Morning Glory – Jewel Riders Two Ch. 5

Summary: Gwenevere’s daughter Allura must lead a new generation of Jewel Riders.

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Jewel Riders II


Chapter 5: Paths of Fire




Princess Allura stood outside Theia’s door.  She was concerned for her

friend, because in the past day, she would not come out of her room.  She raised

her hand to knock on the door to request permission to enter, but she drew her

hand away.

“No,” she thought, “she needs time alone.”




Allura stood in the Jewel Keep looking at the projected map which was used

to locate the different areas which held Spirit Stones.  As she moved over the

New Camelot/Crystal Palace area, she saw a strange glow on the map which was

brighter than the two other times that they located Spirit Stones.

Allura’s eyes widened and she stared into the light.

An image of a huge fiery bird came into her sight, soaring high above the

flames.  The giant bird landed and transformed into a beautiful red skinned lady

with fiery hair and a bright red tunic.

“Allura?” a voice asked.

The Princess blinked and fell backwards.

The Queen ran to her daughter’s side.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Allura said rubbing her head, “I was just almost asleep and you

startled me.”

“Did you find anything on the Spirit Stone?”

“It’s in the Travel Tree portal right around the garden,” she answered as

she jumped up and showed Gwenevere the area of where she saw the bright glow.

“You might hurry, the sooner you can get your Spirit Stone, the better off

the kingdom… and Theia will be.”

“You’re right.” answered the Princess.

Allura headed for the door.




Haliae stood at the entrance of the Crystal Palace Garden and bid the

Princess farewell as she mounted Helios.

Allura turned and looked up to Theia’s window, where she was watching.

The Princess smiled and waved, and Theia lifted her hand and gave a small

wave back.

“By the Magic of the Sun Stone!” Allura called as she raised her Sun Stone


The Sun Stone flashed and a silhouette of Allura’s body floated upward and

was covered in ribbons.  Ribbons swirled around her arms to create the chiffon

sleeves of her armor.  Ribbons swirled around her feet to form her shoes, and

they swirled around her torso to form her bikini, and lastly they formed the

knee guards on her knees, shoulder guards on her shoulders, and the cape and

skirt which covered her bikini bottoms.

Magic swirled around Sunstar forming her saddle and attachments around her

saddle, and the bracelet to hold her tail.

Ribbons swirled around Helios as his saddle became equipped with different

utilities, such as jeweled saddlebags, three girths, a breast strap, and his

head with a headstall and a jeweled halter with reins.

“I believe we are ready…” inquired Sunstar.

“Yes, I believe we are.” answered the Princess as she held her Sun Stone

up for the Travel Trees.

“Where do you wish do go Princess Allura?” asked the trees as they


“Please take me to the alternate Crystal Palace area of the wild magic.”

A portal in the center of the Travel Tree ring appeared and Sunstar began

to step through it.

As the unicorns were consumed by the wild magic, Allura looked up and

remembered her promise to Theia.

“When I get the Phoenix Spirit Stone, I’ll bring her back.” she recalled.

Allura’s ride through the wild magic was not rough like the other two

Riders’.  Her ride was calm and peaceful for she had an experienced, champion

Jewel Rider mount.

Helios, on the other hand, was having quite a time, adjusting to the

different speeds he had to fly, and at first he flew past Sunstar, and then was

swept backwards.

“Are you alright Helios?” the winged unicorn asked.

“Uhh… yeah I think.” the boy said as he began to get the gist of riding,

just in time to jump out of the tunnel.




A black panther walked circles around a floating crystal ball and a

shadowed figure.

“You failed once again.” Vesta stated as her face came into sight by the

light of the crystal ball.

“Yes, but I did kill the Moon Stone unicorn.”

“That doesn’t matter.  You did not retrieve the Sapphire Spirit Stone or

the Moon Stone.” said the sorceress as she turned away.

“Ah but wait…” the panther said as he held out his paw, and a blue

crescent moon jewel appeared.

Vesta saw the brilliant light the stone emitted and she turned back.


“That is the first time a Jewel Rider has been killed while still wielding

the jewel.”

“And that means…”

“Well I guess since I have this half of the Moon Stone it now belongs to

me since I defeated a Jewel Rider.”

“But the Moon Stone can only have full power when the two halves are

either joined or are together in one area.”

“This is a small start.  The elf girl was too busy worrying about the

unicorn after it died to realize that its half of the jewel was gone.”

“The Princess is on her way to collect the Phoenix Flame Ruby.  Perhaps

you can get rid of one of her unicorns too?”

“Most certainly… but I do not think this animal is fitting enough.”

“Fine then, I shall find you another dragon since you have halfway


The black panther smiled, and his eyes shone bright red.




“So this is the place?” Allura said aloud, not really looking for an


As she looked around she saw great buildings with pillars and arches in

ruin, and coliseums with missing and crumbled walls.

“Doesn’t look too roomy.” replied Helios as he searched the area.

“The fiery haired lady is here… I saw her in the image.” Allura stated.

“Well then perhaps you are not looking in the right place.” a new voice

filled Allura’s head.

“Did you hear her?” the Princess asked.

“Yeah…” replied Helios, as Sunstar shook her head.

“I didn’t. ” the lady unicorn said.

“Where might the right place be?” asked Helios.

“Here!” said the strange voice again, and before Allura and Helios’ eyes,

the crumbled ruins quickly began to build back up until the whole area looked

brand new.

“Did you see that?!” Helios was startled.

“No.” Sunstar said.  “I haven’t heard or seen anything.”

“Then…” Allura said as she dismounted and patted Sunstar’s nose,

“perhaps this is Helios’ and my test.”

Sunstar nodded as the Princess mounted the boy unicorn.

“Be careful!” she said, “I’ll be waiting around here!”

Allura nodded as she and her mount disappeared.




The two reappeared in the exact same place they disappeared from.  Allura

pointed that Sunstar was still there, but when Helios walked over to her, they

walked right through her.

“We are in a different time, we can let her roam around.” the Princess

said as she smiled.  “I guess you and I get to spend some time alone…” she

joked, but the unicorn blushed.

“As I wish it were true, Allura…” the boy thought. “How wonderful it

would be to be a carefree human.  Perhaps I could be your prince.”

The unicorn boy only smiled.

“I see you have come.” said the fiery haired goddess, as she appeared

before them, stroking a human sized fire bird.

“You are the keeper of the Phoenix Ruby.  We have come to collect it.”

Allura informed.

“Who are you.” the goddess inquired.

“I am Princess Allura of Avalon, and this is Helios, my steed.”

“I am Phoebe, goddess of fire and light.  I am the shining one who

protects all who thrive here in this ancient city of Rome.”

“Rome?” Allura said as she looked around.

“What is that fire bird?” Helios asked, for neither he nor Allura had ever

seen one before.

“He is a phoenix.  My love.”

Allura raised her eyebrow, for she thought it was not possible to fall in

love with an animal.

“How can an animal be your love?” she asked.

“You judge on appearances don’t you Princess.  You must seek to know

What’s inside.”

The phoenix put it’s wings around Phoebe and in a flash, he became a

tall, handsome, red skinned and fiery haired man.

Allura and Helios both gasped, but the goddess assured that everything was


“You must waste no time retrieving the ruby Princess, come with me.”

“What about Helios?” the Princess asked.

“My Phoenix will take him.” answered the goddess.

Allura nodded and dismounted.

“See you soon!” she said to Helios as she kissed him on the forehead,

below his golden horn.

The unicorn blushed once more after the Princess had turned away to follow


When the two women were out of sight, Phoenix walked up to Helios.

“Unfortunately, the Phoenix Ruby was splintered, and it has two halves.

Both are exceptionally powerful because the Ruby is the most powerful of all the

Spirit Stones.  You have a dream in your heart… to become the prince that your

Princess is longing for.”

The unicorn’s eyes widened.

“How… how did you know that?”

“I can see what your heart feels as you carried the Princess here.”

Phoenix replied.

Helios turned away for a moment.

“I… I do have those feelings.” he said as he turned back.  “But as

Allura said, how can an animal be a human’s love?”

Phoenix opened his hand to reveal a red and orange triangular jewel.

“This is how.  There is a tunnel which is split into two parts, one for

you and one for your Princess.  At the end will be both halves of the splintered

Phoenix Ruby, the one on the left being yours.  If you reach your half of the

jewel before her, you can become the prince you wish to be.”

“Are you serious?”

“Completely.” the god said as he closed his hand, and reopened it to show

that the stone had disappeared.  “I will show you to the tunnel.”




Phoebe had just got done explaining the tunnel and the Spirit Stone to


“You must test your stamina in the long tunnel, your ability to use your

jewel, and lastly, your heart.  You are the first of the Jewel Riders to have

their heart tested, for yours must be pure and true for you to be the leader and

to someday be the ruler of your kingdom.”

Allura nodded as Phoebe showed her the way to the tunnel.

“Good luck.” she said as the Princess disappeared into the darkness.

On the other side, shadowed by the trees planted between them, Phoenix bid

Helios good luck as the unicorn started into the tunnel.

As he walked out of sight, Phoebe appeared in Phoenix’s arms as they both

transformed into fire birds and flew away.




Allura used her Sun Stone to light a path through the darkness of the


“I bet this thing trails on forever.” she thought… that must be my test

of stamina.

As she drew closer to some steps, she saw two rotting skeletons on each

side of the stairs.

The Princess quickly turned away and covered her nose and mouth for the

small of rotting bones was rank.

She began to step up the stairs when the skeletons jumped up and stood in

front of her, and right before her eyes, they were covered in flesh and

clothing, completely restored to life!

Allura shrieked as she jumped back out of the way of the swords forming in

the warrior’s hands.

Her heart beat quickly as she caught her breath.

“So you think you’re tough eh?” she dared them. “Come on!  Come and get


The warriors charged and the Princess jumped up and flipped, landing on

the other side.

“BY THE MAGIC OF THE SUN STONE!” she called as the Sun Stone sent out

streams of flame and sunlight, burning the warriors back into lifeless


Allura went back and stomped out a small flame which was kindled on the

arm bone of one of the skeletons when it’s bony hand snatched her ankle.

“WHAT??” the Princess gasped as the skeletons began to reform as they did


“Perhaps this is my test of stamina.” she thought as she grasped the

warrior clinching her ankle by the waist and flipped him over into the other

skeleton, causing them to crumble again.

“I’ve gotta get out of here before they pull themselves together!” she

said as she ran up the stairs and out of sight.

When she just thought that she was through with her troubles for a moment,

she ran through a magical sensor which triggered flames to sprout up in front of


The Princess skidded to a stop before falling into the roaring flames.

“I have no idea what to do here, but I’ll give it a shot.” she said as she

caught her breath.

She held her jewel into the air and called on its power again.

“By the magic of the Sun Stone, help me pass these flames.”

Orange magic poured over her and outlined her body.

“I hope this works, otherwise I’ll be burnt toast.” she though as she

closed her eyes.

The Princess stepped into the fire, and walked out the other side of the

raging flame.  After she had exited the burning heat, the protective shield the

Sun Stone provided melted away.

“Now all I have to do is pass the last part of the test.” she said as she

ran off down the tunnel.




Helios’ tests were the exact same as Allura’s.

The unicorn came to some steps with crumbled skeletons, and they also

reformed into strong warriors like the ones Allura fought, eventually, Helios

outran them and triggered the flames, waiting for them there.  When the warriors

came upon him, he simply jumped over the flames and the warriors fell, and

Helios made his way down the tunnel before they reformed.

He soon came to the Phoenix Flame Ruby, which was split into two pieces

like Phoenix had told him, floating above a stone pedestal.  Allura was nowhere

in sight, so he touched his half of the stone with his horn.

“By the magic of the Ruby Spirit Stone.” he whispered to himself.

Magic spiraled up his horn and all around him.  as it closed in on him, he





Allura managed to remain running all the rest of the way down the

labyrinth, and she finally reached the pedestal, and as she neared it, she saw

someone lying on the ground.

The Princess gasped and ran up to the pedestal and kneeled down.

The stranger was a boy, about her age or older, with long white hair with

blue highlights tied back in a ponytail.  He wore pants but no shirt, and he had

a very muscular build.

Allura began to blush, for she had never seen such a handsome young man.

She put her hand to his chest to check for his heartbeat, which was not


“No!” she said aloud, and her eyes sparkled with tears.

She wiped them away and tried to figure out why she was crying over a

total stranger.

The Princess remembered about the Ruby’s powers to revive others.

She stood up and grabbed the red-orange stone hovering above the stone


“Now say, by the magic of the Ruby Spirit Stone!” Phoebe’s voice filled

her head.

Allura wiped away tears and held the stone high.


In a flash of fire, a shadow of Allura spun around and she jumped behind

the fire.  She looked up as she Sun Stone and the Ruby Spirit Stone fused

together and it emitted a red light which instantly made the Princess’ skin a

light red shade.  The chiffon around her arms burst back into ribbons and formed

a long dark red glove on her left arm.  Her ballet-type shoes and knee guards

burst into ribbons and formed long dark red boots with swirls of gold on her

legs.  Her shoulder guards and bikini top burst into ribbons and reformed a dark

red bikini top, while her cape/skirt and bikini bottoms reformed a dark red

bikini bottom.  Her hair ignited to turn into flowing fire, as a pair of red

tinted angel wings carried her back to the tunnel in a spout of flames.

The Fire Goddess’ spirit emerged from the flames and looked upon the

lifeless young man.

She held up the Sun Stone and called out to the Phoenix’s powers:

“Ruby Flames Revive!”

Warm sunlight poured everywhere, lighting the whole labyrinth with a

blinding golden light.

As the light died down, the still young man’s hand flinched, and the

goddess spirit kneeled down and took his hand in hers.

She blinked her glowing orange eyes, and the transformation blew away in

tiny sparkles of magic like sand blowing in the wind on a beach.

Allura opened her eyes and saw the boy opening his eyes and sitting up.

A smile crossed her lips and she fainted into the young man’s waiting





The boy’s sky blue eyes sparkled as he saw the jewel rider in his arms.

He gently laid her down and he touched his forehead, where a strange golden mark

was.  He looked at his hands, and he pulled the end of his ponytail around so

that he could see it.

“I’m a prince!” a familiar unicorn’s voice said aloud as the boy talked.

He took his Princess in his arms again and stood up carrying her.  As he

started back toward the direction of the entrance of the tunnel, the Princess

began to wake.

As she awoke, the two gazed deep into each other’s eyes for a moment.

“Oh, excuse me,” the boy blushed as he sat the Princess down.

Allura smiled for a moment, and then remembered something.

“Helios!  Where is he?”

The boy began to say “I’m here,” but he drew back.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he will be fine.” he said instead.

“I have to find him… I… I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” the young man said gently, and began to walk away.

“No, wait!  Please tell me your name!” Allura said to him.

The prince turned around.

“My… name?”

Allura nodded.

“My name is…”

He though for a moment and remembered how his mother would tell him and

his sister stories of the golden winged unicorns which carried the sun god


“My name is Apollo.” he finally said.

The Princess smiled.

“My name is Allura.” she told him.

Apollo nodded and kissed the Princess’ hand, and then he turned to leave.

Allura watched him disappear the other way, back toward the pedestal, and

then fire began to form around her, and she disappeared.




Apollo stopped and looked down at the ground.

“Maybe I should have told her I was Helios…” he thought.

He reached in his pocket and took out his half of the Sun Stone, which had

the Phoenix Ruby attached.

He held it up and pulled the two fused jewels apart, so that they were

separate stones again.

His body formed back into that of the winged unicorn.

As soon as he had time to fix the kink in his longer neck, he was swept up

by flames and disappeared.




Both Allura and Helios appeared at the crumbled city where they had first

come.  As they looked at each other, then out to find Sunstar, they saw that the

winged unicorn was fighting a huge Black Dragon.

“Wait a second!  That’s the Black Dragon we fought before!” Allura cried.

Sunstar was actually holding off pretty well with her Sun Stone, but she

could not drive the beast away.

“Sunstar!” Allura called, “Bring him over here!”

The unicorn ducked to the ground and rolled over to get out of the way of

the dragon’s feet.

Allura held up her Sun Stone and the Phoenix Flame Ruby.


Like before, the fire surrounded her, turning her skin light red, and the

ribbons from her normal jewel armor formed the Spirit Stone jewel armor.  Wings

unfolded from her back as she flew up to get the Sun Stone and Ruby Stone which

had fused together.

The fire goddess’ spirit came down and touched the ground, holding the Sun

Stone before her.

“Stand back.” commanded Allura’s voice with a thundering boom.

The Black Dragon only charged at the spirit, and she and the two winged

unicorns jumped into the air and flew high above him.

“Princess, fire can only heal this creature!” Sunstar said as the phoenix

goddess shot fire from the Sun Stone at the dragon.

“Then we’ll probably have to resort to reverse measures… a fire based

stone can do the exact opposite when you can harness its power correctly.”

The winged unicorn blinked with an amazed look on her face.

“Wonder how she knows that?!” she thought to herself, somewhat proud of

the Princess.

Flapping her wings furiously, the goddess spirit held up the Sun Stone and

held up the other hand.

“Crystal Frozen Wind!” she shouted, as a chilling wind played with her

fiery hair, sending hundreds of pieces of sharp magical ice at the dragon.

As she twirled her hands around in front of her, commanding the ice

crystals, her wings spread straight out and suddenly began to deteriorate.

She frantically looked around and saw her skin and armor changing back to


After a quick fiery flash, the Princess plummeted towards the ground.

“ALLURA!” cried Helios as he dove down.

The winged unicorn sped faster and faster each time the Princess screamed.

He quickly folded his wings to his sides and swooped under her, breaking a

hard fall.

Allura clung to his back, breathing hard and hurting, for it definitely

knocked the wind out of her.

“Allura…Allura!” Sunstar flew down and landed beside Helios.

Allura opened her eyes and shook her head.

“I don’t think I want to do that again.” she stated as she caught her

breath, “But now, we have a dragon to slay.”

“No Allura, you wait here, we’ll take care of the rest.” Helios said.

“He’s already stunned by the Ice Storm you made.”

“Ice Storm?” the Princess was quick to question.

“You mean you don’t remember?” asked Sunstar.

“Not a bit, I just remember falling through the air and Helios catching


Sunstar and Helios looked at each other with puzzled faces, and then

looked to the sky to find their target.

The dragon was nowhere in sight.

“He must’ve retreated.” the Princess said.




It wasn’t a long trip home for the three tired Jewel Riders, for the

castle was right in front of the Travel Tree ring that they came from.

They arrived at night time, and Allura looked up to see that Theia had

some candles lit in her room.




After unsaddling the unicorns and putting them to bed, the Princess headed

toward the room of the lonely Moon Stone rider.

She lifted her hand to knock, but then drew away when she held out the

Ruby Stone.

“By the magic of the Ruby Spirit Stone.” she whispered.




Theia heard a soft knock at her door.

Unaware of who it could be, she opened the door slightly and saw a

beautiful young light red skinned woman with fiery hair and a pair of feathery


“A…Allura?” she asked.

“I am the spirit of Phoebe.”

“Oh, of course.” Theia smiled as she let the goddess in.

Theia showed the red skinned lady to the room where the unicorn lay still,

it looked almost as if she were just asleep.

“Selene.” she whispered.

The phoenix goddess kneeled down and placed one hand on the unicorn’s

neck, and the other grasped the Sun Stone with the Phoenix Ruby infused.

“Ruby Flames Revive,” she said softly, and the Ruby Stone lit up and

covered the unicorn with a warm golden sunlight glow.

As the glow dimmed and finally disappeared, the unicorn’s eyes fluttered


“Selene!” Theia jumped up and wrapped her arms around the unicorn’s neck

with tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Theia?” she said as she raised her head.

The fire goddess spirit smiled and then her transformation blew away,

leaving the normal Allura in its place.

Allura was still coherent, but she fell backwards, and Theia caught her.

“Allura?  Are you okay?!” she asked.

“I’ll be fine, please, just take me to my room…” the Princess trailed

off as she fainted.

Theia nodded.

“Of course.” she replied with a smile.




Later on that night, Allura awoke in her room, in her bed.

She calmly looked around as the moonlight shone through her window.

She caught glimpse of a small piece of paper slid halfway under her door.

“What could that be?” she thought to herself as she pushed the covers down

and stepped out of her bed, and picked up the note.

Her eyes skimmed through it reading:




Please meet me at the fountain in the garden tonight.




*Love and friendship are found in unusual places.*




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