Morning Glory – Dark World

Summary: When Kale and Morgana create a Dark Land out of the Wild Magic, they try to use its magic to trap the Jewel Riders and make their own magic turn against them!

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Script by Morning Glory, at

Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders


Jewel Riders ( Girls): Princess Gwenevere, Fallon, Tamara

Jewel Riders (Animals): Sunstar, Moondance, Shadowsong

Queen Anya

Enemies: Kale, Morgana

Episode Title: Dark World

( Kale paces back and forth in front of her Thornwood castle.)

Kale: What can I do to get the magic from the Jewel Riders?!

( Morgana appears.)

Morgana: Kale, the Jewel Riders have made a fool out of you too many times!

Kale: Really, I don’t think you can do any better.

Morgana: How dare you talk to a wizard like that!

Kale: What are you going to do?! Turn me into a Dweasel?!

Morgana: If you wish…

( Morgana puts her hands up as to cast a spell.)

Kale: No, no!

( Morgana frowns and puts her hands down.)

Morgana: Since you are the only person who can link me to Avalon

from the Wild Magic, I suppose I will keep you as my assistant.

Kale: What do I do?

Morgana: I will give you more power to create a magical new world.

It will be the dark side of Avalon. It will be the Dark Land.

Kale: Well, it sounds like a good place for me to rule.

Morgana: This place will make the Jewel Riders’ enchanted jewels work against them.

Kale: Sounds even better.

Morgana: You must go into the Wild Magic and start right away.

Remember, I will be watching you.

( Morgana disapears.)

Kale: The Dark Land shall be under my control, and soon, I will release the Wild Magic in Avalon!


( Splashes are heard in the lake beside the Crystal Palace.)

( Queen Anya walks over to the lake and kneels down to the water.)

Queen Anya: Gwenevere!

( Gwenevere splashes and pops her head up from under the water.)

Queen Anya: Gwen, there is something on the jewel map that you should see.

Gwenevere: All right. Hold on a second.

( She dives back under the water.)

( Then she pops her head back up and so does Fallon and Tamara.)

( They hop up onto the edge of the lake and hold up their jewels.)

( Their Mermaid fins turn back into legs and they get up and head for the crystal palace.)

( Queen Anya points to a strange light on the jewel map.)

( Tamara looks over at it.)

Tamara: Isn’t that the symbol for Wild Magic?

Gwenevere: That looks like the same symbol we saw on Merlin’s maps!

Fallon: Where is it?

( Queen Anya points again.)

Queen Anya: It’s hard to tell. It disappears and reappears.

Tamara: It looks like it is in a number of places.

Gwenevere: Maybe we should check it out.

( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara all run out of the Jewel Keep.)


( Kale is standing in her Dragon Wagon, which is flying in the

Wild Magic.)

Kale: Well, this looks like the best place to start…

Morgana: This place has great power! Start to build the Dark Land


Kale: Right away!

( Kale holds up the Dark Stone and red light bursts from it.)


( Shadowsong, Moondance, and Sunstar gallop in the Wild Magic.)

( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara glide by with their Glider Wings.)

Gwenevere: Look! A portal!

( She points to a portal.)

Fallon: It’s the only one here.

Tamara: Maybe we should check it out.

Gwenevere: Okay. Everyone, be ready.

( They all jump into it.)

( They appear on the ground.)

( An evil red sky greets them and Thornwoods are everywhere.)

Gwenevere: Where are we?

Fallon: This looks like Kale has been here.

( A voice starts to rumble the land.)

Kale: And I still am!

Gwenevere: Kale! Where are we?

Kale: You are in my Dark Land! It is the dark side of Avalon and I

built it from scratch from Wild Magic.

Tamara: Gwen…

Gwenevere: Kale, where are you?

( The ground shakes and Kale appears.)

Kale: Here I am for my waiting public…

Gwenevere: Kale, turn this land back now!

Kale: Oh I don’t think so, you see, I control all the magic here.

Anyway, if I did turn this land back, it would just be another bend

in the Wild Magic.

( Kale holds up her Dark Stone.)

Kale: Now, I shall rid the Wild Magic of all of you!

( The Dark Stone shoots lightning beams everywhere.)

Fallon: Gwenevere! The magic is out of control!

( Gwenevere holds up her Sun Stone and it starts to shoot a beam.)

( Then, the magic surrounds her and knocks her down.)

Tamara ( Runnung over to Gwenevere): Gwen! What happened?

Gwenevere: Ah! I don’t know…

( Then Wild Magic surrounds her.)

Gwenevere: AHHH!

Sunstar: Gwen!

( Sunstar tries to release Gwenevere by firing a beam, but Wild Magic surrounds her too.)

Sunstar: AHHH!

Kale: Ha Ha Ha! The magic really does work!

Tamara: Kale! Let Gwenevere and Sunstar go!

Kale: Oh, I’m not doing anything! It’s the magic of the Enchanted jewels!

Fallon: What?

Kale: You see, this world, even though not complete, will turn the power of your Enchanted jewels against you. And now, it’s my turn to play.

( Kale shoots a beam out of the Dark Stone and it knocks Gwenevere and Sunstar out of the Dark Land and into the Wild Magic.)

Kale: Now then, I’ve rid Avalon of the princess.

Tamara: Gwen… No!

Kale: I used the same technique to blast Merlin away.

Fallon: This can’t mean…

Kale: Yes! The princess and the unicorn are gone. Nothing can save them now! If I were you, I’d get out while you have the chance!

Tamara ( To Fallon): We have no choice.

( Tamara climbs onto Shadowsong and Fallon Climbs onto Moondance.)

( The unicorns gallop into the wild magic, back to Avalon.)


( Tamara is sitting on a tree stump by the Crystal Palace.)

( Fallon walks over to her and sets beside her.)

Fallon: Tamara…

Tamara: I can’t believe it. Gwenevere and Sunstar are gone. We’ve failed them.

Fallon: It would have happened to us too! We couldn’t have done anything, but I am really going to miss Gwenevere.

( Moondance walks over to them.)

Moondance: Fallon, Shadow and I are going to search.

Fallon: For what?

Moondance: For Wild Magic.

Fallon: Oh, what does it matter now? Our duty as Jewel Riders is over.

Tamara: Fallon, Don’t say that. We don’t know for sure that Gwen and Sunstar are gone.

Moondance: We’re still going to search, you never know…

( Moondance gallops over to Shadowsong and they both gallop away.)

Moondance: I can tell that Fallon is very upset.

Shadowsong: Tamara is sad too.

Moondance: I don’t think that Sunstar and the princess are gone forever.

Shadowsong: What do you mean?

Moondance: I can feel some kind of Wild Magic.


( Gwenevere plummets downward in the Wild Magic.)

( Sunstar flips and falls.)

Sunstar: Gwenevere. Can you hear me?

( Gwenevere makes no response.)

Sunstar: Gwen?

( Gwenevere then starts to moan.)

Gwenevere: Oh…

( Sunstar glides over to Gwenevere.)

Sunstar: Gwen…

( Gwenevere opens her eyes.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar…

Sunstar: Yes. I’m here.

Gwenevere: Sunstar…

Sunstar: Just climb onto me.

( Gwenevere weakly pulls herself up onto Sunstar’s saddle.)

Sunstar: Just hang on. I’m trying to call Moondance.

( Gwenevere then leans onto Sunstar and seems to fall asleep.)


( Kale stands up from her new throne and Morgana appears.)

Morgana: Even for a fool like you, that was good. Now the princess is lost in the Wild Magic and the other Jewel Riders are helpless against the Dark Stone.

Kale: Yes, now is the magic of the land complete?

Morgana: Yes, it is. The magic will turn every human, except us, that comes through the portal into what their heart and soul feels. For example, someone who is very nasty and cruel would turn into a monster.

Kale: Sounds like my kind of person.

Morgana: But there is one thing that will stop the transformation.

Kale: What is it?

Morgana: It is the Crystal of Wild Magic.

Kale: Where is it?

Morgana: It is hidden in the Wild Magic. I have seen it only once and witnessed it’s awesome power. It is the only kind of magical jewel that can overpower my magic, but what are the chances of anyone finding it?

Kale: I can’t be sure but I have a funny feeling that the Jewel Riders will find it.


( Tamara is still sitting on the stump.)

Tamara: I don’t understand how Kale found a magic that can overpower our jewels.

Fallon: Do you think we can tune the jewels and make them overpower the magic?

Tamara: We can try, but it will be hard without Gwen and her Sun Stone.

( Fallon and Tamara hold up their jewels.)

Tamara: With the power of magic and music and song, the jewels need to be tuned to overpower magic so strong…

( The jewels light up and then stop glowing.)

Fallon: Did it work?

Tamara: The only way to tell is to try it out on Kale’s magic.

Fallon: Okay. I’ll call Moondance.

( Fallon calls for Moondance and her Mooon Stone lights up.)

( Then Moondance and Shadowsong come galloping.)

( Fallon climbs onto Moondance and Tamara climbs onto Shadowsong.)

Tamara: We need to go back to Kale’s Dark Land and try to overpower her.

( Shadowsong and Moondance nod.)

( A Wild Magic Portal opens and they gallop into it.)

( They appear in the Dark Land and Tamara and Fallon change shape.)

( Fallon is a cat, because she is quick and agile, Tamara is a bunny because she humble and compassionate.)

Tamara: What’s happened to us?

Fallon: It must be the magic backfiring.

( Kale appears in front of them.)

Kale: Ha! The spells do work! The Jewel Riders are history!

( Kale picks Tamara and Fallon up.)

Kale: I guess you are the “Jewel Creatures” now.

Tamara: Shadowsong!

( Shadowsong gallops over to Kale and knocks her down.)

( Kale drops Tamara and Fallon and they both land safely on his back.)

( Kale gets up and brushes herself off.)

Kale: Why you horrid beast!

( She shoots lightning beams out of her Dark Stone.)

Tamara: Shadow! Look out!

( Shadowsong dodges a beam just in time to see it streak past him.)

( Shadowsong gallops over to Moondance and Fallon jumps onto Moondance’s back.)

Fallon: By the magic of the Moon Stone!

( Fallon’s jewel armor appears.)

Tamara: By the Magic of the Heart Stone!

( Tamara’s jewel armor appears.)

( Fallon starts to fire a beam at Kale.)

Tamara: Fallon! Wait! We’ll have to tune the jewels!

Kale: You don’t have time to tune your puny jewels! They will never overpower the magic of this Dark Land!

Tamara: Oh, I wish Gwen was here about now…


( Sunstar flies and comes upon a shining stone.)

Sunstar: Gwen…

( Gwenevere wakes up.)

Gwenevere: What is it?

Sunstar: There’s some kind of jewel right there.

Gwenevere: I’ll get it.

( Gwenevere reaches down and grabs the jewel.)

Gwenevere: This is such an odd looking jewel.

Sunstar: It has great Wild Magic power.

Gwenevere: Sunstar, how far are we from Kale’s Dark Land?

Sunstar: It’s at least five or six bends away from here.

Gwenevere: Somehow, I feel that Tamara and Fallon are there…

Sunstar: Wait Gwen! How about using our increased Jewel Power?

Gwenevere: Sunstar! That’s a great Idea!

( Gwenevere holds up her Sun Stone.)

Gwenevere: Sun Stone, jewel of the light, help us take to a faster flight!

( The Sun Stone shines brightly.)

Sunstar: Here we go!

( Sunstar beats her wings against her sides and they fly through the Wild Magic like they are at warp speed.)

( Sunstar flies up to the portal.)

Sunstar: Gwen! The portal!

( Sunstar gallops into it.)

( Sunstar appears by Moondance.)

Tamara: Gwen! You didn’t change shape!

Gwenevere: Change shape…?

( Gwenevere looks and ducks a lightning beam.)

Tamara: I think it would be better to tell you later.

Kale: Gwenevere! You did not change shape!

Gwenevere ( Climbing off of Sunstar): I don’t know what you’re talking about Aunt Kale, but no I didn’t.

( Morgana appears by Kale.)

Morgana: No… it can’t be! She has the…

( Gwenevere opens her hand and she is holding the Crystal of Wild Magic.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar, this jewel must be keeping me from changing shape like Fallon and Tamara did!

( Sunstar nods and then jumps.)

Sunstar: Watch out Gwen!

( Sunstar pushes Gwenevere out of the way of one of Kale’s lightning beams.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar, I have to get closer to Kale because my Sun Stone won’t work!

Morgana: Kale! She has the Wild Magic Crystal! You must get it!

( Kale keeps shooting beams, but Gwenevere and Sunstar dodge them.)

Kale: Morgana, she won’t hold still!

Morgana: Well, I can change that.

( Morgana lifts her hands and shoots magic out of them, right at Gwenevere.)

( Sunstar jumps in front of Gwenevere and the magic touches her.)

( Sunstar then freezes in the position she is in, like a statue.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar!

( Gwenevere strokes her but she won’t move.)

Gwenevere: Oh no!

( Morgana freezes Tamara, Fallon, Moondance, and Shadowsong too.)

Gwenevere: Okay. Are you guys looking for a fight?

Kale: Ohh. The little princess has lost her temper.

Gwenevere: You can’t hurt my friends and expect me to do nothing.

Morgana: Kale, watch her.

Gwenevere: You have made me very angry by hurting my friends.

( Gwenevere holds up her Sun Stone.)

Kale: What are you doing Gwenevere? You know your magic can’t work here.

Gwenevere: I am going to rescue my friends even if it destroys me.

( Gwenevere shoots a beam out of her Sun Stone and it hits Kale.)

Kale: AHHH! Morgana!

( Morgana shoots magic at Gwenevere, but she dodges it and shoots Sun magic at Morgana’s magic, making it backfire and hit Morgana.)

Morgana: No! This can’t be! Her magic is supposed to work against her!

Gwenevere: Yes, but have you forgotten… I have the Wild Magic Crystal.

Morgana: No!

( Morgana then fades away.)

Kale: I must get out of here! All this Wild Magic will destroy my Dark Land and everything in it!

( Gwenevere shoots one last beam and it knocks the Dark Stone out of

Kale’s hands and into an open Wild Magic portal.)

Kale: No! I can’t return to Avalon!

( Gwenevere falls down.)

( Then, Sunstar, Fallon, Tamara, Moondance, and Shadowsong all come back to life.)

( Tamara and Fallon turn back into humans.)

Tamara: Gwen! You broke the spell… Gwen?

( Tamara sees Gwenevere laying on the ground.)

Sunstar: Gwenevere!

Fallon: Gwenevere.

Tamara: Oh no! She’s…

( Gwenevere shows no sign of life.)

Fallon: She’s not. Is she?

( Fallon and Tamara kneel down the her.)

( Gwenevere then moves her hand.)

Sunstar: She’s moving! Look!

( Gwenevere then puts her hand into a fist.)

Tamara: She’s alive!

( Tamara and Fallon lift Gwenevere onto Sunstar.)

( They hear a loud blast of thunder.)

Fallon: We must get out of here!

( Fallon climbs onto Moondance, Tamara climbs onto Shadowsong

and Sunstar outspreads her wings.)

( All three unicorns gallop into a portal.)

Kale: No! My Dark Land! My Dark Stone!

( Just as the unicorns gallop into the portal, the Dark Land rocks with earthquakes, breaks with lightning strikes and is destroyed by fire.)


( Back at the crystal palace, Gwenevere is laying in her bed.)

( Queen Anya, Tamara, Fallon and Sunstar are all looking over her.)

( Gwenevere opens her eyes and sees her “Guardians.”)

Queen Anya: Gwenevere? Gwenevere: Mother.

( Gwenevere reaches her hand up.)

( She looks at Fallon, Tamara, and Sunstar.)

Gwenevere: Now, I can be sure that I have loving friends.

( Gwenevere strokes Sunstar and then Tamara and Fallon hold her hands.)


The End

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