Morning Glory – Sierra Leone

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Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders



Jewel Riders ( Girls) Princess Gwenevere Fallon Tamara

Jewel Riders (Animals)Sunstar Moondance

Magical Babies Sugar Cleo Spike


Enemies Kale Dweasels Rufus Twig

Mist (Sierra Leone (Lee-own) or Mountain Lion)

Gliders:Nubbin, Floater, & Drifter


Episode Title: Sierra Leone

( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara are in the Jewel Keep.)

( Gwenevere picks up the saddle bag containing the spell charms.)

Gwenevere: Remember these?

Fallon: Yes. They gave us some trouble if I do remember.

Tamara: What are they?

Gwenevere: They’re some kind of Spell Charms. That’s what Morgana said. They don’t seem to work.

Tamara: As in cast the spells?

Gwenevere: Yes.

Tamara: Maybe Morgana used some kind of secret code to make

them work!

Fallon: Are you going to try to find the code?

Tamara: Good idea.

( Tamara holds up her Heart Stone.)

Tamara: With magic and music let us find a code!

( The Heart Stone shines on one of the Spell Charms.)

( Then an image appears on the wall.)

Fallon: Look!

( Gwenevere walks over to it.)

Gwenevere: These symbols are strange, they look like ancient


Tamara: What does it say?

Gwenevere: It must be in some other language.

Fallon: These charms can be very important if we find out how

to use them.

(Gwenevere looks at it again.)

Gwenevere: Wait! I can read this! It says “Sierra Mist.”

Fallon: Sierra Mist?

Tamara: Isn’t that the unicorn queen?

Gwenevere: Not quite. Sierra means mountain in another

language. I didn’t think of that!

Fallon: If some one didn’t know that, they wouldn’t be able to

have the code!

Tamara: So Morgana used a mixture of languages to make the


( The image changes.)

Fallon: Gwen!

Gwenevere: I see it! That says “See the Sierra Leone to break the


Tamara: What does that mean?

Gwenevere: A Sierra Leone is a mountain lion! That part is in

another language also.

Fallon: So if we see a mountain lion we can break a spell?

Gwenevere: I think that we must see a certain mountain lion.

Tamara: Do you think that these spell charms’ magic are gone and

the magic was cast upon something?

Fallon: Yes! Morgana said that the wizards must destroy the charms,

but instead, they cast the spells on other things to get rid of the magic!

Gwenevere: That sounds like something Morgana would do.

Tamara: If the mountain lion has a spell on it, it could be hurt or in

great danger!

Gwenevere: But we don’t know where to look!

Fallon: Maybe the gliders will know!

Gwenevere: We can see if they do!

Tamara: Okay, I’ll take this spell charm with us, just in case.

Gwenevere: Jewel Riders, let’s ride!

( Rufus and Twig quickly scamper out the jewel keep door.)

( Kale is sitting in her “Thorn throne” at Castle Thornwoods.)

( She is listening to her Dark stone.)

Rufus: Oh witchy witch! The jewel riders!

Kale: Where are they?

Twig: They’re going to get some kind of Sea Sara something.

Kale: They’re getting what?

Rufus: No, No, No Twig! They’re getting a Sierra Leone, or whatever

that thng was.

Kale: A Sierra Leone. I read one of my sister’s scrolls of different

languages one time. I think a Sierra Leone is a mountain lion!

Rufus: Witchy one! What about us?

Kale: Get back to the castle! We’re leaving!

(In the Wild Magic, Gwenevere rides on Sunstar, Fallon rides on Moondance and Tamara flies behind with the three babies.)

( Archie flies with Tamara.)

( Then the gliders fly around them.)

( Archie hides behind Sugar and Spike.)

Nubbin: Where do you want to go today?

Tamara: We want to go to a mountain.

Floater: Mountain?

Fallon: Can you take us to one? You may also know it as Sierra.

Nubbin: Sierra… Sierra Mist?

Gwenevere: Yes!

( Drifter flies over to Sugar and Spike and pulls Archie out of


Drifter: Archie!

( Drifter flies around Archie.)

Archie: Stop! Stop!

Nubbin: Sierra Mist is in that portal.

( Nubbin points to a portal.)

Gwenevere: Okay. Gliders we’ve got it from here.

( Gwenevere starts to tell Sunstar to jump in.)

( Archie flaps over to her and stops her.)

Archie: Remember, the portal may open in midair.

Fallon: Okay.

( Fallon holds up her Moon Stone and Moondance grows temporary wings.)

Gwenevere: Tamara, what about you?

( Tamara holds up her Heart Stone and her Magic Glider Wings


( She holds on to Spike and Cleo.)

( Sunstar, Moondance, Sugar, Archie, and Tamara all jump into the


( They appear in midair, as suspected.)

( Sunstar flaps down to the ground and lands in snow.)

( Moondance lands in snow and her wings disappear.)

( Tamara’s wings disappear.)

Gwenevere: Tamara!

Cleo: Tamara! I’m going to fall!

Tamara: Just hold on!

( Spike starts to move.)

Spike: Ohh!

Tamara: Spike! Hold still!

( Cleo then starts to struggle.)

Cleo: I can’t hold on!

( Cleo then starts to slip out of Tamara’s hands.)

Tamara: Cleo!

( She reaches to grab her and when she does, Spike falls out of her hands.)

Tamara: Oh no! Spike!

( Tamara then falls faster.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar! Can you get Tamara?

( Sunstar tries to move.)

Sunstar: My feet are stuck in the snow! It froze around my hooves!

( Spike is almost ready to hit the ground.)

( Moondance then jumps up and Fallon catches Spike.)

( Tamara holds onto Cleo and then holds onto her Heart Stone.)

( A bubble-like shield forms around them and Tamara and Cleo

hit the ground.)

( Gwenevere gets off of Sunstar and shines her Sun Stone so that

the snow would thaw around her hooves.)

( Spike jumps down from Fallon’s arms and scampers over to


Spike: Tamara?

( Tamara and Cleo lay silent.)

( Gwenevere and Sunstar run up to them.)

( Fallon gently lifts Tamara’s hand.)

Gwenevere: She’s not… she can’t be…

Fallon: No. She’s not. Her hand is still warm and she still has a pulse.

Sugar: What about Cleo?

Fallon: Cleo is okay. See. She is breathing.

Gwenevere: They won’t last too long out here in the snow.

Fallon: We’ll have to take them to a cave.

( Fallon and Gwenevere lift Tamara onto Sunstar.)

( Cleo then starts to get up.)

Spike: Cleo!

Cleo: Tamara… I was slipping…

Gwenevere: Tamara is hurt. We have to find shelter and build a


Fallon ( Climbing onto Moondance): Gwen you can ride with me.

( Gwenevere climbs onto Moondance.)

Gwenevere: Take it easy Sunstar.

( Sunstar, with her wings outspread for Tamara, walks slowly behind

Moondance and the babies.)

Fallon: Gwen, there’s a cave over there.

( She points and there is an entrance to a cave.)

( Moondance, Sunstar, and the babies walk into the cave.)

( Gwenevere holds up her Sun Stone for light.)

Gwenevere: We have to start a fire.

Archie: We need wood.

Fallon: There’s none in here. We’ll have to find some.

Sunstar: Wood could be anywhere!

Gwenevere: We’ll have to split up and search for some.

Fallon: Will Tamara be okay?

Gwenevere: We won’t be gone for long. I don’t think there is anything

or anyone else here.

( Sunstar, Moondance, and the babies all walk out of the cave to find


( Tamara lay silent on a rock.)

( Then, something moves up from the back of the cave, and a light

fills the cave.)

( A mountain lion with a shining jewel walks up to Tamara.)

( The jewel then shines light on Tamara and she then starts to get up.)

Tamara: Oh…

( She sees the mountain lion.)

Tamara: Get away!

( She waves her hand.)

( The mountain lion stays and stares at Tamara.)

Tamara: Well, you don’t seem very hostile… What’s your name?

( The mountain lion shakes his head.)

Tamara: Then you don’t have a name… I’ve named animals before.

( Tamara strokes the mountain lion and thinks.)

Tamara: This mountain is Sierra Mist… how about Mist!

( The mountain lion then jumps up onto the rock.)

Tamara: Let’s see… can you talk?

Mist: Mist.

Tamara: Good! I am Tamara. Can you say that?

Mist: Tamara.

Tamara: Mist, do you know where my friends are?

Mist: Friends?

Tamara: Gwenevere, Fallon? Sunstar, Moondance?

Mist: Sugar? Cleo? Spike?

Tamara: Yes! Do you know where they are?

Mist: Find wood.

Tamara: They’ve gone to find wood?

Mist: Wood.

Tamara: Will you take me to find them?

Mist: Come. Follow Mist.

Tamara: Okay.

( Mist walks out of the cave and Tamara follows.)

( Gwenevere and Sunstar find a few pine tree branches.)

Sunstar: These should burn brightly.

Gwenevere: Okay. We’ll have to go find Fallon and Moondance.

Sunstar: They’re over there on the other side.

( Gwenevere climbs onto Sunstar and holds onto the firewood.)

( Sunstar then jumps up into the air and soars toward the mountain.)

( Sugar picks up some wood.)

Sugar: Is this good?

( Fallon looks back.)

Fallon: That is good.

Moondance: Fallon, Sunstar is comming.

Fallon: Okay. Here’s some more wood.

( She picks up the wood and carries it.)

Cleo: Sugar, here’s some more!

( Sugar who now looks like a walking wood pile, wobbles over to pick

up the stick.)

( She reaches down and then she falls.)

( The sticks all fall down on her.)

Cleo: Stop messing around!

( Cleo walks over to the stick pile and Sugar pops her head out.)

( Cleo picks a stick up in her mouth.)

Cleo: Here.

( She drops it on Sugar’s head and walks away.)

Sugar: Oh!

(Archie flaps over to her.)

( Sugar then pops her head back under the sticks.)

( Kale is in the Dragon Wagon and she circles around and sees

something runnung.)

Kale: Grim! Down there!

( Grim nods and lands in the snow.)

( Tamara and Mist are runnung and they stop before Kale.)

Tamara: Kale!

Kale: Jewel riders are here!

Tamara: Kale! What are you doing here?

Kale: I decided to take a little trip… you?

( Kale grasps onto her Dark Stone and it shoots beams.)

( One flies toward Tamara and she ducks it.)

Tamara: Ahh!

Mist: Tamara!

( A beam hits Tamara and she falls down.)

( Mist then runs to her side.)

Tamara: Oh… Mist! Go get Fallon and Gwenevere!

( Tamara then falls down, fainting, in the snow.)

( Mist then runs away, toward the snowy valley.)

( Rufus and Twig jump out of the Dragon Wagon.)

Rufus: What about this Jewel Rider?

Kale: She’s no harm, can you find any magic?

Twig: Mountain lion witchy thing!

Rufus: The mountain lion has great magic!

Kale: Where is he?

Rufus: Over there, in that valley.

( Kale, Rufus, and Twig journey into the valley.)

( Sunstar lands by Moondance.)

Fallon: Gwen, did you find any wood?

Gwenevere: I found a little. You?

Fallon: Sugar has most of it.

( They hear something running in the snow.)

Gwenevere: It’s a mountain lion!

Mist: Help! Help!

Fallon: It needs help!

Mist: Tamara!

Archie: He says something about Tamara!

Gwenevere: Where?

Mist: Follow me!

( Mist runs and Sunstar, Moondance, Archie, and the babies follow.)

( Sunstar gallops after Mist and then stops.)

Gwenevere: Kale!

Kale: Gwenevere! What are you doing here?!

Gwenevere: The question is, what are YOU doing here?

Kale: Oh I’m just looking for magic.

Gwenevere: Where’s Tamara?

Kale: She’s over there, you could say “Out Cold.”

( Kale points and Gwenevere looks.)

Gwenevere: Tamara!

( She climbs off of Sunstar and runs over to her.)

Gwenevere: Tamara…

( Tamara then gets up.)

Tamara: Gwen…

( Tamara and Gwenevere run over to Sunstar.)

( Moondance gallops around and stops before Kale.)

Kale: Stop! No one move!

Rufus: Witchy thing! That lion!

( Kale grabs Mist and picks him up.)

Kale: You are comming with me!

Tamara: No!

( Tamara shoots a beam out of her Heart Stone and it hits Kale.)

Kale: Ahhh!

( She throws Mist and holds up her Dark Stone.)

( Kale shoots a beam out of it and darts toward Tamara.)

( Tamara ducks it.)

( Mist then falls to the ground.)

Tamara: Mist!

( She runs over to him and picks him up.)

( Mist opens his eyes.)

Mist: Tamara…

( He jumps down from her arms.)

( The three babies run over to Tamara.)

Cleo: Tamara! Are you okay?

Tamara: Yes…

Kale: This lion is mine!

( She picks him up and runs.)

Gwenevere: Kale! Come back!

( Kale runs to the Dragon Wagon and Grim flies up.)

Tamara: Mist!

Fallon: We have to stop her!

Gwenevere: Sunstar!

( Sunstar gallops over to Gwenevere and Gwenevere climbs up

onto her.)

Gwenevere: Tamara! You and Fallon stay here!

( Archie flies over to them.)

Archie: Oh my.

( Sunstar flies up to the Dragon Wagon.)

( Kale looks down at Gwenevere.)

Kale: Leave me alone. Can’t you see I have magic to tend to?

Gwenevere: Kale, give Mist to me! He has done nothing to you!

Kale: But this cub is magical!

Gwenevere: Kale, let him go!

Kale: Well we don’t have to get all impatient!

( She then holds her Dark Stone up and light shines on Mist.)

Kale: Blast! His jewel is tuned to him!

Gwenevere: Let him go!

Kale: Very well. This cub proves to be of no use.

( Kale throws Mist over the side of the Dragon Wagon.)

( Kale signals and Grim flies away.)

Gwenevere: Oh no!

( Sunstar flies down after Mist.)

Gwenevere: Faster Sunstar!

Sunstar: I’m trying!

( Mist is falling too fast.)

Sunstar: Gwen! We won’t reach him in time!

Gwenevere: What can we do?

( Sunstar lights up her Sun Stone and Moondance’s Moon Stone

lights up.)

( Moondance gallops under Mist and catches him.)

Gwenevere: Good one Sunstar!

( Sunstar lands beside Moondance.)

( Tamara runs over to Moondance and cradles Mist.)

( But Mist will not show any sign of life.)

Tamara: Oh no! What’s wrong?

( Tamara lays Mist down on the ground.)

( Tamara then starts to cry.)

Tamara: He… he woke me up after I fell… now look.

( A white light surronds Mist.)

Gwenevere: Look!

( Mist then turns into a boy.)

( The boy opens his eyes.)

Tamara: Mist?

Mist: Yes.

Tamara: What has happened to you?

Mist: I am a boy, like I was before Morgana found me.

Fallon: You know Morgana?

Mist: Yes. She put a spell on me and the spell turned me into

a mountain lion cub. But the spell gave me great power. The

healing spell.

Gwenevere: What happened to your jewel?

Mist: Really, it is not a jewel. It is a part of a charm that Morgana used to cast the spell on me.

Gwenevere: Tamara! Do you still have the charm?

Tamara: Yes, I do!

( She holds out the charm in her hand.)

Fallon: Gwen, Tamara! Look at this!

( She shows Gwenevere and Tamara a symbol on the charm.)

Fallon: It looks like half of a charm.

Tamara: Yes it does.

Mist: My charm has the same symbol.

( He hands his charm to Fallon.)

( Fallon holds one half of the charm and Tamara holds the other.)

( They put them together and the crack through the middle lights


( The charm then forms as one charm once again.)

Gwenevere: It’s one charm again!

Mist: Please, take it and all of it’s power. I need it no more and

it symbolizes a token of my gratitude and friendship.

Tamara: Thank you Mist.

Mist: I hope that we will forever be friends.

Gwenevere: It is a wonderful gift.

Fallon: Gwen, we’d better get moving.

Gwenevere: Okay.

Tamara: Good bye Mist.

( Fallon climbs back onto Moondance and Tamara climbs on too.)

( Tamara looks back with a smile, and a wave.)

Mist: Good bye Tamara.

Gwenevere: Jewel Riders, let’s ride!

( Sunstar rears and flies up into the air while Moondance gallops

below, and the babies and Archie follow.)

The End

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