Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 4

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders by Morning Glory,


Princess Gwenevere: Princess of Avalon, wearer of the Sun Stone

Fallon: Warrior, wearer of the Moon Stone

Tamara: Singer, Talks to animals, wearer of the Heart Stone

Anastasia: Adventurer, Teen, wearer of the Star Stone


Sunstar: Winged Unicorn, bound to Gwenevere

Moondance: Unicorn, bound to Fallon

Shadowsong: Zebracorn. bound to Tamara

Knight Star: Winged Unicorn, bound to Anastasia


Kale: Outlaw Princess

Morgana: Evil Sorceress


Golden Mist: Young female griffon

Thornleaf: Griffon, Golden Mist’s father

Peaks: Griffon, Golden Mist’s mother


Quickshadow: Evil Wolf


Mysterious Gryphon: Helps Golden Mist

Mysterious Rider: Talks to Anastasia


Episode Title “Star Light, Star Bright” Star Stone Saga #4


( Quickshadow races through the forest in search for Kale.)

( Kale jumps out from behind a tree, directly in front of him.)

Quickshadow: There you are… I’ve been looking everywhere for you!

( Kale sees that he has the Star Stone.)

( She holds out her hand and he drops it from his mouth into her hand.)

Kale: Now I shall rid Avalon of this pest!

( Kale then clashes the Dark Stone and the Star Stone together and the diamond Star Stone turns an evil red.)

Kale: (evil laugh)


( Anastasia holds her hand to her head as Gwenevere paces back and forth.)

( Anastasia’s closed eyes flutter open.)

Anastasia: Where am I, Gwen, Fallon…

( She falls back.)

Fallon: You were put under a spell… Oh my gosh!

( Fallon jumps back from Anastasia.)

( Anastasia looks at her with weak, tired eyes.)

Anastasia (quietly): Fallon… what’s wrong?

( Fallon grabs Gwenevere and Tamara.)

Fallon: Look!

( She points to a barely conscious Anastasia.)

( She is beginning to fade.)

Tamara: Oh no!

Gwenevere: Anastasia, say something!

( Anastasia closes her eyes tight and then gasps for air.)

( Knight Star cries, covering his head with his wing.)

Knight Star (sobbing, and lifting his head to see Anastasia’s condition): What has she done to her?

( The griffons sadly watch, their pity for this girl who they hardly knew.)

( Gwenevere turns to them.)

Gwenevere: We can’t lose her again! Golden Mist! Go get the Wish Stone!


( Thornleaf looks up to the sky quickly and then back down at Golden Mist.)

Golden Mist: But I can’t!

( She turns and runs quickly to the brush pile, bounds over it, and Thornleaf and Peaks quickly follow.)

( Fallon holds Anastasia’s hand.)

Fallon: You can fight it… whatever it is…

( Anastasia painfully opens her eyes and focuses on Fallon.)

Anastasia (slowly and quietly): I don’t know what is happening to me, but somehow I know that it’s from me loosing my Star Stone…

( Anastasia takes one more gasp for air and then fades out, leaving no sign of her


Fallon: I can’t believe this… she’s gone… again.

Tamara: Wait! She’s the daughter of a wizard… I know why she has disappeared!

Gwenevere: Why?

Tamara: She has wizard’s blood and she must now have her enchanted jewel to be able to stay in Avalon…

Fallon: I get it… since she is half wizard, she must have her Star Stone… and if she doesn’t, she will be banished to the Wild Magic!

Knight Star: Well, where do we start looking?

Tamara: How about you search the Wild Magic and try to find Anastasia so we can come to her when we get the Star Stone back.

(Knight Star nods and flies up.)


Kale: Morgana, I have it!

( Morgana turns around and Kale appears behind her.)

( She holds out the Star Stone and Morgana grabs it.)

Morgana: This stone has all the power I need to return to Avalon!

( Kale shakes her head.)

Kale: You still have to break it’s bond with Anastasia…

Morgana: Are you questioning *my* power? Do you *not* think that I can break it?

Kale: No, I was just informing you…

Morgana: That’s better.

( Morgana raises her hands over the Star Stone.)

Morgana: That process will take some time, but soon I will return to Avalon!


( Golden Mist runs as fast as she seemingly can and her parents fly fast behind her.)

Thornleaf: Are you sure it’s this way?

( Golden Mist wearily nods.)

( They come to an intersection in paths, one is the one they have followed…

one is the path ahead of them, one is a path to their right, and the last is a path to their left.)

( Golden Mist, Thornleaf, and Peaks sniff the air.)

( Golden Mist walks to where the paths meet in the middle.)

Golden Mist: This one!

( She points to the path on the right.)

( She runs down it and Thornleaf and Peaks fly close behind.)


( Knight Star flies to a Travel Tree ring.)

Knight Star: Great trees, would you guide me to the Star Stone wearer, please?

( The Travel Trees glow and become crystalline.)

Knight Star (whispering): BY the Magic of the Star Stone.

( His jewel armor appears around him.)

( A portal opens and Knight Star dives into it.)

( As he flies at top speed through the tunnel, he searches everywhere for Anastasia.)

Knight Star: Anastasia?! Anastasia?!

( He slows down and comes to a stop, still beating his wings against his sides.)

( He turns to the side of the tunnel.)

( His Star Stone glows and it blasts a hole in the Travel Tree tunnel.)

( Knight Star is sucked out of the tunnel and into a vast area of Wild Magic.)

( He looks around.)

Knight Star: This will be fun…

( He listens closely for her.)

( There is a faint cry in the distance.)

( He spreads out his wings and turns, flying the direction the voice was coming from.)


( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara shine their jewels in different directions.)

Gwenevere: Has anybody got anything?

Fallon: No…

(Tamara begins to lower her Heart Stone, but she suddenly raises it back up.)

Gwenevere: Find something?

( Tamara nods.)

Tamara: I think it’s the Star Stone!

Fallon: Where is it?

( Tamara points her Heart Stone around in different directions.)

Tamara: I can’t pinpoint it, I think it’s in the Wild Magic…

Fallon: Kale

Tamara: And Morgana.

(Gwenevere jumps onto Sunstar’s back.)

Gwenevere: Let’s ride!

( Fallon jumps onto Moondance, and Shadowsong gallops to Tamara’s side, and she jumps onto his back also.)

( Sunstar and Moondance gallop away, and Shadowsong rears and follows.)


( Kale wriggles impatiently in her chair.)

Kale: Anything yet…

( Morgana with her hands over the Star Stone turns.)

Morgana: It still needs a little more time, and about now, those Jewel Riders will be finding out what happened.

Kale: Good, I’ll go stall.

( Kale gets up out of the chair and brushes herself off.)

( She runs out the door.)


( Golden Mist runs forward, and soon, her parents fly behind her.)

Golden Mist: There it is again!

( She turns and looks around.)

Golden Mist: We might as well give up, I can’t find it.

Peaks: Yes you can! Focus on the task at hand.

( Golden Mist closes her eyes tight.)

( As she closes her eyes tighter, a faint image appears in front of her, one that only she can see.)

( The faint image is of a red, blue and purple shooting star.)

Golden Mist: It’s the Wish Stone!

( Thornleaf and Peaks look at each other, confused.)

Golden Mist: It’s this way! Follow me!

( Golden Mist runs off again.)

( Peaks and Thornleaf shrug and fly after her.)


( Knight Star soars through the Wild Magic plains and still listens for leads.)

Knight Star: Anastasia, where are you?

( Knight Star is not really expecting an answer.)

Anastasia (voice only: soft and quiet): I am here Knight Star, I am here.

( Knight Star is startled and he turns his head to figure out where the voice was coming from.)

Knight Star ((question in his voice): Anastasia?

Anastasia (voice only): You can’t see me, I am drifting in the wild magic…

( Knight Star still turns to look.)

Knight Star: You can see me, but I can’t see you?

Anastasia(voice only): That’s right… I’m beside you…

( The fur on Knight Star’s side begins to lay down, and then stand back up as if someone was petting him.)

Knight Star: Anastasia, you are there!

Anastasia (voice only): Yes…

Knight Star: I’ve come to find you, so when the Jewel Riders can free you from the Wild Magic.

Anastasia (voice only): That will be impossible, I already see Morgana tuning it to her…

( Knight Star looks around again.)

Knight Star: Where?

Anastasia ( voice only: a small laugh in her voice): You can’t see *them either!

Knight Star: Oh… sorry.

Anastasia (voice only): That’s okay, if you want to have a hope of freeing me from this, you must get my Star Stone.

Knight Star: Gwenevere and the others are getting it…

Anastasia( voice only): I know, but you must get it because you are my best friend, and only then will this fate be rewritten.

( Knight Star looks back, almost as if he sees Anastasia, and by his side, there is a faint outline of her.)

Knight Star: Anastasia, I can see you!

( Anastasia- the outline- suddenly turns.)

Anastasia (voice only): The Wild Magic current is shifting, I cannot stay here much longer… goodbye Knight Star.

( Knight Star turns again, and he cannot see her outline anymore.)

( A gentle wind blows against his sides.)

Anastasia (voice only- very soft and distant): Goodbye…


( Kale sits in her Dragon Wagon chair, and looks down, trying to find something to pick on.)

Kale: This gets really boring.

( She looks down again and sees the three griffons.)

Kale: Ha! There they are!

( She motions to Grim to go down.)

( The Dragon Wagon descends and lands behind the griffons.)

( Thornleaf, Peaks and Golden Mist suddenly turn.)

Kale: Fancy meeting you here…

( Thornleaf screams out, trying to stall Kale.)

( Kale bends her head down and covers her ears.)

( She hold out her Dark Stone and beams woven into a net shoot at them.)

( The net wraps around Thornleaf and Peaks.)

( Golden Mist runs over to the net and tries to free them.)

Peaks: Run Golden Mist! Runs as fast as your feet will carry you! Now!

( Golden Mist turns and runs into the forest.)


( Sunstar, Moondance, and Shadowsong walks through the overgrown forest, pushing branches and beaming thorn vines away.)

Gwenevere: This gets pretty boring sometimes.

Fallon: Save your wind, we all know that.

( Fallon pushes a branch and tries to hold it for Shadowsong and Tamara, but it slips out of her hand.)

( The branch snaps back, in front of Shadowsong.)

( Shadowsong jumps back, and then looks at the branch.)

Shadowsong: Tamara, look at this!

( Tamara jumps off and walks to the branch.)

Tamara: What do you think this is…. Gwen, Fallon! Back here!

( Moondance and Sunstar stop.)

( Gwen and Fallon turn and Tamara motions them back.)

( Because of the tight quarters, Sunstar and Moondance can only partially turn their heads to see what they are doing.)

( Fallon and Gwen slowly climb off of their unicorns and edge back to Tamara.)

( The three look at the branch.)

Tamara: It’s some sort of carving.

Gwenevere: This is ancient writing!

( She lays her hand atop of one side of it.)

( She moves her hand to reveal more of it.)

Gwenevere: It says…

( Gwenevere gasps.)


( Golden Mist runs as fast as she can.)

( She looks back, but no one is there.)

( She runs up to a cliff.)

Golden Mist: It’s here!

( She sniffs the air and can tell that the lake atop of the cliff.)

( She plops down, disappointed.)

Golden Mist: I’ll never get it!

( There is a rumble in the cliff’s cave.)

( Golden Mist turns quickly, scanning the cave.)

Golden Mist: Who’s there?

( She stares into the cave and sees two bright blue eyes blink at her.)

( She jerks back and looks again.)

( The eyes close and open again.)

Golden Mist: Who are you?

Gryphon: I have come to help you.

Golden Mist: Nothing can help me now. My parents are caught, my Jewel Rider

friends are in danger, and I can’t get the Wish Stone.

Gryphon: Why can’t you?

Golden Mist: Because I can’t fly.

Gryphon: Why can’t you fly?

Golden Mist: I’ve tried so many times, but I can’t. Watch.

( Golden Mist stands up and jumps into the air.)

( She f laps her wings and she quickly falls down to the ground again.)

Gryphon: I can give you something, and you can try, all you have to do is say to yourself, “I can fly.”

( Golden Mist nods and stands tall.)

( The gryphon blows dust out of the cave.)

Golden Mist: I can fly. I can fly.

( Golden Mist closes her eyes and jumps into the air, the dust surrounds her.)

( Suddenly, the cloud of dust soars up into the sky.)

( The dust clears and Golden Mist flies upward.)

( She swoops back down and lands.)

Golden Mist: Oh! I can fly! I can fly!

Gryphon: See, if you believe in yourself you can do many things!

Golden Mist: What do you mean?

Gryphon: The dust isn’t magical, it was your own confidence.

( Golden Mist bows her head in thanks and flies up.)

( She soars higher and finally she comes to the top of the cliff.)

( She quickly lands on the top and looks around.)

Golden Mist: That lake must be around here somewhere…

( She suddenly catches the scent of Wild Magic.)

Golden Mist: This way!

( She jumps up and when the wind catches in her wings, she flies off.)


( The Wild Magic drifts begin to change again.)

( A pair of eyes open and soon, an outline follows it.)

( Anastasia looks up and sees a blurry figure riding on a gryphon.)

Rider: You must find a way to get your jewel back…

( Anastasia suddenly turns to look and she sees the blurry figure talking to her.)

Anastasia: How did you know I was here?

Rider: You must find a way out, the Wild Magic will become unstable soon…

Anastasia: But how? And why will the Wild Magic…

Rider: If you don’t regain your enchanted jewel, the wizards will all meet Morgana

and they will share the power of your jewel and take Avalon, and with this much magic in a revolt, the Wild Magic will become unstable and soon, it will take Avalon.

Anastasia: How do you know?

Rider: I do… trust me…

Anastasia: Who are you?

Rider: I am a friend…

( Soon after, the gryphon runs away and they are gone.)

( Anastasia opens her eyes again and she looks around.)

Anastasia: What?…


( Sunstar glides over the forest trees and watches Moondance and Shadowsong gallop from below.)

Gwenevere: Find anything Tamara?

Tamara: Yes! It is wild magic for sure, and I an now almost certain that it is the Star Stone.

Fallon: We have to hurry before it’s too late!

Tamara: To late for what?

Fallon: I just have that kind of feeling.

( Moondance leaps over a tree branch, and Shadowsong follows.)


( Golden Mist sits down at a tree branch after coming to the Magical Lake.)

( She stares into the swirling water and we see a tear drop into it, making ripples.)

Golden Mist: I don’t know why I’m crying…

( She looks down at her reflection again and it begins to move, not moving with her.)

Golden Mist’s Reflection ( with the same voice as Golden Mist): Believe and your wish will come true…

( Golden Mist, startled, jumps back from the water and peeks over the side.)

( Her reflection gazes at her, peeks over the bank in the same position she is in.)

( She softly sways, and then stops, making sure the reflection is following.)

Golden Mist: Am I going crazy?

( The reflection becomes animate again and it moves without Golden Mist.)

Golden Mist’s Reflection: The keeper has only one wish… you must think…

Golden Mist: Think… about what?

Golden Mist’s Reflection: You must think with your heart, and believe with your


Golden Mist: But…

( The reflection moves with Golden Mist again, never to become animate again.)

Golden Mist: Think with my heart and believe with my mind… that’s opposite

of what every one does…

( She looks down into the water and sees a faint image of a Shooting Star Jewel.)


( The mysterious Rider atop of the Gryphon comes to Anastasia again.)

Rider: They are coming…

( Anastasia turns and she sees him.)

Anastasia: Who?

Rider: Your friends… they will save you.

Anastasia: How do you know?

Rider: I don’t… I can just give you confidence that they will save you.

Anastasia: Oh Knight Star… why didn’t you stay?

( Suddenly, a different voice enters into the conversation.)

Knight Star (voice only): Why didn’t you?

( Anastasia turns and wraps her arms around Knight Star.)

Anastasia: Oh Knight Star… you came back!

Knight Star: Yes… I couldn’t leave you… I told the others where we are… they are going to get the Star Stone.

( The gryphon turns away, and he seems to fade out.)

Anastasia: Wait!

( Before completely fading, the blurry image of the Rider turns.)

Anastasia: Thank You.

( The gryphon completely fades out.)


( Sunstar soars over the forest and Gwenevere looks around.)

Gwenevere: There! There it is!

( Fallon and Tamara shield their eyes from the sun and they also see an image of

an ancient Wild Magic portal, different from others, which was carved on the

tree branch.)

Tamara: This is it! The location of the Portal!

( The portal looks more like a spinning galaxy, rather than a regular circle portal.)

Fallon: You say we go?

Gwenevere: Let’s do it.

( They hold up their enchanted jewels.)

Gwenevere: By the Magic of the Sun Stone!

Tamara: By the Magic of the Heart Stone!

Fallon: By the Magic of the Moon Stone!

( The magical jewel armor swirls around them and their unicorns.)

Gwenevere: Let’s go!

( Sunstar glides into the portal and then she is followed by a galloping Moondance and Shadowsong.)

( The portal swirls even more and then closes.)

( The Jewel Riders, now inside the Wild Magic Galaxy watch as the blue, purple,

pink, and black magic spectrums swirl past them.)

( Fallon points ahead.)

Fallon: Look! Up there!

( Gwenevere nods.)

Gwenevere: I see it!

( Sunstar flies faster, ad Moondance and Shadowsong move up to her.)

Sunstar: Moondance!

( Moondance nods.)

Moondance: Fallon, hold on…

Fallon: Moondance… what?

( Moondance lurches sideways, avoiding a gripping claw.)

( Fallon falls to the very edge of the saddle, gripping onto the stirrups.)

Fallon: Moondance… what was that for?

( Moondance looks back at her rider, puzzled, and she lifts one back leg forward to give Fallon a boost back into the saddle.)

( Fallon climbs back up and situates herself.)

Moondance: Fallon, didn’t you see that?

Fallon: See what?

Moondance: Oh no! It’s Black Magic then! Only unicorns can see Black Magic!

( Gwenevere turns, startled.)

Gwenevere: Fallon, what’s wrong?

Fallon: They see Black Magic.

Gwenevere: Do you think Morgana is using the Star Stone now?

Tamara: We’d better hope not…

Shadowsong: We have to hurry… if we’re no too late already.

( The unicorns gallop into the portal at the end of the tunnel.)

( They appear at Morgana’s lair.)

( Morgana turns.)

Morgana: You! You’re too late!

( She shoots red magic out of the Star Stone and it hits Gwen, knocking her back.)

( Gwen, is startled, but she soon regains her balance.)

( Suddenly, Kale appears, dragging a net with two full grown griffons in it.)

Fallon: Peaks!

Tamara: Thornleaf!

Kale: Yeah.. aren’t they a sight? They’ve been hissing and snarling the whole way here.

( For some reason, Gwenevere is drawn to the window.)

( She looks out and sees Knight Star.)

Gwenevere: It’s Knight Star!

( Morgana turns to Gwenevere and laughs.)

Morgana: Any minute, Knight Star will be mine!


Knight Star: Anastasia…

( Anastasia looks up to Knight Star.)

Anastasia: What is it?

Knight Star: I felt so strange…

( His Star Stone begins to glow red.)

( His deep blue eyes also glow the same shade of red that his stone is.)

Anastasia: Knight Star!

( She throws her arms around him, and he begins to rear.)

Knight Star: I have to go… I have to…

Anastasia: Knight Star! Don’t go!

Knight Star: I have no choice…

( Knight Star looks into the thin air and he sees Anastasia’s purple toned eyes.)

Knight Star: Good bye.

( Knight Star vanishes.)

( Anastasia throws her head up.)

Anastasia: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


( Back at Morgana’s Lair, Morgana is surrounded by a bright red glow.)

( The Jewel Riders stand back, gasping and shading their eyes.)

( The glow stops and Morgana steps forward.)

Morgana: The crossover is complete.

( Tamara’s Heart Stone flashes.)

Tamara: It’s Knight Star! He’s calling… but I can’t locate it…

Morgana: Knight Star only exists with me and the Star Stone.

Gwenevere: What do you mean?

Morgana: Knight Star and all his powers are now a part of me, and a part of the Star Stone.

Tamara: You can’t do that!

Morgana: Yes I can! Didn’t Merlin teach you? Didn’t he?

Kale: Yes he did Morgana, how else would they have gotten those jewels…

Morgana: Didn’t he tell you about how the rider could only have the animals’s spirit

and powers?

Fallon: No. He didn’t tell us that… there is no way!

Morgana: When you want it with all your heart and soul you can make the animal

a part of you when you choose your friend…

Tamara: Well then, we just didn’t want it to be that way… it’s not fair…

Morgana: It’s as fair as you getting your Enchanted Jewels…

( Kale sits down on the floor, now bored from the conversation.)

( Gwenevere raises her sun stone.)

( Fallon and Tamara lift their jewels.)

( They all three shoot beams out of their Enchanted Jewels and into the Star Stone.)

Morgana: It’s too late! It’s completely tuned to me!

Gwenevere (struggling, groaning voice): It… can’t… be…

( She shoots the last out of her Sun Stone and falls over.)

Tamara (looking back): Gwen!

Gwenevere: Give it all your power!

( Tamara looks back, and she and Fallon both grit their teeth as a sudden blast of magic swirls out of their jewels.)

( Morgana looks down at the Star Stone.)

( It sparkles a small burst of it’s white sparks and suddenly Golden Mist appears

with the Wish Stone in her mouth.)

( Kale stands up, and then she sways, nearly falling over from sitting too long.)

Kale: You!

Golden Mist: Mother Father!

( Peaks and Thornleaf turn to see Golden Mist.)

( Golden Mist turns to them.)

Peaks: Golden Mist, do something!

( Golden Mist turns to see the Star Stone upon Morgana’s belt, and Tamara and Fallon shooting beams into it.)

( She again turns to her parents, and she again turns to the Star Stone.)

( She looks back and forth a few more times and she breaks down.)

Golden Mist: I don’t know what to do!

( Suddenly, her voice fill s her head.)

Voice of Golden Mist’s Reflection ( Golden Mist does not speak these visually, but mentally): You must think with your heart and believe with your mind… and you must make a wise choice between your wishes… for you will only get one.

( Golden Mist looks up with tear in her eyes.)

( She now knows that the right thing to do is to wish for Anastasia.)

Golden Mist: Star Light… Star Bright… I wish… I wish that… I wish that Anastasia would be freed from the

Wild Magic.

( Golden Mist closes her eyes and a small tear rolls down her cheek.)

( Suddenly, the Wish Stone glows with the same color magic that the good Star Stone does.)

( The magic surrounds the Star Stone.)

( The beams from Tamara’s Heart Stone and Fallon’s Moon Stone are reflected back into them.)

( Gwenevere looks up.)

( The Star Stone floats off Morgana’s belt.)

Morgana: This cannot be!

( The Star Stone converts back to it’s original diamond color.)

( It falls on the floor and shoots waves of magic out of it.)

( Soon, a fait outline of Knight Star appears on the right side of the star Stone and an outline of Anastasia appears on the left side.)

( All watch, including Morgana and Kale, amazed.)

( The outlines are filled in with Knight Star and Anastasia.)

( Anastasia looks up and sees everyone.)

( She looks over and sees Knight Star.)

Anastasia: Oh Knight Star!

( She throws her arms around him.)

( Tamara looks back and sees Kale backing away, dragging the griffons.)

( She holds up her Heart Stone again and shoots beams out of it.)

( The beams swirl to the net, which turns the pink color of the Heart Stone Beams, and soon, the net crumbles.)

( Peaks and Thornleaf soar out.)

( Anastasia looks down to Golden Mist.)

Anastasia: Golden Mist… thank you so very much…

( She gently hugs Golden Mist.)

( Anastasia begins to cry.)

Anastasia: I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.


( Soon, The Jewel Riders and the griffons are back at the cave.)

Anastasia: I can never thank any of you enough, especially Golden Mist, who used up her one wish to save me.

Thornleaf: That’s what we griffons do… we will now, always think with our heart like Golden Mist.

Gwenevere: I thank you, every one of you…

( Tamara gives a small laugh.)

Gwenevere: What’s so funny?

Tamara: I dunno… why are you thanking them?

Gwenevere: I just felt like thanking them… it’s called freedom of speech… take a look in the scroll of laws.

Tamara: Oh, okay… I’ll do that sometime.

( all four girls giggle and the unicorns turn away.)

( Anastasia turns and waves back, a giggling smile still on her face.)

( The griffons wave back.)


In the Wild Magic, a the blurry image of a gryphon and it’s rider fly across the screen.)

The End

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