

“I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of this land.” Anya told him shaking her head.

The man sat up groaning pointed out the window and said, “Across the Great Desert of Fire.”

“You come from across the desert?!” Gwenavere said, astonished.

He attempted to get up and was caught by Fallon as he fell, “Please I must speak with the Jewel Riders!” he pleaded.

“We’re the Jewel Riders.” Fallon said as he slid off her back onto the couch where Tamara and Gwenavere had been.

He grabbed Fallon’s hand his manner utter desperation, “Please,” he begged, “the monster, it runs the forest takes our cattle, our food please come.”

“Excuse me uh… What is your name?” Anya said calming their visitor.

“I am called Davin Nildren.” he told her slowing down a bit.

“Well how did you get across the desert alone?” Anya said with a soothing tone.

“In my pack that the boys that brought me here took, I have a map of water pools If we have decent mounts we can get there in three days, it took me seven on foot.” Davin muttered lying down.

“How did you get here so fast?” Tamara asked, amazement in her voice.

“I ran till I was exhausted each day, will you help us you’ re our only hope?” His strength ebbing.

“Yes we will.” Gwenavere assured him, “But you need to sleep”.

“Thank you.” He murmured falling into dream land.

Tamara motioned for them to leave the room and they followed her out the door.



Later in the Friendship Ring Gwen, Tamara, and Fallon were met by the Pack.

“We should ask Merlin if he knows anything about this place.” Drake volunteered after hearing the story.

“Now why didn’t we think of that?” Gwenavere said coyly.

Tamara began, “By the Magic of the Heart stone From the Wild Magic where Merlin does roam we call our good friend that he might come home.”

An illusion of Merlin appeared in the air surrounded by a swirling circle of white colored magic.

“Greetings Jewel Riders, Is something the matter?”

They told Merlin of the man’s plight with Gwen filling in information for each other where they thought something important was left out.

“I see.” Merlin said with his cool calm voice, “There was an ancient evil from the time of the wizards that I had taken great care to protect all kingdoms against, but I fear that it has failed. I had hoped that this day would never come but you must go to the Forest of Fear in Alitro.”

Just then the wizard’s image began to flicker.

“My time is short one last thing beware of the Nivrum they……” but before he could finish he winked out of existence.

“He’s gone.” Tamara said stating the obvious.

“Nivrum…. I don’t like the sound of that” Drake said grimly.




The next morning the girls said their good-byes.

“Now you behave yourselves while I’m gone” Tamara told her animal friends.

“I still don’t like you going off in a dangerous new country with something Merlin seems scared of.” Drake said, disgruntled.

“You just don’t want to be left out of the fun.” Gwenavere retorted.

” Let’s go please.” Davin said from in the Crystal Carriage for the tenth time that hour.

“You heard him Jewel Riders let’s ride.” Gwenavere said as Tamara and Fallon smiled at the familiar saying.

Gwenavere and Fallon mounted up while Tamara went to the reins of the Crystal Carriage ready to ride to adventure.


“They’re getting agitated Razor Wing.” said a voice hidden in the shadows.

“[ Yeah, it’s as if something magic beside us is getting near.] the gryphon answered his feathers twitching “[ maybe Merlin is coming]”

“Yeah and maybe a steak will appear from the sky.” The voice came back dripping with sarcasm.

“[Well then what?]” Razor Wing trying to cover his fear.

” Let’s go find out.” the voice stepping out of the shadows and putting down a telescope revealing his jewel armor with a whirlwind shaped jewel in on its belt.



“We’re finally here.” Gwenavere said with a groan .

“[Well we’re here princess.]” Sunstar said sounding equally tired

“Come on let’s get some rest in a bed tonight.” Fallon said motioning to the rest.

“And some food too.” Davin said getting out to lead them into the village where they were accepted as if they had already gotten rid of the problem.


The next day the Jewel Riders traveled to the edge of the forest when all but Davin stopped dead in their tracks.

” You sense that?” Gwen said.

“Yeah. Wild Magic, and a lot of it, near us!” Tamara said a little in awe.

“How did it get so close without us knowing?” Fallon asked perplexed.

“[I don’t know.]” Moondance replied.

They continued asking each other questions till an arrow with a letter attached to it landed a few feet from them. After recovering from the shock Gwen picked up the letter on the arrow and read it.

Dear fellow Jewel Riders,

This place is very dangerous. You should leave as quick as you can. Please take this warning seriously.

signed Nehon the Wind Stone rider


“What do we do now Gwen?” Fallon said looking at her friend.

“We have to go on.” she said with a sigh, “but we’ll be even more careful then before, and we need to keep our eyes open for this Wind Stone rider. I feel he ties into this somehow.”


well what did you think of my first fanfic further adventures of Nehon will be done as I can get time to do them. Enjoy and remember those who sing of Gryphon wing are filled with dreams of flight



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