Lisa Dawn – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

Written as part of of the Third Season Synopsis Writing Challenge

Author: Lisa Dawn

Lisa Dawn – Jewel Riders Third Season Concept

The Jewel Riders are celebrating the one year anniversary of rescuing Merlin from the wild magic and banishing Morgana and the other evil wizards. They are decked out in their finest ballgowns in the Crystal Palace’s banquet hall. Drake incessantly asks Gwenevere to spill all the details about her relationship with Ian. Gwen gets angry and refuses to dance with him. Moondance and Fallon try their best to enjoy their time together before Moondance must attend regular training sessions with her mother, Queen Sierra, to become the future queen of the unicorns. Tamara and the babies perform a special song for the celebration, but the performance is cut short when Tamara gets a call from her Heart Stone.
The call is from Shadowsong, Tamara’s bonded unicorn from afar. She learns that Shadowsong’s homeland, revealed to be known as Shangri-La, is being attacked by powerful wild magic, and he needs the Jewel Rider’s help immediately. The celebration is called off. Merlin uses his One Jewel to level up the Sun Stone, Heart Stone, and Moon Stone. The appearance of the Jewel Riders’ armor has changed for the second time. They each now have a new special ability in addition to the power of their enchanted jewels. Fallon has winged boots that allow her to run at inhuman speeds and leap tall buildings. Gwenevere has pleated shoulder plates that give her super strength. Tamara has a flower-like shield that protects her and others from powerful blasts of magic.
Gwenevere jumps on Sunstar and Fallon jumps on Moondance. Tamara’s baby animals, Cleo, Sugar, and Spike, try to convince her to let them join the Jewel Riders on their mission, but she insists that they’re not ready for such a dangerous adventure yet and leaves them in Merlin and Archie’s care. As the Jewel Riders ask the Travel Trees to help them navigate to Shangri-La, the Wild Magic Gliders appear and tell them that they can give them even more powerful wings to glide through the wild magic and get them there even faster. The wings match their new jewel armor. The next thing they know, they are soaring through the wild magic at top speed.

When they arrive, they find that the entire landscape is falling apart. Leaves are missing from trees, water is missing from lakes, and everything shines with an eerie purple glow. Shadowsong finds Tamara and invites her to climb on his back. He takes her and the other Jewel Riders throughout the area, showing them the full range of destruction. Gwenevere casts a spell with her Sun Stone to locate the source of the problem, which takes her high up in the sky. It’s a good thing Sunstar knows how to fly! She finds Morgana floating around in a levitating throne and sucking up the magic of the land. She explains to Gwenevere that after the Jewel Riders took away her Dark Stone and the other Wizard Jewels, she taught herself how to manipulate the wild magic to travel to other realms and absorb the magic within the lands themselves. To make matters worse, she has her sights set on Avalon next. To Princess Gwenevere’s horror, Morgana releases a purple lightning bolt that unlocks a portal. Gwenevere can already see seen the Crystal Palace shimmering on the other side.

With no time to waste, Gwen and Sunstar fly back to the other Jewel Riders and tell them about Morgana’s plan. They use their enchanted jewels to communicate with their friends back in Avalon through the power of Merlin’s staff. Together, they come to the difficult decision to seal Avalon off from the wild magic until Morgana could be stopped. Unfortunately, the seal can only work if it’s done from both sides of the portal, meaning the Jewel Riders will not be able to go home for a while. Gwenevere, Tamara, Fallon, Sunstar, Moondance, and Shadowsong form a friendship circle under the portal to Avalon that Morgana opened in the sky while Merlin, the Pack, Queen Anya, King Jared, and Tamara’s baby animals form a circle in the Friendship Ring back in Avalon.

The power of friendship seals the portal from both sides before Morgana gets a chance to invade Avalon. Thanks to their newly powered up Enchanted Jewels, the Jewel Riders are also able to restore Shangri-La to its original beauty, releasing it from Morgana’s clutches. Shadowsong is grateful to Tamara and the Jewel Riders for their help, but there’s still work to be done. Morgana wastes no time in opening another portal to absorb magic from a different land. Shadowsong can’t stand the idea of other lands suffering as his did, so he joins Tamara, Gwenevere, Fallon, Sunstar, and Moondance to travel through the wild magic and continue to protect the enchanted realms from Morgana’s wrath. Even though they are far from home, the Jewel Riders know that one day, the power of friendship will allow them to return to their loved ones when Avalon is safe. As they chase Morgana through the wild magic to protect the enchanted realms, they are able to continually check in with their friends back home via their enchanted jewels and Merlin’s staff.

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