Morning Glory – Starstone (V1) – Ch. 5

Summary: Version One of Morning Glory’s “Starstone” series, presenting Anastasia and her bonded unicorn Knight Star.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

Princess Gwenevere- Princess of Avalon, Wears the Sun Stone

Tamara- Singer, Speaks to animals, Wears the Heart Stone

Anastasia- Teen, Adventurer, Wears the Star Stone

Fallon- Warrior, Wears the Moon Stone

Sunstar- Winged Unicorn, Bonded to Gwen

Moondance- Unicorn, bonded to Fallon

Knight Star- Winged Unicorn, bonded to Anastasia

Morning Glory- Princess of the Fairies, wingless

Golden Rose- Wingless Fairy, wears the Diamond Crystal

Daffodil- Wingless Fairy, wears the Rainbow Crystal

Mountain Star- Wingless Fairy, wears the Comet Crystal

Flitterbelle- Wingless Fairy, wears the Emerald Crystal

Felicia- Wingless Fairy, wears the Feather Crystal

Water Lily- Mermaid/Fairy, wears the Scarlet Crystal

Dream Dancer- Pixie Pony: Winged Unicorn, bonded to Morning Glory

Diamond- Pixie Pony: Winged Unicorn, bonded to Golden Rose

Rainbow Flier- Pixie Pony: Winged Unicorn, bonded to Daffodil

Comet- Pixie Pony: Winged Unicorn, bonded to Mountain Star

Emerald Racer- Pixie Pony: Winger Unicorn, bonded to Flitterbelle

Feather Hoof – Pixie Pony: Winged Unicorn, bonded to Felicia

Scarlet Singer- Sea/ Pixie Pony bonded to Water Lily

Travel Tree- Old Tree which guards the Wild Magic portals

Nehon- Jewel Rider, wears the Wind Stone

Razor Wing- Gryphon, bonded to Nehon

Thorn- Evil Prince of Black Magic

Granite- Spirit of the Fire Stone, only Thorn can hear him


Star Stone Saga #5- ”Enchanted Forest”

( A small unicorn soars through a hollow log.)

( Her rider is a beautiful young fairy, Morning Glory, Princess of all the Fairies.)

( She and the unicorn both wear matching cloud crystals which sparkle in the sunlight.)

Morning Glory: Dream Dancer! Isn’t it beautiful?!

( In front of them spreads a beautiful forest as they fly out of the log.)

( In front of them is a sparkling waterfall and a clear forest pool.)

Dream Dancer: I think we should go and find the others.

( Morning Glory shakes her head, she has almost been in a trance watching the sparkling water plunge down into the pool.)

Morning Glory: I’m sorry Dream Dancer, I just never remembered it this beautiful before.

Dream Dancer: Probably because of Thorn and how he always messes with the forest…

Morning Glory: We should go and get the others, they might want to see this before something else terrible happens.

( Dream Dancer, turns around and soars over top of the log this time.)

( They soon see another unicorn about the same size as Dream Dancer fly towards them with a fairy on her back.)

( Morning Glory looks up and waves.)

( The unicorn flies past them and turns around, to fly beside Dream Dancer.)

( The fairy holds up her sparkling crystal, Shaped like a rainbow.)

Morning Glory: What is it, Daffodil?

( Daffodil, the fairy, looks around as the Rainbow glows.)

Daffodil: I can’t tell… I thought I heard something…

( Daffodil, whose crystal can communicate with anything, seems to be a little like Tamara.)

( The Rainbow Crystal begins to glow with every color of the Rainbow.)

Daffodil: It’s over there!

( She looks at Morning Glory and points over behind a grove of trees.)

Morning Glory: Let’s go!

( Dream Dancer and Rainbow Flier both soar off, side by side, through the grove of trees.)

( They fly directly in front of a Wild Magic Portal.)

( Dream Dancer and Rainbow Flier whinny and dodge the portal, splitting paths and flying on each side of the portal, meeting at the back.

( Morning Glory is suddenly thrown from Dream Dancer’s back.)

( She falls into the Wild Magic Portal.)

( The portal closes and disappears.)

Dream Dancer/ Daffodil: Morning Glory!!


( Soon, a Wild Magic Portal at the Crystal Palace in Avalon opens up at the Travel Tree ring.)

( Morning Glory appears in the middle of the ring, and the portal closes.)

( She puts a hand to her head and rubs her forehead.)

Morning Glory: Where am I?

( She looks around and every thing is SO VERY BIG.)

( She stands up and begins to walk out of the ring.)

( Suddenly, a clatter of hooves begins to grow strong in the distance.)

( Morning Glory turns around and sees a giant white unicorn with wings and a golden mane and tail galloping straight at her.)

( The ground seems to shake as Morning Glory loses her balance and falls down.)


( Gwenevere is unaware of the small fairy directly in her path and she and Sunstar are very anxious to get home.)

( Moondance follows behind Sunstar, mounted on her are Fallon and Tamara.)


( Morning Glory lays on the ground and covers her face, sure that it is the end, and suddenly…)


( Sunstar swoops up and covers Morning Glory in a huge shadow.)

( Moondance gallops past Morning Glory, and the little wingless fairy lay there dazed and surprised.)

( Tamara’s Heart Stone begins to flash.)

Tamara: There’s something very strange here…

( Gwenevere turns back and Sunstar swoops back and lands beside Moondance.)

Gwenevere: What is it?

Tamara: I can’t really tell, I haven’t even sensed this kind of thing before…

( Gwenevere looks around.)

Gwenevere: There’s nothing here, Tamara.

Tamara: But I’m sure there is… my Heart Stone can detect it!

Gwenevere: Maybe it’s just that you can sense Knight Star in the Wild Magic.

Tamara: Maybe.

( Tamara turns away and puts her Heart Stone back on her belt.)


( Morning Glory stands up, now that the danger has halfway passed, and she holds up her Dream Crystal- a small jewel shaped like a cloud.)

Morning Glory: In the Power of the Dream!

(Morning Glory holds her arms up, and magical bracelets appear below her wrists.)

( She kicks her legs under her, as if she is in a kneeling position, and the magical

boots and tights appear on her legs, and feet.)

( A sparkling chestplate and a neckplate appear on her torso, and ribbons and

sparkling capes adorn her waist.)

( Upon her head sparkles a path from above her eyes to her forehead and the sparkle is covered by a golden tiara, and atop her head appears a glittering crown.)

Morning Glory: I’m down here!

( She waves her hands and finally hold up her Dream Crystal again.)

Morning Glory: I’m right there!

( The Dream Crystal glows.)


( Tamara’s Heart Stone glistens.)

Tamara: There it is again.

( Tamara looks back.)

( Behind Moondance, there is a small glisten in the sunlight.)

( Tamara jumps off and walks over to it.)

( She kneels down and begins to pick it up.)

Tamara: Gwen! Fallon! Look at this!


( Morning Glory is surprisingly not terrified of Tamara, she looks at her like a “Giant Fairy”)

( Morning Glory curtseys the best she can with her magical armor on.)

Morning Glory: I am Morning Glory, Princess of the Fairies.


( Tamara jumps back, and she picks Morning Glory up in her hands to show the others.)

( Gwen and Fallon look closely as Morning Glory curtseys in Tamara’s hand.)

Morning Glory: Hello… I am Morning Glory, Princess of the Fairies.

( Gwenevere is very excited now, she likes visitors.)

Gwenevere: Hello… I am Princess Gwenevere, and I am Princess of Avalon.

( Gwenevere giggles.)

Morning Glory: I’m sorry, but I think I’m lost.

Fallon: My name is Fallon, where did you come from?

Morning Glory: The Enchanted Forest… I left Dream Dancer there…

( Tamara looks at Gwen and Fallon.)

Tamara: My name is Tamara, I’m so sorry if I scared you.

Morning Glory: No, not at all…

Gwenevere: You are a Fairy… right?

Morning Glory: Oh yes. I may not look like one, but from the Lily Kingdom, where I was born, noble and royal Fairies do not have wings.

( Morning Glory looks around.)

Morning Glory: The only way I can fly is by my Pixie Pony, Dream Dancer. She is a beautiful white unicorn with a pink and blue mane and tail, and she has the most majestic wings.

Tamara: What happened to Dream Dancer?

Morning Glory: She and I were separated when she and Rainbow Flier tried to dodge a giant opening in the air.

( Tamara looks at the others and then back to Morning Glory.)

Tamara: What kind of opening was it?

Morning Glory: It’s too hard to explain… it was like a swirling blue and purple mist…

Fallon: The Wild Magic!

Morning Glory: Wild Magic?

Gwenevere: The Wild Magic is all in a series of tunnels and that is how we can get around the kingdom.

Morning Glory: Like hollow logs.

Tamara: In a way…

( Morning Glory looks to Tamara’s belt, then to Gwen’s, and then to Fallon’s.)

Morning Glory: You have Magic Crystals?

( Gwenevere looks down and then picks up her Sun Stone.)

Gwenevere: No, but these are Enchanted Jewels. Mine is the Sun Stone, Tamara’s is the Heart Stone, and Fallon’s is the Moon Stone.

( Morning Glory smiles and hold up her Dream Crystal.)

Morning Glory: This is my Dream Crystal… it has the powers of dreams, sleep, and royalty.

( Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara exchange looks, and they then turn their eyes back to Morning Glory.)

Morning Glory: This is my Magical Armor, and I can make it disappear whenever I want it to.

( Morning Glory puts the Jewel Back on her belt, she lays one hand on it, and her Armor disappears, revealing her Princess gown.)

Tamara: Our Enchanted Jewels can do the exact same thing… here, watch.

( Tamara sits Morning Glory on the ground and stands up.)

( Fallon and Gwen follow, and they all hold up their jewels.)

Gwenevere: By the Magic of the Sun Stone!

Fallon: By the Magic of the Moon Stone!

Tamara: By the Magic of the Heart Stone!

( All three are surrounded by their Jewel Armor, and they al kneel down to Morning Glory again.)

Morning Glory: Wow! I wish I could find another of those portals to take you to *my* friends…

Tamara: Maybe you can. We can find our way to almost any place in the world.

Morning Glory: Shall we go then?

Gwenevere: Let’s ride!


( Black wings beat past as the Wild Magic flows by.)

( Anastasia hold tight to the saddle, laughing, with her eyes closed tight.)

( Knight Star flaps his wings and looks back at Anastasia.)

Anastasia: Wow Knight Star! This is really fun when you learn how to ride this Wild Magic!

( Knight Star nods and looks forward.)

Knight Star: There’s a hole in the tunnel up ahead…

( Anastasia looks up, and she sees the Wild Magic being sucked into it.)

Anastasia: Wow! I wonder where it goes?!

( Knight Star shakes his head.)

Knight Star: Are we experienced enough to check into it?

Anastasia: Ah, go ahead. It don’t think it will be anything *major.*

( Knight Star shrugs his wings a little and flaps then back as her dives into the hole.)


( The other Jewel Riders come to a Travel Tree Ring.)

Fallon: This is a Travel Tree Ring. It opens the way into the Wild Magic.

( Morning Glory- in Gwenevere’s hands now- looks up to the top of the trees.)

Morning Glory: Those are taller trees than back home!

( Gwenevere laughs and smiles.)

Gwenevere: You have to ask the Travel Trees to let you into the Wild Magic.

( Gwenevere looks up to the trees.)

Gwenevere: Great Travel Trees, we need a path, swift and true, to the Enchanted Forest, please will you?

( The Travel Trees sparkle and become crystalline.)

Travel Tree: We are pleased to serve Merlin’s students.

( A Wild Magic portal opens in the center of the ring.)

( Gwenevere looks down to Morning Glory.)

Gwenevere: You may want to get your armor…

( Morning Glory nods and holds her Dream Crystal up.)

Morning Glory: In the Power of the Dream!

( Morning Glory raises her arms and magic swirls around her like a tornado.)

( It gently lifts her out of Gwen’s hands and she is suddenly covered with her Magical Armor.)

( She flips and lands feet first in Gwen’s hands.)

( Fallon and Tamara clap, Morning Glory turns to them and bows, laughing.)

Gwenevere: Let’s go!

( Sunstar leaps into the portal and Moondance follows.)


( IN the Wild Magic tunnel, Morning Glory gazes at Sunstar’s beating wings.)

( She looks up at Gwenevere.)

Morning Glory: Gwen, your unicorn looks so much like Dream Dancer, only Dream Dancer is smaller.

( Gwenevere looks down and smiles.)

Gwenevere: You and Dream Dancer must be very close.

Morning Glory: We are, she’s my best friend, closer than any other Pixie Pony or Fairy.

Gwenevere: My unicorn’s name is Sunstar, she is my best friend, like Dream Dancer is to you. She is the only one who really understands the way I feel.

Morning Glory: We’re getting closer.

( Gwenevere looks up and sees a series of portals up ahead.)

( The unicorns gallop over to them.)

Morning Glory: I can sense Dream Dancer, she is in that portal.

( Morning Glory points to the portal in the center.)

Fallon: If she didn’t know, that would’ve been my first guess!

( Sunstar looks up to Gwenevere.)

( Gwenevere nods and Sunstar jumps into the portal.)

( The portal blocks Sunstar out, and she is flung back with the force she put to fly into the portal.)

( Gwenevere and Morning Glory fall into the portal.)

Sunstar: Gwen!

Moondance: Let me try…

( Moondance jumps into the portal and she goes in, but Tamara and Fallon are flung off.)

( Sunstar swoops down and catches them on her back.)

Fallon: Moondance!

Tamara: The portal opens in the middle of the sky!

( Sunstar again tried to dive into the portal, but she is again blocked out, along with Fallon and Tamara.)


( Anastasia glares at the Wild Magic crystals all floating around.)

Anastasia: So, what do we do now?

( Knight Star looks back at her with a funny scolding look.)

Knight Star: YOU were the one who told me to go in!

Anastasia: Okay, sorry. I just can’t figure out what to do now… we’re stuck in here.

Knight Star: Maybe we can call Sunstar or Moondance… they might be able to find us…

Anastasia: All right.

( Anastasia nods at Knight Star.)

( Knight Star’s Star Stone flashes, but there is no response.)

Anastasia: Great.

Knight Star: Maybe we can find that hole again. It will lead us back to the tunnel…

Anastasia: Okay.

( Knight Star glides away.)


( Gwenevere and the Fairy princess plunge toward the thick forest.)

Gwenevere: What do we do now?!

Morning Glory: I don’t know! The only way I can fly is with Dream Dancer!

( Gwenevere looks up.)

( She sees Moondance falling down above them.)

Gwenevere: Moondance!

( Moondance sees Gwen and nods.)

Gwenevere: Make a magic shield around us to break our fall!

Moondance: I’ll try!

( Moondance’s Moon Stone glows and a blue magic bubble-shield circles around her, Gwen, and Morning Glory.)

( They fall closer and closer to the ground.)

Gwenevere (closing her eyes): Hang on!

( They begin to fall through tree branches, but all break: none catch their fall.)

( The bubble bursts as they hit.)


( Sunstar flies anxiously around the portal, touching her wing tips into it.)

( Her wing tips bend, like she was pushing them upon a door or a wall.)

Sunstar: It’s no use. It keeps blocking even my wing feathers.

Tamara: Keep trying… it must be some kind of glitch.

Fallon: Oh, I hope they’re okay!

( Tamara lays a comforting hand on Fallon’s shoulder.)

Tamara: They’ll be fine… Moondance and Gwen can both find ways to break their falls with their enchanted jewels.

Fallon: You’re right… I’m doubting Moondance… and Gwen.


( A shadowy figure with a black cloak and hood stands in front of two Crystals, one is a crystal ball, and the other is a red star-shaped jewel.)

( In the crystal ball, there is an image of Tamara, Sunstar, and Fallon…)

( Then, the image changes to an image of little wingless Fairies (like Morning Glory) riding Pixie Ponies.)

Thorn: A most promising diversion.

( He waves his arms over the crystal ball with the Fairies image in it.)

( The image becomes cloudy and then clears and the image has changed to an image of a lifeless Moondance, Gwenevere, and Morning Glory lying on the forest floor, along with a few tree branches which broke during their fall.)

( Thorn lifts his hood off and reveals that he is an evil yet handsome teenaged elf with dark blue eyes, and blonde and silver hair.)

( He stares at the tiny fairy lying in Gwenevere’s open hand.)

( He waves his hand over it and the image fades to reveal a closer look at her.)

Thorn: Her. Is she the one?

( He looks to her belt and sees the sparkling Dream Crystal.)

Thorn: The Dream Crystal! It *is* her!

( Thorn throws the hood back over his head.)

( He turns and runs out a door with an evil black serpent dragon carved around it: it is coiled around seven colorful, tiny gems… one matches the Dream Crystal on Morning Glory’s belt.)

( The red star crystal shows an image of Anastasia and Knight Star wandering through the wild magic.)


Anastasia: Okay, we aren’t getting very far…

( Anastasia looks around, annoyed, and points to a floating rock.)

Anastasia: We’ve passed this five times…

Knight Star: Well, maybe it’s something special and we need to see it…

( Knight Star looks around and sees that Anastasia is gone.)

Knight Star: ‘Stasia?

( He scans the jewels and floating rocks again, no trace of the teenager.)

Knight Star: ‘Stasia!

( He quickly swoops up and frantically flies around.)


( Two strange shadowed figures soar through the Wild Magic.)

Nehon (voice only): I think she’s around here…

( A large gryphon turns his head to look at his rider in green and light tan Jewel Armor.)

Razor Wing: What makes you so sure?

( The rider looks down and then looks around.)

Nehon: I heard her friend talking…

Razor Wing: The winged Unicorn?

Nehon: Yes, I think…

( Nehon points over in the distance.)

Nehon: He’s searching for her right now…

Razor Wing: Is she lost *again*?

Nehon: Not exactly…


( A red, Fire shaped jewel casts a dark shadow on Gwen, Moondance, and Morning Glory.)

( Behind the jewel is a figure in a hooded black cloak.)

( He puts his hands out and the jewel floats down to rest in his hands.)

( He pulls the hood from over his head and again, this is Thorn.)

Thorn: You are sure this is it?

( The Fire Stone glows with an evil male voice.)

Granite (voice only): This is the Fairy Princess… she holds the key to the forest…

Thorn: So it *is* her… what about the others?

Granite (voice only): Cast them into the Realm of the Fairies, they will never be able to return from there…

( Thorn nods and bends down.)

( He picks up the unconscious little Fairy and encases her in a bubble-shield.)

( Thorn reaches his hand out above Gwenevere and Moondance.)

( His shadow is cast upon them.)


( Sunstar flies around, still in the Wild Magic with Tamara and Fallon still on her back.)

Tamara: I can’t believe that we can’t get in there!

( Sunstar rears and kicks her front legs at the portal, but they don’t go in, they just hit against it like the portal was enclosed with a clear glass.)

Fallon: Maybe we can find another way in…

Tamara: But how? This is the only way…

Fallon: There’s nothing better to do, they can’t get back out…

Tamara: You’re right. Let’s go.

( Sunstar turns and flies away, back through the tunnel.)


( Anastasia lay on a rock in the Wild Magic.)

( She is seemingly asleep, and she suddenly opens her eyes.)

Anastasia: Knight Star!!!

( She reaches to her side, and Knight Star isn’t there.)

( She looks around frantically and sees no sign of Knight Star.)

( She turns and sees shadowy figures coming her way.)

Anastasia: Knight Star?

( The shadows come closer and closer until Anastasia can tell that one is an animal with a young man riding in his saddle.)

Anastasia: Who’s there?

Nehon: It’s only me…

Anastasia: Who’s ‘me’?

( Nehon puts his finger up to his mouth to ‘shush’ her.)

Nehon: So you’re lost in the Wild Magic *again*.

Anastasia: How would you know?

Razor Wing: He just does.

Nehon: Razor Wing, that’s no way to treat her.

( Anastasia looks at Razor Wing and then laughs.)

Anastasia: Don’t worry, I like a… gryphon with a sense of humor.

( Razor Wing now has landed on the rock and Anastasia can see him and his rider in dark green and light tan Jewel Armor clearly.)

Nehon: We have met before.

Anastasia: When?

Nehon: Last time you were lost in the Wild Magic.

Anastasia: You! It *was* you! I remember seeing your face!

Nehon: You saw my face?

Anastasia: No… I guess it was just your eyes I saw.

Nehon: Okay.

Anastasia: How did you find me again?

Nehon: The first time I got lost in the Wild Magic like you, but I found a way out shortly after we first met. This time I just came to check and see if you were still here, and here you are.

Anastasia: Wait a minute… this time I’m here because I decided to explore a Black Hole kind of thing in a Travel Tree Tunnel…

Nehon: So you aren’t here because of what happened last time…

Anastasia: Good heavens no!

Nehon: You know, you did trust me when I told you how to find a way out didn’t you?

Anastasia: Yes I did…

Nehon: Now I should be able to trust you… and since you have a kind and loving heart I will give this to you.

( Nehon puts one of his fingers onto another and suddenly, he pricks his nail into it.)

( A small stream of blood begins to ooze out of his fingertip.)

Anastasia: What are you doing?

Nehon: Just watch.

( Anastasia now has a very worried look on her face while she watches Nehon painfully squeeze blood out of his finger.)

( As a drop of blood, about the size of a small diamond, falls from his finger, and it quickly cools into a jewel.)

( Nehon catches it and Anastasia realizes that his finger is not bleeding anymore.)

( Nehon hands the tiny jewel to Anastasia.)

Nehon: This is a drop of my blood made crystalline by the wild magic.

( Anastasia examines the stone which is shaped like a tiny tear drop.)

Anastasia: How did it do that?

Nehon: I will trust you never to tell anyone else about this… as you have trusted me with your life, I am trusting you with mine.

( Anastasia nods at him.)

Nehon: My blood is Wild Magic and also if you are wondering, that is the reason my finger has healed so quickly.

( He holds out his finger and shows it to Anastasia, the wound is completely gone and there isn’t even a scar.)

Anastasia: What does that have to do with this Blood Stone?

Nehon: This is my gift to you. Because my blood is Wild Magic I can feel when the powers of Wild Magic in the stone when activated. If you hold this stone in your hands and think of me, I will come as soon as I can.

( Anastasia, still confused and full of wonder wearily nods at Nehon.)

( Razor Wing paws at the ground.)

Razor Wing: Okay ‘blood boy’ we should try to get going now…

Nehon: Wait… we should know each other’s names before we part.

Anastasia: My name is Anastasia, and if you ever see a black winged unicorn with a silver mane and tail, that is Knight Star.

Nehon: I am Nehon, and this feather-duster here is Razor Wing.

( The gryphon glowers up at him.)

( Nehon just shakes his head.)

( Razor Wing jumps up into the Wild magic and begins to fly away.)

( Nehon turns and waves.)

( Anastasia giggles and waves back at Nehon.)


( Gwenevere opens her eyes painfully.)

( She looks over and sees Moondance.)

( She looks up to look for Morning Glory, but the little Fairy is not there.)

Gwenevere (softly): Moondance…

( Moondance opens her eyes and looks up at her.)

( Gwenevere tries to get up, and while she is, she sees giant tree branches broken in half and leaves scattered everywhere.)

( She looks down where she is and she is lying on a huge tree leave.)

Gwenevere: What is this?

( She stands up, and Moondance follows, only she shakes off the dust that scattered in her fur from the fall.)

Moondance: Everything got bigger.

( She looks around, and glances back at Gwenevere.)

Gwenevere: Where’s Morning Glory?

( They look around and cannot find a trace of the little Fairy princess.)

( She is nowhere to be found.)

Moondance: She’s not here!

( Suddenly, they hear a beating of feathered wings.)

( A white winged unicorn soars above them.)

( Gwenevere looks up, and through the sunlight, she can only see it’s outline.)

Gwenevere: Sunstar!

Moondance: It is?

( The unicorn looks down and swoops around.)

( She lands on one of the branches and tosses her pink and blue mane.)

( Gwenevere is startled: she has never seen another winged unicorn other than Sunstar and Knight Star.)

Gwenevere: You’re not Sunstar…

Dream Dancer: Sunstar? Who’s Sunstar, and who are you?

Gwenevere: I am Princess Gwenevere, princess of Avalon…

Moondance: I am Moondance, princess of the unicorns…

Dream Dancer: I have never heard of either one of you… you don’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen here…

Gwenevere: We aren’t from around here, we live very far away…

( Dream Dancer looks to Moondance.)

Dream Dancer: You don’t have wings, that is very unusual…

Moondance: What do you mean? It is very unusual to *have* wings…

Dream Dancer: *All* Pixie Ponies have wings… I’ve never heard of one who hasn’t.

Moondance: I’m not a Pixie Pony! They are the size of horseflies… or so I’ve been told…

Dream Dancer: Horseflies? I’ve never heard of them… but if what you say is true I am.

Moondance: But how? You’re the same size as me!

Dream Dancer: Sorry, but you *are* a wingless Pixie Pony… that is, if you have met Thorn.

Gwenevere: Who’s Thorn?

Dream Dancer: Thorn is an evil magician… he is very good at making illusions with his special magic crystals… he is very strong and he is the size of a human, although he is a Fairy.

Gwenevere: So he’s my size…

Dream Dancer: I’m sorry you two, but you seem to have mistaken yourselves for the human and unicorn races, this is the Enchanted Forest, and only Fairies and Pixie Ponies live here.

Gwenevere: What can this Thorn guy do?

Dream Dancer: He can transform any living object into any other kind, and this is not one of his illusion powers… he can also make people into fairies…

wait a minute! He has made you two into a Fairy and a Pixie Pony!

( Gwenevere is shocked.)

( Moondance is now sorting it out and figuring that she is probably right.)

Gwenevere: It doesn’t feel any different than being normal…

Dream Dancer: I am very sorry… Thorn’s magic is also almost impossible to reverse.

Moondance/Gwenevere: WHAT!!!

( Dream Dancer hold her head low now, feeling sorry for them… to her, it would be like becoming a winged unicorn, or a Fairy becoming human…)

Gwenevere: Wait a minute… you’re Dream Dancer!

Dream Dancer: How do you know that?

Gwenevere: A little Fairy, Morning Glory, told me…

Dream Dancer: Morning Glory!!! Did you find her?!

Gwenevere: Yes, but she’s gone now…

Dream Dancer: Oh no! Morning Glory is the Princess of the Fairies, and she is also the leader of all the Fairies in the Enchanted Forest!

Gwenevere: She was with us, but now she’s gone.

Dream Dancer: Thorn!

Gwenevere: What?

Dream Dancer: Thorn must have taken her! He is always trying to take our crystals and use them to transform the forest into his own waste land.

Gwenevere: Don’t worry, we’ll get her back.

Dream Dancer: We’ll need help, I’ll take you two back to the lake.

Moondance: The lake?

Dream Dancer: Fairy Lake. C’mon!

( Dream Dancer jumps up into the air and Gwenevere mounts Moondance.)

( Dream Dancer glides away while Moondance follows below.)


( Morning Glory is encased in one of the Crystal Ball bubbles in Thorn’s evil lair.)

( She bangs on the sides, trying to break free.)

( Thorn hears her small efforts and walks into the room.)

Thorn: So we meet again, Princess.

Morning Glory: Thorn!

Thorn: Ha ha ha! And this time, you and your little Fairy friends can’t beat me…

( He open his hand and drops a small, cloud shaped jewel on the table in front of the Crystal bubble.)

Morning Glory: My Dream Crystal!

Thorn: Yes… and soon, all the others will be mine as well!

Morning Glory: No… Gwenevere! Gwenevere and Moondance will come with all the other fairies and they’ll find me!

Thorn: No, Gwenevere is helpless against my powers, her’s are only that of a Fairy’s…

Morning Glory: No! You couldn’t have!!!

Thorn (walking away): Don’t doubt it, I already have.

(Thorn walks out of the room, and Morning Glory falls to her knees.)

Morning Glory: It’s *my* fault this happened!!!


( Dream Dancer swoop up ahead, and Moondance, with Gwen on her back, follows quickly behind.)

Dream Dancer: It’s right up here…

( She swoops around a huge tree log, blocking a small animal path.)

( Moondance times her moments just right and leaps to the top of the log in one bound.)

( Suddenly, before them spreads a vast magical area with a stream and a waterfall, pouring into a forest pool.)

( Fairies and Pixie Ponies roam the lake.)

Gwenevere: Dream Dancer… is this where you live???

( Dream Dancer looks down at her, surprised.)

Dream Dancer: Yeah… where else???

( Gwenevere exchanges looks with Moondance and they both then gaze in awe at the beautiful forest clearing.)

Dream Dancer: Well are you just going to stand there with your mouths wide open?

( Moondance and Gwenevere quickly snap their mouths shut.)

Dream Dancer: This way.

( She flies down the log and Moondance jumps off.)

( Dream Dancer glides over the plants and soon, she beats her wings and crosses the river.)

( Moondance gallops after her, and with one bound, she beautifully jumps the


( As Dream Dancer and Moondance approach, six Fairies, and six Pixie Ponies from every which way turn toward them.)

( The Fairies begin to whisper to ne another.)

Felicia ( whispering to Golden Rose): She’s not a Royal Fairy, she should have wings…

( Gwenevere stands shocked.)

Gwenevere: I am Princess Gwenevere of Avalon…

Golden Rose: Avalon?

Water Lily: What’s that?

Gwenevere: It’s where I came from, my mother is the queen…

( Felicia is amazed at how this “Fairy” is royal, but not of the Fairies land)

Felicia: You are royal… please tell me, do the Fairies at your kingdom all lack wings??

Gwenevere: Oh! I am not a Fairy!

Felicia: Yes you are…

Gwenevere: No I’m not… an evil Fairy did this to me…

Golden Rose: Thorn!

Gwenevere: Yes, how did you know?

Daffodil: Thorn is the only evil Fairy in the Enchanted Forest… he controls al the natural disasters.

Dream Dancer: Please, all Fairies! Listen to me: Princess Morning Glory has been kidnaped!!

Fairies: <gasp>

Mountain Star: What do we do now?

Flitterbelle: We need Morning Glory!

Gwenevere: Listen please! We will go and find Morning Glory at Thorn’s castle… and we shall rescue her!

Golden Rose: But how?

Water Lily: She’s our leader…

Felicia: We need her Dream Crystal…

(The last words ring in Dream Dancer’s ears.)

Dream Dancer: Oh no… she’s right… we can only turn Thorn away with the powers of *ALL* the crystals, The Pixie Ponies’ and the Fairies’.

( Gwenevere turns to Dream Dancer.)

Gwenevere: What can we do now?

Dream Dancer: Please listen everyone! We will have to try our best to turn Thorn away with only my Dream Crystal.

( A beautiful white Pixie Pony with a rainbow streaked mane and tail flies up and lands beside Dream Dancer.)

Rainbow Flier: Dream Dancer, we must hurry.

Gwenevere: Why?

Rainbow Flier: Thorn grows stronger with every sunset and moon rise… if he gets too strong before we can get there, we will never be able to defeat him.

Gwenevere: Then we must go, we’ll get acquainted on the way there.

( Gwenevere turns to Moondance.)


( Suddenly, Anastasia wakes up.)

(Knight Star flies through the Wild Magic.)

( Anastasia looks down and sees a tiny red blood tear drop shaped charm on her silver necklace… she just smiles.)

Anastasia: That tear is around here…

Knight Star: I can’t even remember where it was…

Anastasia: Well… I can just feel it…

Knight Star: Yeah…

Anastasia: Oh Knight Star! Quit fooling and help me find it!

Knight Star: If you had asked like that in the first place, we’d have found it already.

( Knight Star rears and flies off.)


( Fallon and Tamara are back at the Crystal Palace, trying to map out Gwen’s whereabouts.)

Fallon: Let’s see… we were about here… and that is about where that portal was…

Tamara: I don’t get it… only Moondance, Gwen, and Morning Glory could pass into the portal…

Fallon: Wait!

Tamara: What?

Fallon: Call Sunstar! Tell her to come quickly!

Tamara: Okay…

( Tamara lifts her Heart Stone and it glows with it’s warm pink glow and it stops.)

Tamara: She’s on her way.

Fallon: The reason the portal wouldn’t let us through was because it only lets royalty pass.

Tamara: Then we can’t find a way to Gwen!

Fallon: Unless we tear a hole in the tunnel.

Tamara: How can we do that?

(Sunstar flies into the room and folds her wings.)

Fallon: I’ll tell you when we get there.

( Fallon and Tamara climb onto Sunstar.)


( Thorn turns points at the magic crystal ball.)

( An image of Gwenevere, Moondance, and the Fairies and Pixie Ponies appears in it.)

Granite (voice only): They are coming here.

Thorn: No!

( Morning Glory looks up from her crystal bubble.)

Granite (voice only): Then you must find a way to stop them.

Thorn: How can I stop them?

( Morning Glory watches Thorn “argue” with his Fire Stone.)

Morning Glory: Who is he talking to?

( Thorn marches over and picks up the Fire Stone.)

Thorn: Now you’d better make this work.

Granite (voice only): Don’t worry… I want the crystals as bad as you do.

( Thorn holds the Fire Stone high above his head and it ignites with an evil red flame.)

Thorn: Fire Stone, with destruction and hate, go to their crystals and from the powers of them take!

( The Fire Stone bursts flames out and they shoot out the windows of the tower.)

Morning Glory: (gasps)

( She watches the flames shoot out the window.)


( Gwenevere is atop of Moondance and she is talking with Felicia and Daffodil.)

Felicia: I am Felicia and this is Feather Hoof.

( She rubs Feather Hoof on the Neck and Feather Hoof looks up at her and nods.)

Daffodil: I am Daffodil, and this is Rainbow Flier.

( Rainbow Flier looks up at Gwenevere and “bows”.)

Gwenevere: I am pleased to meet all of you… now I must get on to meet the other Fairies…

(Moondance walks up to some more Fairies: Golden Rose, Flitterbelle and Mountain Star.)

Gwenevere: Golden Rose… are we getting closer?

( Golden Rose turns to Gwenevere.)

Golden Rose: The Valley of Fire is down from the Yawna Mountains, outside of the Forest…

( As they near a clearing with no more trees ahead, she points at the mountains.)

Golden Rose: We’re getting close.

( Gwenevere looks over to Mountain Star, who has a map.)

Gwenevere: You have a map…

( Mountain Star looks up and smiles.)

Mountain Star: Yes… Thorn’s castle is not far from the edge of the forest.

Gwenevere: Have you ever been this way before?

Mountain Star: No… Morning Glory and Dream Dancer are the only ones who have ventured out of the Enchanted Forest.

Gwenevere: Why doesn’t anyone else?

Mountain Star: I guess no one really wants to… Morning Glory, even though a princess, is very adventurous.

( The group begins to near the path into the Yawna Mountains.)


( Anastasia and Knight Star fly through the wild magic along a Travel Tree Tunnel.)

Anastasia: We’ll never find it!!

( Knight Star looks up at her.)

Knight Star: Now see here… you happen to have someone here who is optimistic… so just keep your opinions to yourself.

Anastasia: Knight Star! Quit being so difficult!

( Knight Star smirks and shrugs his wings.)

( Knight Star flies a little further, and he sees a black tear.)

( Anastasia is looking off into space.)

Knight Star: ‘Stasia… look what I found!

( Anastasia looks down at him and smirks back.)

( Knight Star tosses his head forwards and Anastasia leans over to look.)

( She sees the black tear now also.)

Anastasia: Knight Star! Knight Star, there it is!!!!

Knight Star: Yeah… I noticed.

( Knight Star swoops his wings back and forth for a moment and folds them to his sides and dives in.)

( They appear above a lush green forest, and Knight Star is caught off-guard, so he begins to fall to the ground.)

Anastasia: Knight Star!!!!!!!

( Knight Star rears in mid-air and tries to flap his wings, but it is too late, they have already hit the sharp tree branches.)

( Knight Star plunges through the tree branches, breaking every one he falls by.)

( Sticks hit the ground, snapping and breaking, and just as Knight Star falls past the line where the branches stop, he swoops and barely misses the ground.)

( Anastasia looks down and sees Knight Star’s wings and back feet behind her, which are far above the ground now.)

( Knight Star looks back at her and lets out a small nicker.)

Knight Star: Ah…. ha ha…. ‘Stasia, your hair.

( Anastasia suddenly looks up and sees a stick dangling from her bangs.)

( She rips the stick out, surprisingly not pulling any hair out while doing so.)


( Thorn paces back and forth, watching the magic crystal ball.)

Thorn: It’s going too slow… they’ll get here before it hits them…

Granite (voice only): Thorn, you have no patience… none at all.

( The image of the Fairies clouds up, and when the blurriness goes away, there is nothing in the crystal ball.)

( The ruby star crystal begins to flash.)

( Thorn whips around to see it.)

( An image of Anastasia and Knight Star appears in the star crystal.)_

Thorn: What! Who is she???

( Anastasia is pulling twigs and leaves from her hair, and finally they are all gone, and she swishes her head back and forth a few times to make her hair lay down.)

Granite (voice only): It’s her!

Thorn: It’s who?

( The red ruby star crystal begins to glow with a bright pink glow.)

( It flashes every time Knight Star beats his wings to his sides.)

Granite (voice only): She is the one who created all the stones like the star!

( Morning Glory puts her hands up on the crystal ball and sees the image of Anastasia in the star crystal.)

Granite (voice only): Look at her belt!

( Thorn looks closer and sees the Star Stone, identically matching the ruby star crystal.)

Thorn: It is!

Granite (voice only): Do you suppose she came to rescue Princess Gwenevere?

Thorn: I have no clue, but when she gets here… her jewel will be mine.


( Gwenevere looks up.)

( Black storm clouds are gathering around the group.)

Gwenevere: Guys… there’s a storm blowing in…

( Some of the other fairies look up and see the clouds.)

Daffodil: Let’s move!

( She waves her hand forwards to motion them to start moving faster.)

( The Pixie Ponies and Moondance begin to gallop.)

( Moondance looks up at Gwenevere.)

Moondance: We’re not going to make it!!! We’ll be caught in the storm!

Gwenevere: It looks like a magical storm… look at that red lightning flashing inside the clouds…

( Daffodil looks up and sees what Gwen is talking about.)

Daffodil: Gwenevere! Get up here… hurry!

( Gwenevere sees Daffodil and Moondance gallops up to Rainbow Flier.)

Daffodil: We’ll have to fight this storm… this looks worse than any other ones Thorn has blown at us…

( They look up again and see the storm clouds over top of them now.)

Daffodil: Uh oh… better power up.

( Daffodil holds her Rainbow Crystal to the sky.)

Daffodil: In the Power of the Rainbow!

( Feather Hoof with Felicia on her back gallops up, and other Pixie Ponies follow, all of them forming a straight line, with Gwen and Moondance in between Daffodil and Rainbow Flier, and Golden Rose and Diamond.)

( Daffodil looks at the other Fairies and Gwenevere.)

( All the Fairies hold up their crystals.)

Flitterbelle: In the Power of the Emerald!

Golden Rose: In the Power of the Diamond!

Felicia: In the Power of the Feather!

Water Lily: In the Power of Scarlet!

Mountain Star: In the Power of the Comet!

( All the Fairies are covered in mini whirlwinds and each Pixie Pony rears beside it.)

( As the Fairy in the whirlwind gets covered by her crystal armor, the Pixie Pony’s also appears.)

( The whirlwinds disappear and the Fairies and Pixie Ponies are covered in their magical crystal armor.)

Gwenevere: By the Magic of the Sun Stone!

( Gwenevere’s armor swirls around her.)

Moondance: By the magic of the Moon Stone!

( Moondance’s armor appears.)

Daffodil: Let’s get moving!

( Rainbow Flier takes to the skies as Daffodil shoots beams into the storm clouds.)

( Suddenly, the beams are pulled into the cloud, and it is unharmed.)

Daffodil: What is this???

( The cloud shoots out six streaks of lightning which streak to the six magic crystals worn by the Fairies.)

( The lightning disappears and beams each color of the crystal shoot up into the cloud.)

Gwenevere: Fairies! The clouds are draining the magic from your crystals!

( Daffodil looks over at Gwenevere and puts one hand up.)

Daffodil: Quickly… power down…

( All the Fairies put one hand on their crystals and their magic crystal armor disappears, and the beams from the crystals also disappear.)

Felicia: What can we do now?

Water Lily: We can’t fight without our magic crystals!

Gwenevere: Don’t worry… Moondance and I will find a way to help you.

( Moondance nods.)

Gwenevere: If you don’t use your crystals, the clouds won’t shoot out lightning to take their magic.

( Comet jumps up to Moondance.)

Comet: The sunset is coming soon… it’s only about a half hour away.

Moondance: Gwenevere… the sunset is only a half hour away.

Gwenevere: We have to hurry!

( The Fairies nod and their Pixie Ponies gallop off, following Moondance.)


( Knight Star bursts out of the leaf covering and soars into the sky.)

( He soon flies to the edge of the forest, coming closer and closer to the Yawna Mountains.)

( Anastasia hears unicorns talking.)

( She looks down.)

Anastasia: Knight Star! Look down there!

( She points and Knight Star looks down.)

( He can’t see much, but he can see a caravan of small figures.)

Knight Star: Some how I sense the Moon Stone.

Anastasia: Don’t be silly Knight Star! You know Fallon and Moondance aren’t down there…

( Anastasia lifts her Star Stone up and shines it down to the Fairies.)

Anastasia (confused): Or are they?

( Knight Star shakes his head and swoops down, to investigate.)


Daffodil: Up there! It’s Thorn!

( She points at the huge shadow, and the black flying figure coming towards them from the sky.)

( Gwenevere looks up.)

Gwenevere: Moondance… is that Knight Star???

( Moondance looks up and her Moon Stone glows.)

Moondance: It sure is!!!


Knight Star: ‘Stasia, Moondance is down there!

Anastasia: That’s impossible… Those things down there are too small to be Moondance…

Knight Star: We should check though…

Anastasia: Okay.


Gwenevere: Fairies! It’s okay! It’s my friend from Avalon!


( Knight Star flies closer to the ground and she recognizes Gwen and Moondance.)

Anastasia: Gwen! What happened?

Gwenevere: ‘Stasia!

( Anastasia dismounts and bends down to talk to Gwen and the other Fairies.)

Anastasia: Gwenevere, who did this to you?

Gwenevere: Thorn, the evil Fairy.

Anastasia: Then we have to find him!

( Daffodil walks up and bows.)

Daffodil: I am Daffodil… and we are already on our way to his castle.

Rainbow Flier: We have to get there before sunset!

( Daffodil looks back at Rainbow Flier.)

Daffodil: She said…

( Anastasia nods.)

Anastasia: I heard her.

( Anastasia looks at Knight Star who is amazed at the tiny little winged unicorns.)

Anastasia: I have an idea… Knight Star can fly as fast as the wind, and maybe he can take you there…

( The Fairies look at each other.)

Anastasia: If you want to do this and get there quicker, you…

( She points at the Pixie Ponies)

Anastasia: You and the Fairies can ride on Knight Star’s wings, he is a very smooth flier…

( She looks down at Gwenevere.)

Anastasia: You and Moondance can ride with me.

( Gwenevere looks at Moondance, and Moondance just seems to shrug.)

Daffodil: We will!

( All the other Fairies look at her like she is crazy, but they then look at Anastasia and nod.)

Anastasia: Let’s go then!

( Anastasia picks up Moondance and Gwenevere and mounts Knight Star.)

( Knight Star bends down to the ground and folds his wing to the ground.)

( The Fairies mount the Pixie Ponies and they gallop onto his wing.)

Anastasia: Now hold on tight… be careful Knight Star.

( Knight Star looks back at Anastasia and smirks.)

Knight Star: Aren’t I always?

( Anastasia looks down at him like he’d better shut up while he’s ahead.)

( Knight Star then gently spreads out his wings and swoops up, and begins to glide swiftly.)


( Thorn peers into the Ruby Star Crystal.)

Thorn: Why is it that they always get out of my traps???!!!

Granite (voice only): They must be very skilled, or you are very stupid.

Thorn: Ooooohhhhh!!!!!

( Clenches his fists together so tight they almost look stark white.)

Granite (voice only): Now focus on the Fairies and let’s find a way to destroy them once and for all.

Thorn: We will wait until they get here.


( Knight Star glides over tall peaks.)

Daffodil: We’re very close… Thorn’s castle is hidden somewhere within these mountains in the Valley of Fire.

( Knight Star looks down and tries to scan the area below.)

Anastasia (suddenly): Knight Star! Look out!

( Knight Star throws his head up and dodges just in time to miss a peak.)

Gwenevere: Oh, that was close…

( Anastasia looks up and sees a set of peaks, both only a matter of feet apart.)

Anastasia: Knight Star, move that way…

( Anastasia leans to the right, but the unicorn cannot go that way.)

Knight Star: There’s another set of peaks blocking the way.

( Anastasia looks to the other side, and peaks are blocking that way also.)

Anastasia: We’ll have to go through here… everyone, hold tight!

( Knight Star folds his wings in a little bit and swoops through the narrow path.)

( The Fairies and Pixie Ponies hold on tight, and Anastasia holds Moondance and Gwen close to her as they go through.)

( As Knight Star suddenly approaches another peak straight ahead, Anastasia tries to get a better grip to hold Moondance and Gwen in her arms, and Gwen begins to slip.)

Gwenevere: Ahhh…. AHHHHHH!!

( Gwenevere slips out and plunges down.)

Anastasia: GWEN!!!

( Knight Star tries to swoop down, but he can’t.)

Anastasia: Knight Star! Swoop down!

Knight Star: ‘Stasia, I can’t!!!

( Dream Dancer steps up from almost being buried in Knight Star’s wing feathers.)

( She spreads her wings and jumps off.)

( She flies down and disappears into the darkness.)

Daffodil: Dream Dancer!!!

( Anastasia looks back.)

Daffodil: Dream Dancer fell too!

( Anastasia looks down.)


( Gwenevere plunges toward the deep valley below the mountains.)

( She closes her eyes gently.)

Dream Dancer (voice only): Princess!!

( Gwenevere’s eyes burst open and she looks up.)

( Dream Dancer plunges toward her, and she swoops below her.)

( Gwen suddenly lands on her back and lets a long sigh of relief.)

( A giant flame bursts from the valley below, lighting up a small portion of the darkness.)

Gwenevere: What was that?

( Dream Dancer looks down, and suddenly her Dream Crystal begins to flash.)

Dream Dancer: It’s the Valley of Fire! Morning Glory is down there!!!

Gwenevere: I’ll tell the others.

( Gwenevere hold up her Sun Stone and is begins to glow.)


( Anastasia looks down, but then turns away.)

Anastasia: I can’t believe it… after all she’s been through, it ended this way…

Knight Star: Not quite…

( Anastasia looks up at him.)

Knight Star: Gwen and Dream Dancer have found the Valley of Fire.

Anastasia: It’s down there?

( Knight Star nods.)

Anastasia: Well, turn the best you can and get down there!!

( Knight Star soars around and dives down into the dark valley.)


( A white light shines down as a beam, clear down into the flames.)

( Gwenevere looks up.)

Gwenevere: Here they come.

( Knight Star soars down into the darkness while his Star Stone light beam cuts through the black fog.)

Dream Dancer: Over here!

( Anastasia looks up from looking down into the valley.)

Anastasia: That was Dream Dancer… they’re over there.

( Anastasia points and Knight Star glides over.)

( The Star Stone light shines on Dream Dancer and Gwen.)

( Dream Dancer flies over to Knight Star.)

Gwenevere: The Valley is down there.

( Anastasia turns to the Fairies and Pixie Ponies on Knight Star’s wing.)

Anastasia: You might want to get off here… Knight Star *is* a little rougher going straight down…

( Daffodil and the other Fairies agree… they could hardly hold on when he went down in the valley to look for Gwen and Dream Dancer.)

( The Pixie Ponies get up and their Fairies mount.)

( Knight Star tears down into the valley with Dream Dancer by his side and six Pixie Ponies following after him.)


Granite (voice only): Thorn, they’re here!!!

( Thorn turns to his Fire Stone suddenly.)

Thorn: They’re here already??!!

Granite (voice only): I suggest that you cast whatever spell you were going to cast and blow them away, forever!


( Knight Star lands on the drawbridge of the castle.)

( Fire shoots up everywhere around them… lava lines the bottom, it almost looks like they are inside a volcano.)

Gwenevere: Charming place.

( Knight Star walks inside and the Pixie Ponies follow.)

( They see ropes holding bubbles, and some have small animals in them, and some even have fairies in them.)

Golden Rose: Look at this!

( She points to one of the bubbles with a fairy in it and Diamond flies over to it.)

( The fairy seems to be lifeless, but then, Golden Rose notices that it is asleep.)

Diamond: They’re only asleep…

Golden Rose: Only…

Gwenevere: We’ll find a way to free them later, right now we have to find Thorn!

( Golden Rose nods and Diamond flies back up to the group.)

( They walk on down a large hall and walk straight… even though rooms branch off.)

( There is a doorway with a black serpent dragon carving over it… the dragon carving is coiled around seven small carved stones.)

( The stones begin to glow.)

Felicia: Look! They’re in the same shape as our crystals…

( The stones shoot out beams the different colors of the Fairies’ crystals.)

Water Lily: Look out!

( Scarlet Singer, Water Lily’s Pixie Pony jumps out of the way and the other Pixie Ponies follow… but it is too late.)

( The beams which match the crystals go to that crystal and the Fairies them disappear.)

Gwenevere: What happened??!!

( The Pixie Ponies fly around, and cannot find a trace of their Fairy friends.)

Scarlet Singer: I don’t know, but I think the answer lies behind that door.

( Knight Star rears up and kicks on the door.)

( The door makes clinging sounds.)

Knight Star: The door is made of steel!

Dream Dancer: The only way to get through that door is to blast through!

( Dream Dancer charges at the door and Gwenevere grabs tight to her saddle.)

( Moondance jumps from Anastasia’s arms and follows her, ad the other Pixie Ponies charge as well.)

Dream Dancer: Crystals… BLAST!

( The Pixie Ponies’ crystals glow and shoot out beams everywhere on the door.)

( The door begins to crumble, but it will not completely break.)

Moondance: By the Magic of the Moon Stone!

( She shoots beams from her Moon Stone into the door.)

Anastasia: By the Magic of the Star Stone!

( Anastasia and Knight Star shoot beams out of their Star Stones.)

( The door begins to crumble even more, but it will not completely give way.)

Gwenevere: By the magic of the Sun Stone!

( Gwen hold up her Sun Stone and it shoots beams at the door, and the door bursts into sparks.)

( The Pixie Ponies and Moondance charge through and Knight Star jumps in behind them.)

( A figure with a hooded black cloak turns.)

( He lifts the hood from his head.)

Thorn (looking straight at Anastasia): You.

( Anastasia looks at him like he is crazy.)

Anastasia: Me?

Thorn: You are the one who is causing so much trouble… if it wasn’t for you… I’d already have the powers of all the crystals…

( Anastasia looks down at Gwen.)

Thorn: No matter, now I *do* have all the power of the Fairy Crystals and you cannot stop me!!

( Thorn picks up his Fire Stone and the seven crystals on the table.)

( He throws the crystals to the floor.)

( He holds the Fire Stone above his head and the crystals shoot beams into it.)

( There is a magic blast and suddenly a huge Black Dragon, which looks exactly like the one carved in the doorway, emerges.)

Anastasia: Oh no… now there’s some trouble…

( The dragon’s eyes glow red.)

( He spits fire at them, and they all manage to dodge it.)

( The fire begins to catch on the scrolls on the wall.)

Granite (voice only): No you fool! You’ll burn the looking room!

( The dragon turns, distracted…)

( Anastasia rips her silver necklace from her neck.)

( A small red tear shaped jewel is set in a charm, which dangles on the necklace.)

Anastasia: Nehon! I need your help!

( The Blood Stone sends out a burst of red light.)

( Suddenly on the other side of the room the red light shapes into a human and the red glow disappears, and Nehon and Razor Wing are standing there.)

Nehon: Now let’s see…

( The Black Dragon turns and stares at him with his red glowing eyes.)

Razor Wing: Wow, a Black Dragon.

( The Black Dragon begins to speak, and it is Thorn’s voice, only twisted and low and rumbling, like a dragon’s.)

Thorn: You…

( Nehon looks at him like he is crazy, similar to Anastasia’s look.)

Anastasia: I think that’s his favorite word.

Thorn: You are the one… the one with the Wind Stone…

Nehon: I have no idea who you are…

( The dragon charges at Nehon.)

Nehon: But you’d better turn those two back to human and unicorn…

Thorn: NEVER!

( The dragon spits fire everywhere and Nehon jumps onto Razor Wing.)

( Razor Wing flies up and Nehon shoots small whirlwinds from his Wind Stone.)

Nehon: Anastasia, get the star!

( Anastasia looks up.)

Anastasia: What star?

Nehon: The Ruby Star! It has your reflection in it!

( Nehon briefly points at the Ruby Star Crystal on the table beside Morning Glory.)

( He suddenly turns back and shoots another whirlwind beam to shield himself from the dragon’s fire.)

( Anastasia looks over to the table.)

( She blinks and stands up.)

( She jumps from Knight Star’s back and flips.)

( She flies over the flames surrounding the table.)

( The Ruby Star Crystal glows bright and Anastasia lands on the floor.)

( She picks up the Star.)

( The star glows and the Star Stone glows.)

Anastasia: What’s it doing???

( The ruby star attaches to the Star Stone and it become one with the stone.)

( Morning Glory looks up at Anastasia.)

( Anastasia looks down at her and then a giant thunder clap is heard.)

( Startled, she turns and sees the dragon battling Nehon and Razor Wing.)

( She turns to the side wall of the tower.)

( There are six bubbles, and incased in each are the six Fairies.)

( She looks at the table, Morning Glory is trapped in the bubble and there are potions sitting around the bubble.)

( Anastasia sees a potion bottle which the label reads “Counter Potion.”)

Anastasia: A counter potion!

( She grabs the counter potion bottle.)

( She tosses it over towards Knight Star and the Pixie Ponies.)

( The potion bottle shatters on the floor and it’s contents splash on Gwen and Moondance.)

( Suddenly they are surrounded by magic and they become their normal size again.)

Gwenevere: ‘Stasia! You did it!

( Anastasia then picks up the bubble holding Morning Glory.)

( She touches the Star Stone to it and the bubble bursts.)

(Morning Glory flies out of it, and Dream Dancer soars up and catches her.)

( The dragon then flinches as if he had been hit in the stomach by a spear.)

Thorn: NOOOO!!!

( Morning Glory reaches out her hand.)

( The Dream Crystal on the floor suddenly floats up into it.)

Morning Glory(her voice echoes): In the Power of the Dream!

( Dream Dancer rears in mid air and Morning Glory jumps up.)

( She raises her arms and she begins to twirl.)

( Pink and Blue magic surround her and then, it disappears, and she has her Crystal Armor on.)

( Dream Dancer rears up again and Morning Glory lands on her back, and Dream Dancer also has her Crystal Armor on.)

Morning Glory: It ends now.

( She hold up her Dream Crystal and it shoots beams at the crystal bubbles on the side wall.)

( The bubbles burst and the Fairies fall out and land feet first on the floor.)

( They all hold out their hands and their crystals come to them.)

Thorn: You are to late! It is already sunset!

( The Fairies are covered by their magical Crystal Armor.)

( The all shoot beams out of their crystals and they hit the dragon.)

( The dragon steps back, and them raises his small front arms.)

( There is a magic blast and everyone falls to the floor, including Razor Wing and Nehon.)

Thorn: Did you think you tiny fairies could defeat me?!

Anastasia: Size is nothing.

( The dragon turns, startled that someone said that.)

( Anastasia holds up her Star Stone with both hands.)

Anastasia: Knight Star!

( Knight Star flies over to her and lands on the table.)

( Anastasia jumps onto the table and both her and Knight Star knock over all kinds of potions, feeding the fire.)

Anastasia: Starlight Shock!

( Anastasia then lets go of the Star Stone and holds her arms straight out from her sides, and the Star Stone glows white.)

( It sends a wave of white starlight over the whole tower and the Black Dragon is knocked over.)

( Anastasia drops to her knees, her eyes closed.)

( She opens her eyes and sees the dragon laying on the floor.)

Granite (voice only): Now I know who you are.

( Anastasia looks around.)

Anastasia: Who is that?

Granite (voice only): You are Anastasia, daughter of my brother, Alexander.

Anastasia: What are you talking about?!

Granite (voice only): We shall meet again.

( She looks forward to the dragon, who has became one with Thorn again.)

( Thorn disappears, seeming to deteriorate into sparkling magical dust.)

Gwenevere: Well now… I think we’ve had a little too much excitement for one day.

( Anastasia looks at her Star Stone.)

Anastasia: Where did I get *that* from?

Knight Star: What?

Anastasia: That spell… and why do I have a strange feeling about that voice?

Knight Star: I think you need some rest.

( Anastasia puts a hand to her head.)

Anastasia: I think I do too.

( She climbs onto Knight Star.)

( Gwenevere bends down to Dream Dancer.)

Gwenevere: I would like to thank you for saving my life.

( Dream Dancer shrugs her wings.)

Dream Dancer: All in the day’s work for today’s Pixie Pony…

( Gwenevere smiles and gets up, mounting Moondance.)

Gwenevere: The Fairies shall always be welcome in Avalon.

( Nehon smiles and mounts Razor Wing.)

( Razor Wing turns to fly away.)

Gwenevere: Wait!

( Nehon suddenly turns.)

Gwenevere: Without your help we would have never defeated Thorn. Thank you.

( Nehon bows.)

Nehon: I must be going, but remember ‘Stasia, if you or anyone else ever needs me, call with the Blood Stone.

( Razor Wing turns and flies out the tower window.)

( Anastasia waves and lays her head against Knight Star’s neck, falling asleep.)

( The Pixie Ponies jump into the air and fly out, with the Fairies on their backs waving.)

Gwenevere: Well now… I suppose we should get home too.

( Her Sun Stone, Moondance’s Moon Stone, and Knight Star’s Star Stone open a portal to the Wild Magic back to Avalon.)

( The unicorns gallops into it and the portal closes.)

The End

Hello, this is Morning Glory… and this story was an experiment with some other characters that I created. If anyone would like to learn more on Morning Glory, Princess of the Fairies, and Fairy Lake, please e-mail me at


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