Morning Glory – Fairy Magic

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By Morning Glory,

Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders



Jewel Riders ( Girls)Princess Gwenevere Tamara Fallon

Jewel Riders (Animals) Sunstar Moondance Shadowsong

Magical Babies ( Animals) Sugar Cleo Spike

Enemies Kale Morgana Dweasels (??) Rufus Twig

Queen Anya

( One Episode Characters)

Prince ( Ugly Frog or Toad)

Fauna (Fawna) ( Fairy) Blossom ( Fairy)


Episode: Fairy Magic

( Gwenevere walks over with a map from Merlin’s house.)

Tamara: Are we going to try this one?

Gwenevere: Sure, why not?!

( She hands the map to Queen Anya.)

( Queen Anya places it on the projector and it appears on the wall.)

( Fallon sees a symbol.)

Fallon: What’s that?

Gwenevere: Mother, what is that?!

Queen Anya: Hmm… it looks like a symbol for a jewel.

Tamara: Another jewel?

Queen Anya: But I’m not sure.

Fallon: Why don’t we check it out?!

Gwenevere: All right!

( All three of them hold up their jewels.)

( Soon Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara are riding the wild magic.)

Sunstar: Gwen, the magic is getting rough up ahead.

Gwenevere: All right. We’ll use our glider wings.

( Tamara and Fallon hold up their jewels and their glider wings


( Then Gwenevere holds her Sun Stone up and her glider wings appear


Fallon: Look! Up ahead!

( They come to a crossroad in the wild magic.)

Gwenevere: Where’s the strong magic coming from?

Fallon: I’m not sure. I think that two of the portals have strong magic.

Tamara: Should we split up?

Fallon: Princess, it’s your decision.

Gwenevere: If it will help us find a missing jewel!

( Fallon points to a portal.)

Fallon: Moondance and I will take this one.

( Tamara points to the other one.)

Tamara: Shadow and I will take this one.

Gwenevere: Sunstar and I will go with you, Fallon.

Fallon: All right, let’s go!

( Fallon, Moondance, Sunstar, and Gwenevere all jump into a portal.)

( Tamara and Shadowsong jump into the other one.)

( Tamara and Shadowsong appear in the same place, just at different


Tamara: Oh no. Shadow and I must have been separated.

( Tamara walks over to a clover patch.)

( She sees something flash.)

Tamara: What was that?!

( She holds up her Heart Stone.)

( She takes a few steps and realizes no one is there.)

( She puts her Heart Stone down.)

( There is a heavy fog where Gwenevere, Sunstar, Fallon, and

Moondance landed.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar, Are Moondance and Fallon here? I can’t see!

( Sunstar shines her Sun Stone around.)

Sunstar: No, I don’t think they are.

Gwenevere: Sunstar, where are you?

Sunstar: I’m right here.

( Gwenevere feels around and finally feels Sunstar’s mane.)

( She moves back and climbs onto Sunstar’s saddle.)

Gwenevere: Okay, let’s go find them.

( Sunstar slowly walks off, through the heavy fog.)

( Tamara is searching for Shadowsong.)

Tamara: Shadowsong!

( She hears something rustle in the grass.)

Tamara: Who’s there?!

( She starts to reach for her Heart Stone.)

( Then a magical rope wraps around her feet.)

Tamara: AHHH!

( She falls to the ground.)

( Her Heart Stone falls to the ground also.)

( Tamara is laying silently in the grass.)

( Then fairies fly around her.)

Fauna: Look! A human!

Blossom: She’d be a perfect gift for the prince!

Fauna: Then let’s get to work.

( The fairies scatter flower dust all over Tamara.)

( Fallon and Moondance start to journey through the fog.)

Fallon: I can’t see a thing!

( She shines her Moon Stone and it clears a pathway through the fog.)

Moondance: Where’s Sunstar and the princess?

Fallon: I’m not sure. They must have landed in a different area of this


Moondance: Try to keep an eye out for magic.

Fallon: I don’t think I could see it if I tried!

( Tamara awakens to two fairies standing beside her in a flower petal


Tamara: Who are you and what’s this?

Fauna: I’m Fauna, and this is Blossom. We’re fairies.

Tamara: Are you human size fairies?

Blossom: No! Not at all!

Tamara ( Confused): Well then…

( The two fairies hold a mirror in front of her.)

( She sees her reflection as a fairy, complete with a flower petal dress,

and wings.)

Tamara: ( Gasps)

Gwenevere: Sunstar, can you sense any magic?

Sunstar: I can, but not as good as Moondance can.

Gwenevere: Can you tell if Moondance is close?

Sunstar: I can try to call her.

Gwenevere: Okay.

Sunstar: There’s too much Wild Magic.

Gwenevere: All right.

( Sunstar comes to a forest.)

Sunstar: It’s still foggy here.

Gwenevere: I can see a path. Let’s take it.

Sunstar ( Suddenly stopping): What’s that?

Gwenevere: What’s what?

Sunstar: That!

( Gwenevere hears galloping.)

Gwenevere: I don’t know, but we should stand ready.

( She holds up her Sun Stone.)

Gwenevere: By the magic of the Sun Stone!

( Her Jewel Armor appears.)

( Sunstar’s Jewel Armor appears too.)

( Sunstar gallops down the path.)

Fallon: What…?

( She hears galloping.)

Fallon: Moondance, what’s…?

( Sunstar gallops right in front of Moondance and both unicorns rear.)

Gwenevere: Fallon! We were searching all over for you!

Fallon: So were we. This fog is so thick, Moondance and I could

hardly see!

Gwenevere: Well, we’re together again… do you think we could make

this fog go away so we can find the jewel?

Fallon: It’s worth a try, why don’t we?!

( Gwenevere and Fallon both hold up their enchanted jewels.)

Gwenevere: Sun Stone, jewel of the light, lift the fog so our path is

in sight!

Fallon: I add the magic of the Moon Stone…

( The jewels release magical light and the light busts through the fog,

making it disappear.)

Gwenevere: Okay, now I can see you!

( Tamara is adjusting to her fairy form.)

Tamara: I wonder who the prince is… and where is my Heart Stone?

( She gets up.)

Tamara: I wonder if I can sneak past them…

( She looks back and sees them flittering away.)

( Tamara then flutters under a nearby flower.)

Tamara: I don’t think it will be a problem getting away.

( She flutters under the flowers.)

( Shadowsong gallops up a hill and jumps over a bank.)

Shadowsong: Tamara! Tamara!

( He then lights his Heart Stone up.)

Shadowsong: Maybe I can find her Heart Stone, and then I can find


( He then gallops down another hill, out of sight.)

Gwenevere: Fallon, have you picked up any strong magic yet?

Fallon: The magic isn’t very strong, but the strongest is coming from

the way we’re headed.

Sunstar: Gwen, I don’t think there is a jewel here.

Gwenevere: Sunstar says that she can’t sense a jewel here.

Fallon: The magic is getting a little stronger. Let’s go up this bank and

see if there is anything. If not, we’ll head for the portal Tamara went in.

( They walk up the bank.)

Gwenevere: Look!

( They see a tree trunk that is beautifully carved, holding a crystal.)

Fallon: If that is a jewel, it’s not a very powerful one.

Gwenevere: Should we check?

Fallon: It could be a trap.

( Gwenevere climbs off of Sunstar.)

( She walks up to the crystal.)

( She picks it up.)

Gwenevere: Fallon, it feels real…

( The crystal then busts.)

( Small jewel-like pieces fly everywhere.)

Gwenevere: AHHH!

( She falls back, startled, and Sunstar runs behind her just in

time to save her from hitting the ground.)

Fallon: Gwen, look!

( Gwenevere looks up.)

Morgana: Welcome wizards. Merlin is coming soon and we must

flee to the wild magic and prepare. But before Merlin comes, you must

take these charms and destroy them so Merlin can’t get the spells

locked away in them.

Fallon: Gwen, this is an illusion, like the one in Morgana’s lair.

Gwenevere: But what’s it doing way out here in the wild magic?

Fallon: That’s a good question. Do you suppose that some of the

wizards met here?

Gwenevere: Could be. And what are these charms?

( She picks up a few of them.)

Fallon: They look a little like miniature jewels.

Gwenevere: Morgana said there were spells locked in them… should

we take them to the jewel keep?

Fallon: Sounds like a good idea.

Gwenevere: All right. Help me collect them.

( Fallon gets off of Moondance and helps Gwenevere gather the


( Shadowsong gallops on and finds Tamara’s Heart Stone.)

Shadowsong: Tamara!

( He looks around.)

Shadowsong ( Hearing something in the leaves): Tamara?

( Then Tamara flutters out from behind the flowers.)

Tamara: Shadowsong!

( She flitters down to her Heart Stone.)

Tamara: Shadowsong! Can you hear me?

Shadowsong: Tamara… where are you?

Tamara: Down here!

( Shadowsong looks down at Tamara’s Heart Stone.)

Shadowsong: Tamara! What happened to you?

Tamara: We can say mischievous fairies.

Shadowsong: Well, you can’t say that your Heart Stone “fits” you


Tamara: Can you lift it for me?

Shadowsong: Why certainly.

( Shadowsong puts his head down to the ground and gently picks up

Tamara’s Heart Stone, while Tamara flits up to Shadowsong’s


( Shadowsong carefully places the Heart Stone in a saddle bag that is

on his saddle.)

Tamara: Okay, we can go now, slowly.

( Shadowsong starts off.)

(Gwenevere and Fallon gather all the jewels.)

Fallon: Gwen, should we go find Tamara now?

Gwenevere: I guess, if there’s nothing else here.

Fallon: There are a lot of these charms, do you suppose we should

put them in the saddle bags so we don’t drop them?

Gwenevere: Okay.

( Fallon takes some of the charms and places them in a saddle bag that

is on Moondance’s saddle.)

( Gwenevere takes the rest and places them in the saddle bag on

Sunstar’s saddle.)

( Gwenevere and Fallon climb onto their unicorns and hold up their


Gwenevere: By the magic of the Sun Stone!

Fallon: By the magic if the Moon Stone!

( Their jewel armor appears.)

( The jewels glow and shoot beams out.)

( A wild magic portal opens.)

( Sunstar and Moondance gallop into it.)

Gwenevere: Fallon, which portal did she take?

Fallon ( Holding out her Moonstone): That one over there.

Gwenevere: We’ll try to stay together this time.

( Sunstar and Moondance jump into it.)

( They appear in the same place Tamara is in.)

Moondance: Fallon, Shadowsong is that way.

Fallon: Gwen, Moondance says that Shadowsong is that way!

Gwenevere: Okay, let’s go.

( Sunstar and Moondance gallop away.)

( Shadowsong walks into a field of flowers.)

( He sees two little figures with butterfly wings.)

Shadowsong: Tamara, it looks like there are some fairies here.

Fauna: The girl is gone!

Blossom: And the prince is ready!

Fauna: We must find her!

Blossom: Look! There’s a unicorn over there.

( The two fairies start to fly over to Shadowsong.)

Shadowsong: Tamara! Those fairies are coming over here.

Tamara: Those are the two that turned me into a fairy!

Shadowsong: Should we leave?

Tamara: Wait…

( The two fairies flit over to Shadowsong.)

Fauna: There’s the girl!

Blossom: You must come with us!

Tamara: I don’t want to! I am staying with Shadowsong!

Blossom: Well, if it is like that…

Fauna: Yes, he would make a good ” Horse Fly” if you know

what I mean…

Tamara: Run Shadow!

( Shadowsong turns around and gallops away.)

( But Tamara falls off.)

Tamara: Oh no!

( She sees the fairies coming.)

Tamara: Shadow! Shadow!

( The two fairies flutter over to her.)

Fauna: Here you are!

Blossom: We need to get you ready for the ceremony.

( The fairies start to grab onto her arms.)

Tamara ( Struggling): No! Shadow! Come Back!

( Shadow, still thinking Tamara is with him, gallops away.)

( Tamara reaches her hand out and then closes her eyes.)

( The fairies take her away.)

(Sunstar hears galloping.)

Sunstar: Gwen, something’s coming.

Gwenevere: Is it Shadow?

Sunstar: I’m not sure…

( Shadowsong gallops up the hill.)

Gwenevere: Shadowsong! Where’s Tamara?

Shadowsong: She’s with me…

Fallon: Where?

( Shadowsong realizes that Tamara was left behind.)

Shadowsong: She’s gone!

Gwenevere: Where did she go?

Shadowsong: I’m not sure but we must find her, quick!

Gwenevere: Lead the way.

( Shadowsong gallops back down the hill and Sunstar and Moondance


Tamara: Please, I don’t want to go to this prince.

Fauna: Oh but you must!

Blossom: The prince wanted to have a ceremony with a human.

Tamara: Why?

Fauna: I don’t know.

Blossom: He just told us to find one. Luckily you came along.

Fauna: Okay, the ceremony is about to start.

( They flit over, carrying Tamara, to an ugly frog.)

Fauna: This is the prince.

Tamara: A toad!

Blossom: Here is the human.

Prince: Oh, she is such a beautiful fairy. I wanted a human.

Fauna: She is a human. We just turned her into a fairy.

Tamara: Please let me go. I need to find my friends.

Prince: No! I will never let you leave! You will be my bride!

Tamara: No! I can’t marry a frog!

Fauna: Oh but you must! It is the prince’s orders!

Tamara: No!

( She starts to struggle.)

( Then, Shadowsong, Sunstar, and Moondance gallop up to them.)

Shadowsong: Tamara!

Gwenevere ( Looking down): Tamara!

Tamara: Gwen, help!

( Gwenevere climbs off of Sunstar.)

( She pushes the frog away and shoos the two fairies away.)

Gwenevere: Tamara! What happened to you?

Tamara: Those two turned me into a fairy!

( Gwenevere looks at the two fairies.)

Gwenevere: I am the princess of Avalon and I demand that you turn

Tamara back… now!

Fauna: We can’t.

Gwenevere: And why not?

Blossom: All our flower dust is gone.

( Fallon climbs off of Moondance and joins them.)

Gwenevere: You two are very selfish! You have thought about nothing

but yourselves!

Fallon: What about Tamara?!

Fauna: It wasn’t us, it was the prince.

Gwenevere: Prince?

( Fauna points over to the frog.)

Gwenevere: So you are the prince? The prince of what?!

Blossom: He is bigger than all of us, so we obey him.

Fallon: You don’t need to obey him just because he is bigger than you!

Gwenevere: That’s right. He is just a selfish frog.

Prince: You humans dare to insult me?!

( He then grabs a flower and blows the pollen out of it.)

( The pollen surrounds Gwenevere and Fallon.)

( They start to cough and they drop their jewels.)

( They turn into fairies and the pollen dust clears.)

Tamara: Gwen! Fallon!

( She flits over to them.)

Fallon: What happened?

Gwenevere: We’ve turned into fairies!

Prince: Now you know how the fairies feel!

( He hops over to them.)

Prince: You know, none of you look as beautiful as you did before,

and guess what?! I’m starved.

Fallon: Gwen, I think we came at the wrong time…

( They fly away as fast as they can.)

( The prince hops right behind them.)

( He sticks his tongue out and it barely misses Tamara.)

Gwenevere: After this, I think I’ll have a little more respect for a frog!

( Gwenevere and Fallon flutter over to Sunstar and Moondance.)

( When Tamara is almost to Shadowsong, the frog catches her foot

with his tongue.)

Prince: What do you know! I’ve caught me a beautiful breakfast!

Gwenevere: Take it Sunstar!

( Sunstar shoots a blast of magic at the frog.)

( It hits him and Tamara gets loose.)

( Fauna and Blossom then have two flowers and they sprinkle the

pollen on Gwenevere and Fallon.)

( Gwenevere and Fallon then return to normal.)

( They pick up their jewels.)

( Tamara flutters over to Shadowsong and lands on his saddle.)

Gwenevere: Okay, it’s Tamara’s turn.

Blossom: We can’t.

Fauna: There’s no more magical flowers.

Fallon: Then she’ll never be human again?

Blossom: We are very sorry.

( Tamara sits down on Shadowsong’s oversized saddle.)

( She begins to cry.)

Fauna: Being a fairy isn’t that bad.

Tamara: But I want to be a human again!

Blossom: There is one thing.

Gwenevere: What?

Blossom: This.

( She holds out a small jewel.)

Blossom: It may not be big, but it is very powerful.

Fallon: Gwen! That must be the jewel that we detected!

Gwenevere: Can it make Tamara human again?

Blossom: It is a great risk, because it is fairy magic.

Gwenevere: But we must try, for Tamara.

( Blossom gives the jewel to Gwenevere.)

( Tamara flutters down and lands on the ground.)

( Gwenevere holds the jewel up.)

( A white light surrounds Tamara, but nothing happens.)

Tamara: It’s not working Gwen.

Gwenevere: Maybe we should add some jewel power.

Fallon: But it must be gentle.

( Gwenevere holds up her Sun Stone.)

Gwenevere: Sun Stone, for a friend, please help her to turn back to

a human again!

( Fallon holds up her Moon Stone.)

Fallon: Moon Stone, from darkness to dim, help us restore

the human form to our friend.

( Small beams lightly add to the white light around Tamara.)

( Then Tamara starts to grow bigger and then she returns to normal.)

Gwenevere: Tamara!

( She runs over and hugs her.)

Tamara: Than you, Gwen.

( She walks over to Fallon.)

Tamara: Thank you Fallon.

( She gives her a hug.)

( She then walks over and opens Shadowsong’s saddle bag.)

( She pulls her Heart Stone out.)

( She then climbs onto Shadowsong.)

Shadowsong: It’s good to have you back Tamara.

Tamara: I guess this means back in the saddle?

Gwenevere: I guess you’re right!

( She climbs onto Sunstar.)

( Tamara stroke Shadowsong’s neck.)

Gwenevere: Jewel Riders, let’s ride!

( Fallon climbs up onto Moondance.)

( Moondance, Sunstar, and Shadowsong all gallop away.)



The End

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