Morning Glory – Jewel Riders Two Ch. 6

Summary: Gwenevere’s daughter Allura must lead a new generation of Jewel Riders.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Jewel Riders II


Chapter 6: An Evening to Remember






Please meet me at the fountain in the garden tonight.


Allura was surprised and she dropped the letter.  At first she thought

that someone was out to get her, but then she realized that it might be someone

who needed to tell her something very important.

The Princess grabbed a sun dress from her closet and she quickly changed

into it.




A man�s hand brushed away some white hair from his shoulder.  His bright

blue eyes sparkled as he looked to the timepiece which calculated what time it

was by the sun and moon light.

�Perhaps she didn�t wake up?� the young man thought.

He shook his head.




A delicate tanned hand grasped onto a pillar holding up the doorway toward

the royal garden as a curious Princess peeked around.

Allura�s eyes searched for someone, and all she could see was a shadow

lurking around the water fountain.

�That must be the messenger.� she thought as she hid back behind her





The young man heard a noise and he jumped, and when he realized that no

one was there (or so he thought), he blushed, for he realized that he was

actually nervous.

�Maybe I should just give up, she thinks she left me far away in the wild

magic somewhere.� he thought.




Allura saw the shadow pacing about the water fountain.

She took a deep breath and flew out from her hiding place.  She calmly

walked over to the fountain behind who she could tell was a young man.

�Okay I�m here… what is it you need me for?�

The young man spun around, for he was too busy looking at the ground to

notice the Princess strolling up.

�P…Princess!� he almost fell over.

Allura gazed into his eyes and remembered that she had seen them before.

Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open.



�I didn�t think I would see you again!  How did you get here?�

The Prince was hesitant to tell.

Allura sat down on the marble bench which went all the way around the

fountain pool.

�What�s wrong?� she asked.

Apollo turned back to her.

�It�s nothing… it was just hard getting back here.�

�Oh I see.� Allura replied and smiled as the Prince sat beside her.

Together, the couple sat and looked at the stars, twinkling high above


The Princess turned to the young man.

�Have you ever made a wish on a star, Apollo?�

The Prince looked into the Princess� eyes.

�I have… I guess.�

�What did you wish for?�

�Well… just little things.� he said as he looked up at a star that

reminded him of the one on Allura�s forehead.

�Oh that�s nice…� she began to trail off.

Apollo noticed this and saw her begin to drop her head.

� I wanted to tell you that Sunday night there will be a dance…� Allura

said aloud, but her speech slowed and the Prince could tell that the young

Princess was growing tired.

�Perhaps I will meet you there.� he answered as he caught the Princess

from falling over.




Sunlight reflected off of a familiar sun shaped enchanted jewel as the

Princess opened her eyes.

�Apollo?� she asked quietly, and when she was awake enough to be aware of

her surroundings, she found that she was back in her room, covered warmly in her


She blinked and stepped out of her bed, pushing the covers from her.




Helios approached Sunstar who was grazing in the special field set off for

the Jewel Riders� unicorns.

�Mother, I have to go out to town for a while.�

Sunstar held her head up and gave her son a puzzled look.

�What do you mean?�

�I have to go to town… to pick up something…�

Sunstar raised an eyebrow.

�To pick up something for the…princess.� he replied.

The female winged unicorn rolled her eyes jokingly and then smiled.

�Fine go ahead, but do you have any gold?�

�Um…. no.�

His mother shook her head and laughed.

�Well I have some extra gold that I have kept for a while… I can go and

get it for you.�

Sunstar trotted over to the garden where there was a gazebo covered in

morning glories all blooming bright.

She reached her head behind a patch of the flower vines and pulled out a

money pouch.

Helios followed her over and she tossed the pouch to him for him to catch

it in his mouth.

�Now just spend it wisely is all I ask.� Sunstar replied as Helios wore as

big of a smile as a unicorn could.




Apollo walked through the town to do his best to find a tailor.

The young Prince wore only a pair of silk-like pants and boots… and many

of the young maidens turned their heads to see such a handsome young man.

The coin pouch hung from his neck on a piece of leather that he had strung

through on of the knots.

As he passed the town water well, he saw a cute little young maiden who

he guessed to be about the age of 10, so he leaned down and smiled.

�Excuse me, do you know where the Tailor shop is?�

The young girl smiled and pointed to a road leading to a very nice looking


�What might your name be little one?�

The little girl turned around, and then turned back.

�Lacey… what�s yours?�

The Prince paused for a moment before he replied.

�My name is Apollo.  Thank you, Lacey.� he said and kissed the young

girl�s hand.

As he walked away the little maiden blushed and ran after the young man.




Apollo soon entered the Tailor shop and went to the counter.

�Um… excuse me, can you please make me a suit for Sunday night�s dance?�

The tailor looked up from reading a book of measurements and designs.

�Of course…� said the skinny man looking through his small wire rim

glasses and chewing on a pen.

The tailor walked out from behind his counter and drug a long tape measure

behind him.

He spun quickly around Apollo and paused to write down numerous


The Prince watched him spin and he worked so fast that his eyes began to


�All done with the measurements.� the tailor replied, �I should have the

suit done by Sunday morning… please pay then.

Apollo smiled dizzily and walked out of the shop, right past the little

girl who had given him the directions.

The little girl�s eyebrows lowered and she quietly chased after him.




The Prince arrived at the Crystal Palace.

He snuck back to the garden and pulled a pendant with the combined Sun

Stone and the Phoenix Ruby attached from out of his pocket.

Holding the pendant up with his right hand, he quickly slipped the pendant

around his neck and his body began to reform back into the winged unicorn.

When his transformation was complete, he looked around to assure that no

one had come to see him… and no one had… until he double checked to the left

where the topiary was sculpted.

His eyes widened as he saw Lacey, the little girl from which he had got

directions crouched down peeking at him from behind the shrub shaped as a


�You…� the unicorn gawked.

His Sun Stone sparkled and he transformed back into Apollo.

�Why did you follow me here?� he calmly asked the little girl.

�I… I wanted to be friends…� Lacey talked so softly she almost


�I�ll be your friend… but now you know my secret.� he said, �Will you

promise me you won�t tell ANYONE?�

Lacey began to nod, but then she stopped.

�I will only if you take me to the dance on Sunday.�

Apollo fell backwards and then jumped back up again.

�Take you to the dance??!!�

The little girl nodded.

�But I… I already have a date!�

She shook her head.

The prince sighed.

�Tell you what… how about I take both of you to the dance, I�m sure the

girl I�m taking won�t mind if I have one dance with you… is that fair enough?�

The little girl lowered her head.

Apollo kneeled down and tipped up her chin.

�Please?� he said with a gorgeous smile.

This time Lacey couldn�t say no… so she smiled and nodded.

�That�s a good little maiden… now, hurry back to your house, and I will

meet you at the Crystal Palace gates fifteen minutes before 9:00.�

The little girl�s face lit up and she ran out, and Apollo followed her to

the gates to make sure she wouldn�t stay which he transformed again.




A tired Helios stumbled into the Palace, where his apples and grain were

waiting for him in the main dining room, where the other unicorns and people

were eating.

Along the long table, his eyes strayed over to the Princess who was

smiling and talking to one of Lord Simon�s cute sons.

The unicorn�s heart sank… Allura looked so happy talking to the young

man.  He suddenly felt a little sick and decided to leave the dining hall

quietly, to go up to his stall next to Allura�s room.




Later on in the evening, after the dining and socializing was over, the

Princess came upstairs to her room, where she found the winged unicorn asleep.

She smiled and quietly and walked into her closet/dressing room, coming

out a few minutes later in a pink nightgown.

She fell back on her bed and sighed, thinking about the dance and if

Apollo was going to show up.

The unicorn heard and perked up his ears.

�Good evening…� he said quietly as he began to stand up and shake

himself off.

�Oh Helios!� Allura said…

The unicorn boy�s ears perked up.

�Can I tell you a secret?  I think I can trust you…�

The boy raised and eyebrow and then nodded, signaling for the Princess to

go on.

�Anyway… I think my friend Lord Christopher likes me!  He was trying to

flirt with me all night at the dinner table, and I�m sure he is going to try to

ask me to dance at the dance.�

�Well, do you like him?� Helios asked, as his heart and voice quivered.

The Princess stopped and sat up and looked toward the unicorn.


The pauses in between Allura�s words were almost like knives stabbing at

Helios� heart… he bit his bottom lip.

�No I don�t really like him, because we have known each other too long….

besides… there might be someone else…�

The unicorn blinked and noticed how hard he was biting his lip… he

quickly  flinched and removed his teeth.

�Someone else?�

�You weren�t there were you!  Yesterday I met this boy in the labyrinth…

he was so sweet… and…�

�And…??� Helios thought to himself waiting for the Princess to finish.

�Oh nothing!� she giggled.

�So you like him??�


The pause struck Helios again.

�Maybe a little…�

A smile crossed the unicorn�s lips and he laid back down.

�But I do wonder if he is going to show up at the dance Sunday…� Allura

trailed off and laid her head back down on her pillow.

Helios� eyes widened.

�I didn�t tell her I would be there for sure… and when I take that

little girl what will she think then!!� he thought and his heart raged wildly.

�I�m sure he will show up… It would be very impolite to… uh… �

�I never heard him say that he would be there…� Allura began to worry.

�I�m sure he knows about it if you brought it up.  Don�t worry I am almost

positive he will show up…�

Helios caught himself, and Allura turned to him again.

�How are you so sure?� she asked.

�Because… because I know that if you mentioned a dance to any boy in the

kingdom, he would most likely show up to dance with you.� the unicorn tried to

make up a lame excuse.

The Princess, being kind of ditzy anyway, happily bought it without any

more questions.

A smile crossed her lips and she pulled the covers of her bed up.

�Thanks Helios, you are a great friend.� she said as she closed her eyes

and quietly nodded off.

�Good night Allura.� Helios said as he laid his head back down and closed

his eyes.




The next few days seemed to fly by for both Allura and Helios.

The Princess spent most of the time with Theia and Haliae, trying to set

them up with some cute lords who were sons of her mother�s friends.

Helios spent most of his time wondering how he would work in meeting the

Princess and getting rid of the little maiden who he seems to owe.




On Sunday morning, Allura rolled over and woke herself up to streams of

sunshine, and she looked into the unicorn�s stable and found that he was already


Judging by the position of the sun, she found that she had overslept BIG


She jumped out of bed, tripping herself on the mass of covers wrapped

around her feet and when she picked herself up, she ran out of her room, still

dragging a sheet behind her.




Someone else was nervous about the big dance Sunday night also.

Helios circled in his stable wondering how he would explain the little

girl to the princess… and he was hoping that she wouldn�t be upset!

After he watched the Princess run in and out of the room grabbing

hairpins, and throwing the same ones back on her dresser with a vanity type


He finally realized that he had better trek to the tailor�s shop to

retrieve his… or Apollo�s suit.



The handsome, muscular prince figure went once again to the town… and

this time he didn�t have to stop at the well where all the young maidens stopped

to draw water.

He went straight to the Tailor�s shop and went right in.  The tailor

gladly handed him the suit, in exchange for ten of the fifteen gold pieces in

the prince�s leather bag.

Apollo happily nodded his head and placed the leather pouch back around

his neck and carried the suit out.




Later that evening, Allura sat in front of her mirror, patiently waiting

as Theia and Haliae curled and fixed her hair.

After many different hairdos… she finally liked the one where they

gathered her hair in a high pony tail and left two curled strands of hair on

each side.

She carefully put her golden sparkling earrings on and Haliae did the

honors of adjusting her necklace… and when they were done with the makeup,

Allura looked like the stunningly beautiful Princess of Avalon turning 18.

�That makeup really makes you look older!� Theia replied with a wink.

�You are going aren�t you??� Allura asked her friends.

�Of course!� Haliae answered.  �So who is this hot guy that you were

meeting up with?�

Allura blushed.

�Um well… I don�t know if he�s really going to be there or not.�

Haliae and Theia�s chins almost hit the floor.

�Didn�t he say he would meet you there???� they both screamed in shock.

�Kind of…� the Princess replied.

�I�m sure he will be there Allura.� Haliae comforted as Allura looked


�I hope so.� she replied as her eyes sparkled with tears she was holding





The clock in the courtyard ticked and it reminded Apollo that he needed to

go and pick up his first �date� at the front of the Crystal Palace gates.

Sure enough, no sooner than he got there, Lacey walked quietly and

gracefully up, with a pink dress and her hair done in curls and bows.

Apollo leaned down and took her hand and gently kissed it (she was still a

lady and she was still his �date�).  He then escorted the young girl to the





As beautiful music was played by a string orchestra, couples twirled

around each other and young lady�s frilly dresses spun around everywhere.

The young lady showed Apollo where she wanted to dance.

The Prince scanned the area for his other date, Princess Allura, and he

saw her entering through the royal hallway.

�I gotta get this one dance over with!� he thought to himself.

He joined hands with Lacey and they spun out onto the dance floor.




Meanwhile, Allura was looking for her date.  She looked everywhere and

finally she found him in the middle of the dance floor, dancing with someone…

she could not see who he was dancing with because as soon as she spotted her

Prince, they twirled off again to the fast music.

�Theia, Haliae!  I found him… but he�s dancing with someone!�

Theia and Haliae, both also decked out in fancy dresses with sparkling

jewelry and elegant hairdos both looked forward to see Apollo… and as he moved

out from behind another couple they saw that he was dancing with… a little


�A LITTLE GIRL???!!!� they both screamed, shocked once again.

Allura�s first reaction was to look up.  Her eyes widened as she saw they

dancing across the floor.

�He must go for REALLY young women…� Theia whispered to Haliae.

�But look how old he is… he looks about eighteen… there�s no way.�

Haliae replied back.

Theia shrugged her shoulders, she hardly believed it either.

Allura found a seat and as she sat she looked at the ground.

�How embarrassing…� she thought to herself.  �When he tells me that he

might show up, he shows up with a little girl…�

She saw them flash by once again… and she noticed a wide smile on the

little girl�s face, but only a grim smile on Apollo�s.

�Well, if she was older they would make a cute couple.� she thought.

She got up and ran outside, to the courtyard.




The sting orchestra played the last line of the song and ended on a

melodic chord.

Apollo swung Lacey up onto his shoulder so he could keep track of her as

he went to take a seat.

He pulled two over and sat in on and sat the young maiden in the other.

�There�s something I need to tell you now…�

The little girl�s eyes sparkled.

�I really liked dancing with you and you are a great friend, but…�

�I know… you need to find your other date.�

The Prince nodded.

�Your secret is safe with me Apollo… I won�t tell anyone… and if you

don�t want, you don�t have to dance with me anymore…�

�No, it�s not that…�

Lacey smiled.

�I know, but we�re friends now so I should keep the secret without any

favors.  I only wanted to dance with you because…�


�Just because!� she spun around with the childish reply.

�Well I�m glad you�re happy.�

The little girl nodded and gave Apollo a big hug.

�Maybe we�ll see each other again, Apollo.�

At first, the Prince was surprised, but then he gently returned the hug.




Theia and Haliae, who were keeping a close eye on the prince, saw this and

they began to suspect something.




The Prince gently took Lacey�s arms away.

�I�ll miss you!� said the young maiden and Apollo saw that she made it out

the door and back to the town.

As he turned around, a hand came flying out of nowhere and smacked his

face, HARD.

The prince�s eyes blinked and followed the hand back to the owner.

�How dare you go and do something like that!� Theia ranted as she drew her

hand back… it began to throb but she bit her lip.

�You are very inconsiderate of other�s feelings!� Haliae added… �You

should be ashamed of yourself, you just earned the worst position in the


�You don�t understand!� Apollo said as he rubbed his cheek which began to

turn rosy red.

�What do you mean?� Haliae and Theia chorused.

�That little girl was the one who wanted to dance, not me.  She found out

a secret of mine and the only way she would promise to keep it is if I let her

have one dance… PLEASE understand there is nothing between me and little


The Tree Nymph and the Lady put two and two together and figured it out.

�So you were going to find the Princess though… weren�t you?� Theia

replied, just making sure.

�Of course.� Apollo smiled.

�She went outside to get some air I think… check for her in the

courtyard.� Haliae pointed him toward the door they saw Allura go through last.

�Thank you.� the prince replied as he made his way to the door.




Outside in the courtyard garden, the stars were shining bright and the

magical flowers which only bloomed by moonlight were starting to unfold.

Allura sat on one of the stone carved benches in between the flowerbeds,

staring at the ground.

She was not crying, but she was still a little upset about what she saw.

Was that what her prince was like?

�NO!� Allura said aloud and shook her head.

�Maybe it�s just his little sister or his mother�s friend�s child…

or…� she thought to herself and stopped just as she heard a familiar masculine



The Princess looked up.

�Oh.� she said softly.

�Allura, I can explain about that.�

�Really.� she said as she turned away.

�Please understand this.  That little girl means nothing more than a

friend to me… she gave me directions to the Tailor�s shop so that I could get

this suit.  And she followed me and she found out a secret of mine that I had

been keeping for a long time.�

�A secret?� Allura said as she scooted over and let the prince sit down.

�The secret is not important.� he said as he started to blush.  �What is

important is that I really care for you as a friend… and…�

�Do you really mean that…�

�Of course I do!�

Allura giggled.

�So, go on…�

�Well that was really all I was going to say… but I can think of

something else…�

�No that�s alright, I know what you mean.�

A smile crossed her lips and she wrapped her arms around Apollo.

�And you know I feel the same way.� she replied.




As the couple re-entered, and the melodic music played.  They looked into

each other�s eyes and then the Prince took the Princess� hand and they walked

out to the dance floor.

The song was slow and the two moved very gracefully, and their moves were

synchronized, as if they had been planned for years.

Haliae and Theia saw them and they both looked at each other and smiled.

�How I envy her sometimes!� Haliae said quietly.

Theia giggled.

�He�s really hot!� she said.

�I know!� Haliae replied with a smile.



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