Gryphon Rider – Flight of the Wind Stone Ch. 5

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Flight of the Wind Stone chapter 5

Disclaimer: Okay I’ll say it one more time though I don’t know why I need to. All the characters of Princess Gwenavere and the Jewel Riders belong to Bahbot. The rest (especially Nehon and Razor Wing) are mine. If you want to use them ask me first. If you do not I will sic my sabertoothed parana bunnies on you and they are always hungry. Now to the conclusion of Flight of the Wind Stone

“Us?” Tamara asked completely perplexed

“Yes you four are the key to destroying the Nivrum” Nehon replied jumping up and down with excitement “I should have seen it sooner something sharp would be Spike and something sweet would be sugar but no to prick and not to eat of course not it’s just their names and as for a sour face full of ill grace Cleo didn’t like me till after you okayed me giving them candy it is all so simple”

“[ One question then Nehon]” Razor Wing said in a bored voice “[What is all that about stone to blood and blood to stone about]”

“It……………….uh… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I was so close it has to have to do with them”

“[yeah but we still need the last part]” the Gryphon said shaking his head

“Go back to bed I’m sorry” Nehon said going towards the library

“Aren’t you going back to bed?” Tamara asked

“I will in a little while I just have to look something up first” and with that Nehon walked out of the room


Morning came shining through Tamara’s window with golden beams of unwanted light. Tamara groaned at the light glowing in her eyes she hadn’t been able to sleep a wink after what Nehon had said about her and the babies being the key to getting rid of the Nivrum. She just didn’t see how it could be done. As she got out of bed and got dressed she saw that the babies were still sleeping and decided not to disturb them. It still amazed her how Nehon was able to carve out beds for them in a couple of minutes. The Jewel Rider walked out of her room.

“Hello Tamara” Fallon said with a smile looking like she had a great night’s sleep as usual

“Hi Fallon” Tamara returned trying her best to look better then she felt

“You okay?” Fallon asked seeing through the “illusion” that Tamara was trying to put up

“I’m fine I just had trouble sleeping last night after Nehon woke us up” Tamara replied with a weak smile

Fallon shrugged deciding to just take the answer “Could you help me out with something Tamara”

“With what”

“I’ll show you”


As Tamara entered the library she noticed Nehon reading a book that took up most of the table and looked a coulple feet thick.

“Watch” Fallon said under her breath to Tamara “Nehon the Nivrum have climbed up the mountain and are about to destroy this place”

“That’s nice” Nehon replied with a monotone voice while waving them away with his hand

“He’s been like that for hours he won’t respond to anything” Fallon said looking a little exasperated

“Well maybe if we saw what he was reading we might just be able to bring him back to the land of the living” Tamara replied with a smile at solving the problem

The two jewel riders walked towards Nehon but just as they were about to be able to see what he was reading Nehon slammed the book shut

“Sorry” He said standing between them and the book “This book is not for your eyes for some time”

“What is it” Tamara asked suddenly avidly curious

“The book I told you about on the history both past and present and all discovered magic of the Heart Stone” Nehon rattled off for them

“The book that tells everything about the Heart Stone” Tamara almost whispered

“Yes but as I said not for your eyes for some time there is really powerful stuff in this book as with the ones about the Sun Stone and the Moon Stone. You are not ready to use these powers just like I make sure that I stay out of the spell section of the Wind Stone book. It is to dangerous to get ahead of yourself”

“We might be able to find things that can stop the Nivrum in those books” Fallon said matter of factly

“Sorry I won’t risk you going poof or boom on a maybe especially not when the definitely is staring me in the face” Nehon said adamantly then added ” I need to look at this book for the answers to the riddle I think the Heart Stone might have something to do with the Blood to Stone part of the prophesy. and even though you hold the Heart Stone and you doubtlessly know quite a deal of the history I need it verbatim. I will be out in an hour and thirty two minutes to make breakfast and then we will be getting into some serious training.”

Fallon and Tamara left Nehon to the book one looking back with a look of confusion and concern the other with a look of frustration at being talked to as if she were a child



The breakfast was a quiet one. Gwenavere didn’t know what was wrong but it was too early in the morning to deal with it.

Nehon broke the silence as he got up from the table “I will have to start training you hard.”

“You mean you haven’t been already?” Gwen replied throwing up her hands

“I have been training you so far to survive people. Now I am going to train you to handle Nivrum.” Nehon’s jaw set stubbornly as if he was ready for arguments. When he heard none he continued ” While I train you I will be ignoring that you are a princess, a pendragon or royal in any way. I will also ignore the fact that you are Jewel Riders….”

“Will you ignore that we are your friends and in this with you” Fallon asked with just a little edge

Nehon turned away from them his shoulders shaking ever so slightly ” I will see you three in the training room in one hour” His voice said with a cold they had not known he had. With his instructions given Nehon left them with Fallon spotting a almost unseen trembling went through his body before he went around the corner.

Fallon knew she had hurt him deeply with what she said and silently vowed to apologize when she next saw him

“[ Hullo ladies beautiful day for a good long flight wouldn’t you agree Sunstar]” Razor Wing said as he came into the room followed by Sunstar. It almost seemed the gryphon was grinning as he spoke [ I think we’ll skip the aerobatics today and go for a endurance flight I think the three lap run will work out]”

“[ Will that be all we are going to do today?]” Sunstar asked sounding suspicious

“[As long as you keep up if you think you can do that]” Razor Wing shot back wearing that grin that looked so weird on a beak

“What are you talking about with this lap run” Gwen asked plainly confused

“[Sunstar never was able to have any training in her flying back in Avalon so I volunteered to help her with lessons in fancy flying and exercises to build up her strength and stamina for flying. She is a good pupil though and is really working hard]” Razor Wing said in a voice with just a touch of pride in it

Sunstar seems to beam at this praise from the gryphon and Razor Wing noticed

“[Don’t get cocky Light Wings you ain’t a master of the skies yet and you’ll still have to keep up with me. I think I might even go all out today]” the gryphon acclaimed with that same grin on his face

“I think Sunstar will wipe that silly grin off your face myself” Gwenavere informed Razor Wing

Razor Wing took a step back “[ Well,vwell you certainly are perceptive most humans take my grinning for me being angry or about to eat them or the such.]” then his voice took on a challenging sound as he said [ As for Light Wings wiping it off my face I would love her to but alas I don’t think she is up to it]”

“[We’ll see won’t we]” Sunstar said smiling

“Just one question Razor Wing” Tamara piped up ” Why do you call Sunstar Light Wings?”

“[ Three reasons one she needed a nickname, two it is a play on her name and finally she flies light on her wings which is better for control and saving strength but she might not always have thermals for her wings so she needs to know the power through air currents. She has learned how that flight doesn’t have to be done like a flapping swan looking graceful but also that you can also add a little power to get where you are going with more speed or to get to a better thermal and her thermal riding has improved. Enough of this talking we can do it when we get back and Sunstar I am going to push myself lets see how long you keep up till you have to drop back]”

Sunstar nodded and took off after him with a smile of her face

“Well we better get ready for the training it sounds like Nehon is going to push us hard”


Nehon entered in the room in the black suit that Tamara saw him in that one time she saw his face except this hood had eye holes

“Nehon I…..” Fallon began

“I am sorry Fallon but whatever you have to say I will have to hear later right now we will train in the true Aramat style. Your test is to reach that wall over there” he said pointing twenty feet away “You can do what ever you want to get over to it”

“Anything?” The three asked in unison

Nehon nodded “just wait for the catch” He tied 5 pound weights to there legs and arms then handed harnesses to each of them and connected to a 200 pound rock that was smooth on the bottom and curved up in front

“Well” I still think we can do it” Gwenavere said not sounding so sure

Then the wind came it hit them hard pushing them back into the wall.

Gwenavere’s face came alight “You did say we can do anything right?”

“Other then ask me for help anything is open” Nehon replied

“Then sorry Nehon By the Magic of the Sun Stone” Gwen said and once her jewel armor was on she blasted Nehon

The wind didn’t die down and Nehon stood taking the blast his eyes gone stony

“By the magic of the Moon Stone” Fallon said and joined Gwenavere

“Your jewels aren’t hurting me enough to make the wind stop so you might as well give that up” Nehon said blandly

“By the magic of the Heart Stone” Tamara said and reluctantly joined the other two

The wind went dead and a blood curdling scream went off from Nehon. He jumped away from the beams and just lied there in a natal position

“Nehon are you….” Tamara began

“Don’t think about me go towards your goal” Nehon bellowed like a wounded animal “This kind of sacrifice may be needed to defeat the Nivrum go forward”

Each one of them stood there ground and refused to go any further

“Jewel Riders don’t abandon people now are you hurt” Gwenavere said firmly

“Awww that was…. the most excruciating pain I have ever had in my life…. “Nehon croaked with a confused look on his face then lost the confusion and said “Oh yeah I can’t lie to you can I”

“Here let me help” Tamara said leaning over Nehon ” Heal the hurt that has been dealt that no more pain may be felt”

As the Heart Stone began to glow Nehon again screamed like a man going through torture

“Stop the stone, stop the stone aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah STOP THE STONE!” Nehon screamed in agony

Tamara quickly stopped the jewel’s power going through Nehon. He slumped to the floor looking straight up into their faces.

“I’m so sorry Nehon” Tamara said nearly at the brink of tears

“Could you do something for me please” Nehon asked his voice weak

“Anything” Tamara said meaning every word of it

“If it isn’t too much trouble….” Nehon said feebly ” You can put your harnesses back on and also the weights. Then you can try and get over to that wall” Nehon then smiled and slowly rose to his feet fending off hands to help him “I’ll be all right don’t worry just get back into the harnesses”

“But you…..” Tamara started

“I’m already healing Tamara and I heal quick. Now please get back in the harnesses I need to be getting to my training soon”

“Your training?” Gwenavere asked perplexed

“Yes I push myself hard and I plan to push myself harder now that the end of the Nivrum is in sight” Nehon said sounding stronger with each word “Just don’t use that Heart Stone on me anymore and I will be fine”

“okay” Tamara said slightly hesitant


Nehon worked them hard and then when they left he worked himself ruthlessly. This repeated for three days. Nehon stayed up all night studying the book. While all his time in the day was spent training and when necessary eating and drinking. Fallon found Nehon again in the library reading the book as she got up and went to the others something had to be done

“We have to make him sleep even if we have to pull him to his bed by the ear and tie him to it” Fallon informed the others present

“[ I agree but I think that we should set ourselves up in case he tries to escape]” Razor Wing added

“[ I also think Fallon should be the one to get Nehon.]”

“Me?” Fallon said with a confused look on her face

“[Yes, you. I’d do it myself but I need to cover the exits and Gwenavere and Tamara can help me besides you are the only one that can get him out of there without him resenting for a long time]”

“Wait a minute….” Fallon began

“[ Tamara is too kind to give him the kick in the rump he needs right now and he would carry a grudge if Gwenavere ordered him]” Razor Wing interrupted “[ and… never mind]”

“And what?” Fallon asked

“[And he is slightly scared of you so he might listen]” Razor Wing added quietly hoping Fallon wouldn’t hear

“He’s what” Fallon said staring at the gryphon

“[ No time for that now and I wouldn’t bring that up or he’ll get real stubborn on ya. He hates admitting that he is afraid of anything or anyone. Well come along Gwenavere and Tamara let’s prepare.] Razor Wing said to quickly for argument

As the gryphon was about to leave the room He turned around and went over to Fallon and whispered something to her “[ Tell Nehon that if there is no other way out of it]”

“What’s it supposed to mean” Fallon asked overwhelmed at how fast things were going

“[He’ll know]” The gryphon replied and with that was out the door followed by Gwenavere and Tamara


“Nehon….” Fallon began trying to think what to say “This is Gwenavere’s thing not mine” she thought to herself

Nehon waved her away as usual grumbling something about it not being breakfast time yet

“No Nehon I will not go” Fallon said using her most intimidating tone

Nehon’s shoulders drooped in a sigh then he turned around and faced her his eyes seeming weary

“You want something Fallon?” He said with a voice of one feeling the age of centuries

“You need to go get some sleep you are pushing yourself too hard” Fallon said with her hands on her hips

In reply Nehon merely turned back around and started studying the book again

“Look Nehon I will get you out of here even if I have to drag you out” Fallon said exasperated at him ignoring her

Nehon wove his legs around the legs of the chair he was sitting in and when Fallon went over to move the chair she saw that it was bolted to the ground

“Very well, then I’ll have Gwenavere come in and order you to go to bed” Fallon said hoping that would get him to rise

Nehon got up from his seat but instead of going towards the door he headed for a table. He opened a drawer in the table and pulled out a pair of earmuffs. After donning the earmuffs he gave Fallon a weak smile then walked back over to his seat and continued to read

“I guess I’ll have to go to Razor Wing’s plan” Fallon mumbled. She calmly walked over to Nehon lifted one side of the earmuffs and said “Okay Razor Wing said to tell you this if you are especially stubborn. He said that if you don’t go to bed then he will tell all of us what he said to you at the palace whatever that was”

Nehon’s face blushed a color Fallon thought people couldn’t blush then he turned around and looked her in the eye his jaw was set and his eyes oozing rage “You win” he said grimly

Fallon took him to his room and watched him kick off his shoes and get into his bed. She walked outside the door and there was a sound of the doors lock clinking into place

A smile crossed Nehon’s face ” I agreed to go to bed I never agreed to stay here” he thought beginning to climb up the window

Just as he got out and was climbing outside the mountain he heard “[ Do you really think that I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t think of this]”

Nehon looked up and saw Razor Wing motioning for Nehon to go back to bed ignoring the impolite terms that Nehon was using.

“I guess there isn’t any way to get out of this so I’ll have to sleep” Nehon groaned to himself

The weary warrior got back into bed and began to wash away three days of sleep deprivation


When Nehon awoke he slowly got out of bed and stretched feeling each muscle unknot. “I really did need that” He sighed

Nehon got up and put on his shoes shaking his head at how stupid he had been. He walked out of his bedroom and headed down the hall to see the Jewel Riders, the Unicorns, and Razor Wing all sitting there talking. The talking stopped when they saw him

“I’m sorry I was a jerk and I should have gotten sleep instead of reading those books” Nehon said hanging his head “But we are so close, just a few words bar us from making the Nivrum but bitter memory. Still that is no excuse for me going nuts like I have and I am sorry.”

“[I don’t know about the ladies but I forgive you even though you can be a pain in the tail]” Razor Wing said with his usual strange grin

“We forgive you” Tamara told Nehon assuredly “Just don’t do it again”

“So what are we going to do now?” Gwenavere asked hesitantly

“Well we all had a day to rest” Nehon said a smile beginning to tug at the edges of his mouth “Soooooooo training”

“I was afraid you’d say that” Gwenavere asked




Three more days past but the difference in Nehon was marked. He urged them to the wall like a friend telling them they could go on that they could get there unlike a drill sergeant just telling them to go trying to ignore who they were. Still even through this change they couldn’t make it to the wall.

“I’ve had it, Nehon” Gwenavere said frustrated ” This has no point and it’s going no where”

Nehon let out a sigh and shook his head “Very well, you may quit” He then turned his back and continued to shake his head ” I never thought that it would happen”

“What would happen” Gwenavere demanded

“I don’t think you want to hear this” Nehon replied

“Go ahead and tell me”

“Well…. I never thought that a Pendragon would give up on a challenge just because they were having trouble. I guess it is a good thing Arthur is dead so he can’t see the fire of his blood dead” Nehon shook his head “I’m sorry if it sounds cruel Princess but it seems all the time of peace in Avalon has shrunk the Pendragon backbone. All you seem to know is how to throw your political power around”

Gwenavere was speechless

“I believe the saying is throw your weight around” Fallon said about ready to take Nehon out

“weight?” Gwenavere thought then exclaimed “The rock!”

“What” Tamara and Fallon chorused together

“Nehon, prepare to eat your words” Gwenavere said with smile “Fallon, Tamara take off the arm weights and come here”

Tamara and Fallon did as asked with almost a palatable confusion

The princess then unhooked her and Tamara’s rope from the rock and atached her rope to Fallon’s harness and Tamara’s to her own harness “Now Fallon you can use the rock to break the wind and we can trail behind you. When you get tired we can switch places”

Fallon’s eyes light up and a smile lit across Tamara’s face

“Okay Nehon” Gwenavaere said defiantly give us your worst

And he did the wind blew hard but the Jewel Riders continued to edge forward. After what seemed to be hours and many changes they made it to the wall. The wind immediately died down. Gwenavere got up, took off the harness, unhitched it from Tamara and Fallon then unhitched it to herself and handed it over to Nehon

“I believe we are done for today” She said smiling triumphantly

“You still have one thing left to do” Nehon said looking her in the eye

“What now” Gwenavere said thoroughly frustrated

“Punish me for the words I told you. I was trying to add a little fire to your spirit but that is no excuse for what I said. All I can say is that whatever I get as punishment will be worth it for the sight of you getting to the wall. The sight of you doing what you thought you could not do”

“Punish you? Nehon….. never mind let’s just rest maybe the four of us can figure out the end of that riddle”

“But I..”

“Don’t say another word on that subject until I tell you otherwise” Gwenavere said before he could say anything more

“Fine I guess we can meet in my little Jewel Vault I have always found it a good place to think” Nehon said a little slowly. He then went over and helped Tamara up and helped get her out of the harness. By the time he was done Fallon was already out of hers.

“How do you have so much energy Gwen?” Tamara asked “I’ve never seen you this hyper before and we just went through a big workout”

“I don’t know” Gwenavere shrugged “I just do?”

Nehon offered to help Tamara and Gwenavere to the keep but both declined the offer


Nehon took a place leaning up against a shelf that had a few jewels on it while the others sat down on chairs that Nehon brought in.

“So what we need to figure out is the second part of that rhyme right?” Gwenavere asked

“Yup” Nehon replied with a shrug

“Uh Nehon what was that second part again?” Tamara asked

“Stone to blood, blood to stone three prepare two go out alone” Nehon said as if reciting a lesson

“And it has something to do with Tamara and the babies” Fallon contributed

“Hmmmm, Maybe if I learned more about you Tamara solving the riddle would be easier. You know stuff that sets you apart from most people.” Nehon suggested

“Well…. For one I am a Jewel Rider, I hold the Heart Stone, I grew up on Heartland Farms…. I can’t think of anything that might help”

“Well tell me about the Heart Stone? who trained you with it? Nehon prompted

“Well Merlin trained me of course, just like the other Jewel Riders.” Tamara replied with the common knowledge

The minute Merlin’s name was said a hissing and sizzling sound was heard

“What was that?” Fallon asked

“Nothing of importance” Nehon said. Fallon noticed that Nehon’s face was slightly tense as he talked though “Might be Razor Rump playing with the stove again. I’ll go check” with that he went for the door.

As he went they heard a sort of clunk .

As Nehon went out the door Gwenavere walked over to where she heard the clunk “A firestone?”

She picked it up then quickly dropped it again “Ouch it’s hot. But Fire Stones only get hot when someone is really mad?…………wait a minute Nehon must have been holding this. What could have made him mad?

“I don’t know. Maybe there is something wrong with it.” Fallon suggested

“That’s probably it” Gwenavere replied sounding like she didn’t really believe it

Nehon came back in the door and Gwen hopped back over to the seat she was at before

“Feather Head wasn’t playing with the stove after all it must have been something else” Nehon said walking back over to the shelf and leaning against it again “So you were trained by Merlin. Interesting well what did he train you about it? What did he start off with maybe I won’t have to go back to that book.

“Well after I bonded to the Heart Stone he told me about the responsibilities of a Jewel Rider, then he told me about how the Heart Stone is the only tuned jewel that worked off Wild Magic at least to his knowledge then…” Tamara continued but Nehon cut her off with a gesture

“Did you say it is a Wild Magic jewel?” Nehon asked


“No wonder this makes perfect sense now at least most of it” Nedhon said apparently ignoring the ladies near him. ” When Razor Wing got “Healed” from his jump it hurt but it also recharged him and when i got hit well ouch. Blood to Stone, Stone to Blood it’s Wild Magic that the rhyme is talking about. But the Nivrum absorb Wild Magic”

“Well they can’t absorb all the Wild Magic can they” Fallon mused aloud

Nehon’s face went blank and his voice was one of almost disbelief “That’s it. The answer we trap them in the Wild Magic and they will get so much that they will pop like a balloon”

“How will we do that” Gwenavere asked not liking this plan already

“Simple, I’ll lure them to a portal that Razor Wing makes, then as we go into the portal the Nivrum will fallow. After they go through then you ladies will seal it behind them then Razor Wing exits and he seals it in front of them” Nehon said a smile slowly going over his face.

“But isn’t Razor Wing tired when he comes out of the Wild Magic” Gwenavere asked

“That is the hard part and where the Stone to blood must come in” Nehon said slightly cringing “Tamara is gonna have to blast me and Razor Wing with here jewel”

“But that will cause you excruciating pain.” Tamara protested

Nehon shrugged ” If you got any better ideas please tell me. Seriously if it will get rid of the Nivrum I am willing to go through nearly any pain”

“You sure?” Fallon asked “This probably going to be nasty”

Nehon nodded “I have a plan to lure the Nivrum but I will need your help Fallon”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Well….” Nehon replied “You are going to find out why the Wind Stone is called a binding stone……..


Gwenavere felt like something wasn’t quite right she was going down to talk to Sunstar when she heard Nehon’s voice talking to someone “Most likely Razor Wing” Gwenavere thought

“I know the princess won’t like it but do you want to give the Nivrum a chance to escape with that kind of power?”

“[ I know, but if you tell any of them that you plan to make the portal one way then she’ll order you not to]” Razor Wing said with a worried voice

“I know that is why I don’t plan to tell them” Nehon replied amiably

“[ When she finds out what you did she will be real mad]” Razor Wing warned

“Yeah but the Nivrum will be gone and she’ll be safe” Nehon told his friend

Gwenavere couldn’t stand just listening any more. Nehon was planning on him and Razor Wing trapping themselves in the Wild Magic just to get rid of the Nivrum and protecting her. She stepped from around the corner and said “Nehon you actually think that you were going to get away with this?”

Nehon shrugged and said “I guess you caught me we’ll have to go to plan B.”

“What’s plan B?” Gwenavere asked

“I’ll have to show you, come with me to the jewel room” Nehon replied


“See that real big jewel princess?” Nehon asked pointing

“Of course I do” she replied indignantly

“Listen to this” Nehon said then began to sing

Lights grow dim, sleep draws nie

time for your dreams to fly

Weave your heart on a pillow white

Just time to sleep not time to fight

as you dream till the beams of light


Nehon caught Gwenavere as she fell limp asleep

“Worked like a charm good acting Fluff Face” Nehon congratulated

“[ I didn’t like doing that Nehon]” Razor Wing

“Neither did I but we had to make sure she would be safe” Nehon said looking down at the princess in his arms “Looks like we have to do the next part now”

“[ Shall you yell in surprise or shall I?]”

“I will after all it was my idea.” Nehon sighed then gathered up his breath to…”TAMARA,FALLON COME QUICK SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!

By the time Nehon was at the top of the stairs holding the princess in his arms Tamara and Fallon were there waiting with Sunstar and Moondance not far behind and the babies trailing behind them

“What happened?” Fallon demanded

“I was trying to show her how the Song Stone works and she didn’t cover her ears” Nehon said worry deep in his eyes “I was showing a spell that my mother used on me to help me sleep at nights when I couldn’t and…. and…. she’s asleep”

“[I told you that you should have just told her what the Song Stone does but noooooooooooooo you had to show her]” Razor Wing said in a mocking tone

“I know at least the spell will only last for 8 hours” Nehon replied “I am truly sorry, but the plan must go on”

“Shouldn’t we wait for Gwen?” Tamara asked looking a little nervous

“No, the longer we wait the more people the Nivrum may hurt. We’ll just have to leave someone here to watch over Gwenavere and the babies” Nehon told them shaking his head

Sunstar stepped forward “[I’ll stay with Gwenavere]”

“Excuse me a moment I’ll be right back” Nehon said then trotted down the hall. A few moments later he was back and was holding a big envelope with symbols of the Heart, Moon and Sun Stones

“This letter can only be opened by all three of your jewels. After you are done I would like you to open it and read it. It will give you instructions about where I’ll be when this is all over”

“Why don’t you just tell us now” Tamara asked curiously

“Too complicated, don’t worry the directions are in the letter, Now Fallon you know you part and then Tamara you are going to have to blast Razor Wing and I till I say stop

“You sure you want me to blast you?”

“It isn’t a matter of want to but I have to. Finally after hundreds of years the nightmare will end.


“Grrrrr…. I’m still hungry why don’t we take more of the human’s cattle it isn’t like killing them would be a problem” Necharan complained

“Because we are not only getting food but we are also trying to make it look like the Wild Blood’s doing. That way we might be able to get him out in the open.” Aligore replied

“Aw can’t we just go after a few more Aligore” Drechna said joining in on the complaining

“No, it will spoil our plan. Wild Blood has been holed up in his home for several days now, we need to draw him out”

“And it worked beautifully Apple Core” came a voice

“That’s Aligore human”


“I said Aligore”


” I said it’s Aligore curse you”

“Oh okay….. Susan”

With that the Aligore took off after Nehon with a shout of anger and the other two Nivrum fallowed suit. Nehon dodged this way and that over rock and under tree. The Nivrum were nearly at his feet when all of a sudden Aligore leaped. When Aligore landed Nehon was trapped under him.

“Hahahahahaha We have won and now you will die” Aligore proclaimed triumphantly but as he was talking Nehon seemed to be fading away.

“Boy you guys are dumb you can’t tell an illusion from the real deal it’s almost sad” Nehon said as he stepped out from behind a tree about a hundred yards away

Nehon took off again and the Nivrum resumed their chase. Further and further they went until the Nivrum came upon Nehon and Razor Wing going into a portal

“Hurry up Razor Rump if they get in here we’re finished” Nehon yelled desperately

The three Nivrum redoubled their efforts and made it into the portal. Immediately they could feel the power. Like nothing they had felt before. Every drop of blood in their bodies was alive with it. It was as if they could reach out and pluck the moon from the sky.

“You Have Lost” Alligore said in a booming voice “Our power is absolute I can crush you like a bug”

“Give it time Sussy Q” Nehon said with a smile

“Give what time whelp? Absolute power?” Necharan asked mockingly

“No what is happening to you” Nehon said with a deep smile as he had Razor Wing move away from them ” Can’t you feel it building inside, the infinite breaking the finite? Goodbye Nivrum do forget to write”

As if Nehon’s words had been magical the Nivrum began to swell and then they exploded into a panorama of colors that could not be described


It was over. Fallon, Tamara, and Moondance had sealed the portal into the Wild Magic. They were now awaiting the princesses awakening. As Gwenavere’s eyes slowly opened she saw a blurry image coalesce into the faces of her friends. But two faces were missing. She sat up like a bolt

“Where are Nehon and Razor Wing” She said in a buisness like tone

“They are out waiting for us like they said they would be after the plan” Tamara answered

“No they aren’t. I overheard them say they were going to seal them selves up in the Wild Magic to make sure that the Nivrum were destroyed. ” Gwenavere stated shaking her head “They are stuck in the Wild Magic”

“And we sealed them in” Fallon added with a touch of anger

“What about the letter?” Tamara asked

“What letter?” Gwenavere asked curiously

Fallon pulled it out and explained what Nehon had told them. They used their jewels and the envelope opened to reveal a piece of paper which Fallon began to read

Dear Jewel Riders

If you are reading this none of you are hurt. I am glad of this. If you are reading this I also must be trapped in the Wild Magic. I am sorry if this hurts you but it was the only way to save you and the villagers. I have no family besides Razor Wing and he is here with me so I’ll leave some things to you three. To Fallon I leave a special knife. It is located in a panel behind the desk in the library. You have a warriors spirit may it serve you well. To Tamara I give the flute that she admired and all the music that was written for it that are located in a drawer in my room. You have something that give you music beyond magic use the songs as you wish to create beautiful music. Finnally to Gwenavere, great princess. I am sorry for causing you to sleep but I was forbidden by my oath to let you come to harm. Truth be told I would have left you all behind if it could have been done. Princess I leave you all the jewels in the Jewel Keep barring . You are a great leader and I know great things will happen from you like your ancestor Arthur. You may even be greater then he but that remains to be seen. Sunstar and Moondance I don’t know what to give to you but if there is any thing you wish to take barring my mother’s room and the library you may have it. As for Spike Sugar and Spike you know what I gave you. I leave you with but two requests. Princess take with you the Aramat Blade to your home and hide it somewhere no one will find it. Second don’t be sad. You have given me something that I never thought a human would ever give me again: Friendship. In ending this letter don’t dispair because if there is a way out of the Wild Magic I will find it

your Friend

Nehon Lewej Aramat

With heavy hearts the Jewel Riders prepared to go home


It was morning when they gathered got to the village. The stench of failure clung to them even though the Nivrum were no more, but Nehon gave himself up and that sacrifice spoiled the occasion. As they came to town they were greeted by a group of villagers asking if the monster was gone. Gwenavere just nodded to them wearily

“That’s good” A man said “That thing was dangerous, I never did like them Aramats. Always living out in the forest like they owned it”

Surprisingly Fallon didn’t chew the man out. Tamara beat her to it

“You don’t have any idea what you are talking about” Tamara said starting out in a emotionless tone but gaining strength as she talked ” The “monster” that you were talking about not only saved our lives, but got rid of the true monsters. The ones that were taking your precious cattle. He banished himself into the Wild Magic just so you could be safe and now you are talking as if he were some vile criminal. We are leaving and I hope I never see this place again.

With that Tamara turned on her heel and hitched up the carriage. She then put their stuff in the carriage and the Jewel Riders left for home.

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