Gryphon Rider – True Beginnings Ch. 2

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“Are you totally insane?” Dav ranted at his sister


“[It is a good plan]” Gold Feather persisted


“Would you stop with the thought voice and talk to me normally…and it isn’t a good plan”


“Oh..very well and it is too a good plan”


“Your plan to get us into the palace the first time was…okay although it had holes all over

it… your second plan was insane…but I went along. This plan is just plain suicide.”


“You are just mad I came up with it and you didn’t” the female gryfalcon said with a



“No I am saying this because I have a better plan. After all the plans you sprung on me

you owe me.” Dav said adamantly ” I dressed up like a female for you now you are going

to listen”


“So what is this brainstorm of yours?” the gryfalcon drawled out skeptically


“It goes something like this….” and with that Dav launched into his plan



�They are running out of time� Kain mused aloud


�[  True, but you don�t see me complaining do you?]�  his eight-legged friend languidly



�Ah but for you it is a meal�. For me it is a failure, and you know how I despise failure�


�[ That I do�.shall I gather the guest for supper?]�


�No� Kain replied � I will have a servant get her�.after all I do enjoy the conversations I

have with the girl, it would be a pity to cut it short because she may have a touch of fear

of your species


A servant left the room before Kain even finished the sentence, which is just the way

Kain liked it.


�You thought my plan was insane?� Gold Feather screamed.


�It�s a good plan� Dav insisted �if you are too scared I can understand you backing out of

it though�after all that flying horse��I mean a flying unicorn might be a bit much for



�You little cow�.� Gold Feather said starting to feel her temper slip


�Watch it�.� Dav warned �We aren�t here to fight we are here to rescue that <shudders>

human female �


�Because it is our fault she got dragged away,� Scamp added, � We go? Plan good. Goldy

fast very very fast.�


�Well�that is true�,� Gold Feather admitted


�Then we go?� Scamp asked tentatively


Gold Feather shook her head in defeat �We go�.but this time if anything goes wrong�I

am the one that gets to complain about the stupid plan.�


�Fair enough.� Dav agreed.


Without another word they gathered up their things and were into the sky to pull off a

plan that seemed even in Dav�s mind at the least risky.



�Where could she be?� Gwen thought to herself �Tamara said she would stay here with

Drake in case the thief came back�


�We haven�t checked the library yet,� Fallon said proposing an answer to Gwen�s

unspoken question.



As they got closer to the library they seemed to hear something�.


�Help�..I�m locked in�� came the voice.


�That sounds like Drake.� Fallon mused aloud.


�Maybe he knows what is going on�Let�s see what the matter is.� Gwen replied

thinking that whatever it was it had better be good.



�And that�s what happened.� Drake said finishing his story � I don�t know what might

have happened to Tamara I have been locked in here by that little brat, do you think that

the kid�..�


�Tamara can take care of herself Drake.� Fallon said frowning.


�I don�t know this kid is tricky.�


�Certainly tricked you Wolf Rider.� Gwen said trying to lighten the mood. A few

chuckles were shared then died.


�If I could only get my hands on that�that…� Drake sputtered in anger.


�Ask and you shall receive.� Came a voice from down the hall.


They looked to see Dav standing there with a big smile on his face.


�I know where your friend is�.catch me if you can!� and with that was running down

the hall and jumped out a window to where Gold Feather was waiting.


�Jewel Riders�.� Gwen said with a grim voice �Let�s ride!�



�[This is nuts]� Gold Feather said with her mental voice to conserve her breath �[What is

that unicorn? Part pack horse?]�


�Don�t know�.looks like she had some training from a gryphon�but there aren�t any of

those around here�.� Dav replied


�[Wing horse very fast�.you go faster yes Goldy?]� Scamp said with a voice full of hope

and terror.


�[ I go faster yes]� Gold Feather replied flapping to gain altitude �[ That horned horse

will need more air than we do�..if we stick higher up she will be able to fallow but not

catch us until the time that we want her to get to us]�


� I hope you are right fluff for brains�


�[so do I my featherless brother�.so do I]�



�Why are you keeping me here?� Tamara asked with obvious annoyance on her face.


� I need you to stay here as a matter of justice being done my dear�.� Kain replied in his

usual cold voice

�Justice? What justice?�


�That boy has something that is mine by right�.from what I have learned he will come

to your our of his curiosity or some such thing about you�.and then I can reclaim my

property.� Kain said closing his hands together in a trapping motion.


�So you kidnapped me so that you could get your object back?� Tamara asked a little




�Quite so�you see there are these three enchanted jewels that are mine by right of

destiny.� Kain said with a soul-freezing smile � They are the Wind, Mind and Luck



�But Nehon has the Wind Stone�and it chose him�it can�t be yours.�


�You are referring to the one trapped in the Wild Magic?� Kain mused �Don�t worry I

will get his as well�it is my destiny for when the three jewels are united under one

master power ultimate is granted to them. Power over all time, probability and the mind.

My destiny is to be lord and master with my wand in my left hand and the three jewels in

a golden bag in my right.�


�The jewel riders will stop you.� Tamara told the man she now knew for a tyrant.


� You mean you have no wish to help me?� Kain asked a little annoyed � A pity�oh

well guards take her to the dungeon I can�t have any traitors in my midst in my time of



Tamara managed to get one blast with her jewel off�.one blast that was stopped by

Kain�s wand just before the wand put her to sleep the last words Tamara heard before

going unconscious were �Now now none of that now�



�[ So what now oh genius one?]� Gold Feather said dripping each word with sarcasm


Dav laughed a little nervously then smiled as he said �They catch us.�


�[They what?]� The gryfalcon and ferret said together.


� They will catch us and question us then we will get away�so you will have to look like

you are tired.�


�[ I am tired you little twit.]� Gold Feather growled.


�Good than you won�t have to act now will you?� Dav replied covering his fear with


�[From now on I will be doing the plans my featherless brother.]�


�[If we get out of this.]� Scamp whispered.




�[They seemed to have tired out�.I am really glad Razor Wing exorcised me so much, I

was barely able to keep up with her]� Sunstar said as she glided to the ground


�Yeah�..well let�s catch them before they get away� Gwen replied


Surprisingly enough all three of them were still there�.as if waiting


�You aren�t trying to run?� Gwen said confused


�I would never leave my sister behind to you� Dav said defiantly


�Sister?� Gwen felt one of those �nothing is making sense� headaches coming on.


�Yes�.I was adopted by gryfalcons and they are a fair load nicer than most humans I

met.� said the youth.


�You know where Tamara is?� Gwen said beginning to actually feel the headache.


�Yeah, in a castle just beyond those trees.� Dav told her pointing at some cover.


Gwen looks at Sunstar who nods and looks.


�[He is telling the truth Gwen.]� Sunstar said feeling a little surprised, �[ I think he led us



�Yes I did lead you here.� Dav  replied to Sunstar�s speculation.


Sunsta gasped, �[You can hear me?]�


�Yes Ms. Unicorn�.this little jewel thingy I found let�s me do it�I think.� Dav held up

the Luck Stone to the light so that they could see it sparkle.


�This is getting way to complicated.� Gwen said as the headache started raging �You

have an enchanted jewel and you are saving Tamara?�


�They caught her by accident when they were looking for me. I was only doing the

honorable thing by making sure her friends could rescue her�.my conscience is clear; I

will leave now.�  With that Dav began to walk off Gold Feather at his side and Scamp in

his pack.

�But�.� Gwen began.


�Don�t try to follow us!� Dav yelled as they disappeared into the woods.


�[We are going to need Fallon and Moondance.]� Sunstar said breaking the spell of the



�Yeah�. Let�s ride.�



� I can sense the Luck Stone�.it is close.� Kain muttered under his breath, �I must

prepare for the first step in my destiny.


With that he summoned in a butler�.and told him what he was to do.



�How do you know he wasn�t lying?� Fallon asked feeling the anxiety of knowing

Tamara was being held captive in that fortress.


� I just do�he has a jewel�not like the dark stone�.for some reason I felt like it was.�

She paused looking for the word, �Familiar�.there was something familiar. I believe

him when he said he did this out of honor just as much as I believe that he didn�t want to

do this to begin with.�


�[I don�t like this plan of yours Gwen.]� Sunstar repeated for what seemed the hundredth



�We need to sneak in�and you two wouldn�t be very good at that Sunstar� Gwen replied

repeating what she had yet again.


�Besides, Nehon taught us some tricks that should keep us safe� Fallon added to calm

both the unicorns and herself.


�[I don�t like it either�but I guess it has to be this way.]� Moondance muttered.


�Well�. Tamara isn�t getting rescued with us talking.� Gwen said with a slight laugh

hoping to brighten the situation.


She failed.


The two jewel riders wandered towards the castle with their animal friends behind

watching and hoping.



�Good, my honor is cleared of that debt.� Dav said smiling as he walked.

�Mmmmmmhmmm…� Gold Feather said skeptically .


�What is that supposed to mean?� Dav said a little too loudly.


� That is the fifth time you said that�. I think you are trying to convince yourself of

something you don�t believe.�


�[You seem mad.]� Scamp added.


�I led her friends to where she is being held�..� Dav said losing his patience, �Isn�t that



� I believe so.� The gryfalcon told him in measured tones, �But do you?�


The question drifted along the wind as Dav thought.



�Left or right?�


Fallon shrugged, �Maybe we should use our jewels to find her��


�I don�t know�.if they took Tamara they probably have magic that might find us.�

Gwen said with a sigh.


�Well if we don�t use magic we may be here for a  veeeeeeeeery long time before we find



�Good point.� the princess conceded.



�I sense magic being used�I think I�ll push them in the right direction.� came Kain�s

voice from deep in the shadows that surrounded his throne.


�Servant�. Bring me the prisoner.�


The servant disappeared as if by magic.



�I think I found where she is,� Fallon said smiling at the first good luck they have had all



�Good let�s go!�



�Why did you ask for me to come here?� Tamara asked the tyrant � You know I won�t

help you.�


A cold chuckle came from the shadows of the throne, �You won�t need to my dear. Your

friends have come to rescue you. They will come here and they will be mine�until I get

the Luck Stone. Through the Luck Stone I will gain dominion over the other three and

thus be lord of Time, the Mind, and Probability. Then none will stand against me!�


�You are crazy�,� Tamara said shaking her head, �My friends will stop you�


�They are welcome to try!� said the voice..then the cold laughing resumed.



Gwen and Fallon came into the throne room only to hear, �Stop, it�s a trap!� from



Before the two were able to react they were encased inside a small crystal room.


�Game, Set, Match.� came a voice from the shadows.


Kain walked from out of the shadows to reveal himself.


Tamara tried to use her jewel against Kain again; Kain was quicker and she was

teleported into the room with the other two girls.


�WHO HAS THE LUCK STONE?� came his imperious voice.


�Luck Stone?� Fallon and Gwen said together.


�I sensed it�.one of you must have it!� Kain said his cool calm slipping.


�You must mean the boy that led us here then left?� Gwen said with a little smile on her

face � He left�he won�t be back.�


Kain�s normally cold face warmed with hatred, �Oh he won�t? then I guess I�ll just have

to separate you from your jewels in his place!�


�I don�t think so!� came a voice from in the hall.


�Who dares interrupt me?� Kain voiced seething.


�Just a boy.� Dav said, stepping out.


Dav threw his dagger at Kain. The dagger stopped in midair in front of Kain. The tyrant

examined it then it dropped to the ground.


�You think a mere boy can defeat me?� Kain said his cool returning, �I am the future

master of all!� with these words Kain blasted Dav against the wall.


�It can�t end like this!� Dav thought trying to get to his feet and having trouble.


Kain slowly walked towards Dav with a dark glee on his face.


�It won�t end like this!� Dav thought.


from deep inside him came a voice he had never known before. His own voice echoed it


�BY THE MAGIC OF THE LUCK STONE!� Came from Dav�s voice.


His jewel armor surrounded him then surprisingly a black and red fire surrounded him.


Dav turned to the utterly surprised Kain and the black and red fire flew from Dav and

engulfed Kain. When the smoke cleared where Kain stood there stood a black and red

statuette of a dragon.


Dav�s jewel armor disappeared and he had a small smile on his face as he collapsed into




�Dav? Dav wake up!� Came his sister�s voice �Wake up you little idiot�you have to get

up�.you just have to!�  Dav heard her keening over him.


�What you gonna do if I don�t feather head?� Dav groaned.


�[You�re alive!!!!!!!!!]� Scamp whooped with joy.


The ferret crawled all over his face in happiness.


�Okay, off please my furry little friend…� came out Dav�s voice.


As Dav blinked a little he saw more shapes come into focus�the shapes of three human

females and two unicorn females.


�Well I guess you got me.� Dav muttered with what of his voice he could manage

�You�ll toss me away from the sky and freedom.�


�What?� the three chorused.


� I was told by the man chasing me that the best I could get was being imprisoned. I

would rather die�.but you probably won�t do that human females�.�

�Who was that Swift Breeze you talked about before?� Tamara asked trying to change

the subject.


�My brother�he protected me when no other gryfalcon would. A human female acted

like she was my friend�.then once she got my trust she knocked me out and killed my



�Is that why you don�t trust girls?� Tamara asked.


�That and other things.�


�Heart Stone magic with power of feeling, give this friend some of your healing.�

Tamara said.


Her stone glowed and Dav felt healed.


�Why did you do that?� Dav said getting up with confusion etched on his face.


�Not all people are the same.� Tamara replied with a kind smile.


�You are free to go.� Gwen told him which only added to his confusion.


�Just like that?�  Dav asked unbelieving.


�Just like that.� Fallon added, �Good Luck to you kid�.no pun intended.�


�Dav�my name is Dav.� he replied to her.


�Well Dav�good days to you�you are a jewel rider now. I hope we can meet as friends

next time.� Tamara said. Fallon and Gwen nodded in agreement.


Dav turned with his little family to leave, �We shall see.�


On the last rise before the unicorns and girls disappeared Dav watched with one thought

on his heart�a thought of hope.



� So that is what he did eh?� Came a cold voice.


�[Yes I am afraid your butler is a statuette now]�


� Oh well�I will take care of the wife and children as promised�oh and Night





�Those two charlatans that tried to deceive me are yours to deal with as you wish.”


�[Yes Kain]� and with that the large spider skittered off happily




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