Richard – Tale of the Twin Riders, Ch. 1

Summary: Anora and her twin sister Elaine join the Jewel Riders.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!



The Tale of the Twin Riders


Fallon, Gwen and Tamra were all in the Crystal Palace. Sunstar and Shadowsong were outside grazing in the fields of Avolon. The day was good, warm air and the sun shinging down over the land.


Gwen: “What are we going to do today?” She asked the others, as she looked at maps.


Tamra: “I don’t know. We do have one thing thogh.”


Gwen: What’s that?


Tamra: “The Friendship Ring, this time it’s for Fallon.”


Fallon looked at them both: “I just hope I’ll find a friend.” (All her life all she has wanted is friend.Gwen has Sunstar. Tamra has Shadowsong, Cleo, Spike and Sugar) Just then Anora walked in.


Anora: “Hey why does everyone look so gloomy?” She asked. (Anora is Fallon’s best friend, they meet in a medow far from Avolon.)


Fallon: “It’s about the Friendship Ring.”


Anora: “I got a great idea. Let’s go to the place we first met. What do you say, anyone else want to come? Just to get our minds off the ceremony”


Gwen: “What do you say Sunstar”

(Wherever you go I go.) Her unicorn friend said.


Tamra: “Shadowsong, will you come as well?”

(Yes, I’ve been there before) Her stripped Unicorn said.


They all meet outside the castle.


Gwen: “Let ride.” She said as she mounted Sunstar Anora hopped on. Tamra got on Shadowsong followed by Fallon. They use the Travel Trees to get to the medow. Yet the Medow seemed different.


Tamra: “Something isn’t right here.” She said holding her Heart Stone.


Anora: “Yes I can…feel…..” Anora gets dizzey she falls over.


Fallon: “Anora! Wake up!” She almost cries as she runs over to her.


Tamra: “Let me help.” (She holds her Heart Stone to Anora): “Heart to heart, let the light of love heal what has been done.” A pinkish light flows over Anora. Her eyes start to move.)


Anora: “What…..What happened to me?” She asked as she got up.


Fallon: “I was hoping you’d tell us.”


Anora: “I felt something, like someone calling me, a part of me. ”


Gwen: “What? That dosen’t make any sense.” She says as she looks at her friends.


Anora: “I wish I could say more.”


The sun was setting as the four left the medow.


They get back about 8:00 pm. The four girls get changed and head to their room. Shadowsong and Sunstar go to their rooms.


Anora has a disturbing dream, she tosses and turns)


Anora is walking threw a medow when she sees a figure in front of her): “Who are you?” she asked.


The figure tunrs around (the face is hidden) holding two stones.


Anora looks at the two stones, she starts to walk to the figure. Something is holding her back.


Kayle appears beside the person): “You will never get free of me!” She laughs, she has the person surrounded in wild magic, using her Dark Stone.


Person: “Yes I will! You can’t hold me forever!”


Anora: “Let the person go!” She demands.


Kayle: “You think you can stop me.”


Anora is tossing and turning in her sleep as the morning light comes in through the window. She lets out a scream as she sits up in bed, having broken out in a cold sweat.


Gwen jumps up) “Anora what is it?”


Anora: “Person…..Stone…..Kayle…..trapped.” She is still half asleep.


Fallon and Tamra wake up as well.


Fallon: “Anora what is it?”


Anora: “A dream…….no more like a nightmare.”


Tamra: “Tell us.”


Anora: “Kayle was in my dream holding a person back. The person was holding two stones. It was like the person was calling for help.”


Gwen: “A person? Who?”


Fallon: “These stones could they be Enchanted Jewels?”


Anora: “I don’t know. That dream was so real. The place was the meadow we were in yesterday.”


Fallon: “That may be why you fainted.”


Anora: “That is a possablity. We should go back there. I might be able to find some answers.”


Gwen: “Good idea.”


They got dressed. Gwen and Tamra grabbed their stones. They meet Shadowsong and Sunstar outside of the castle. Fallon and Anora joined them a few minutes later. They headed for the travel trees with the bright morning sun at there back side. The meadow had a mist covering it.


Tamra had her Heart Stone out in front of her): “I feel something here.”


Anora: “Can you tell who or what?”


Tamra: “No there’s to much wild magic.” She said trying to focus on her Heart Stone.


Anora: I can feel something. (She said as she walked off from the others. She walked threw some brush, until a vast river came to her): This is just like in my dream. Could that person be here (she asked herself).  Are you here? She asked into the fog, not knwoing what would happen. A dark figure a appeared in the fog. Anora stopped.


Anora: Who?


Figure: “It is I princess Kayle! I knew you’d come.” Kayle said.


Anora: “So it was you who was holding that person back! Where is that person”


Kayle: “Right here.” She said as she used her Dark Stone stone to drag a peson into the light. Anora was shocked as for the first time she got a look at the face.


Anora: “Your the one who was calling to me. Who are you?”


Person: “My name is Elaine. I’m……..your….t….twin sister.”


Anora: “WHAT?? My sister? How?”


Kayle: “I stole her from your mom on the day you were born. I made your mom swear not to tell anyone.”


Anora: “How can you be so heartless?” She asked with tears in her eyes.


Kayle: Heart?” was all Kayle said.


Anora: “Let my sister go. What has she done to you?”


Kayle: “She has two Jewels that I want, one jewel is tuned to her. The other I can’t even touch. It’s tuned to someone else. Yet she can’t even use hers. Kayle said staring at Elaine.”


Elaine: “She is talking about these.” She held two identical stones, out infront of her one sky blue and the other a ghost white.


Gwen, Fallon and Tamra noticed Anora was gone and they were searching for her.


Fallon: “Oh were could she be? Tamra can you find her?”


Tamra: There is to much wild magic. My Heart Stone won’t be of any help.


Gwen: “Lets see if Sunstar and I can see them. (Gwen hops on Sunstar as they take off): I see them there just over the hill. Kayle is here as well.”


Tamra: “What does Kayle want now?” She asked catching up with Gwen, on Shadownsong. Fallon hopped on.


Kayle: “Jewel Riders. How sickingly nice of you to show.” She said looking at them.


Gwen: “What do you want?” (She looked over and saw a girl that looked just lika Anora and she was holding two stones): “Those stones, are they Enchanted Jewels?”


Elaine: “Yes I think they are. Yet they won’t work for me. ”


Gwen: “Anora who is she?”


Anora: “She’s my twin sister.”


Gwen/Fallon/Tamra: “WHAT?!”


Gwen: “I need Jewel Power! We need to save her.”


Kayle: “Not a chance.”


Gwen: “By the magic of Sun Stone!”


Tamra: “By the magic of the Heart Stone!”


They both said as their Jewel armor appeared. Sunstar and Shadowsong also had their Jewel armor on.


Kayel threw a blast of wild magic at Tamra and Gwen. Gwen used her Sunstone to fight back.


Gwen: “You will not have her or the Jewels.” She said as her Jewel grew stronger. Tamra helped with her Heartstone


Kayle: “I……will…….. have those Jewels.” (Kayle could feel her Jewel weakoning): “What is going on?” (She looked at Elaine) “How are you doing this?”


Elaine: “You will never have these Jewels.” Kayle’s Dark Stone was being drained by the two Jewels Elaine was holding.


Kayle: “You little fool. You may have won this day, but  I’ll be back.” Kayle said disapearing.


Anora: “You’re free!” She said running up to Elaine.


Elaine: “I wish that were true. Kayle still holds power over me. These stones help me, but I have to find some way to get them to work. That drain is only temporary. We need to put a stop to her once and for all.”


Anora: “No, it can’t be! We will free you.”


Gwen: “Lets get back to the Crystal Palace.”


The others followed Shadowsong opened a door way into the wild magic. They appeared inside of the Crystal Palace. They went into the Jewel Keep a room full of Inchanted Jewels. Gwen walked over and got a big book, in it had a pictures of Jewels that aren’t found yet. Merlin knows all the Jewels, he put then a special book.


Fallon: “What are you looking for Gwen?”


Gwen: “I’m looking for those stones Elaine is holding. I think they might be in here.”


Fallon: “Elaine how did you get those Inchanted Jewels?” (She asked looking at her): “It might help us if you told us.”


Elaine: “Well, I got them by helping two unicorns get away form Kayle, She had plenty of other unicorns to find, but they each had a stone. Kayle got a hold of one of the stones.”


Fallon: “Oh no!”


Elaine: “Yes, I raced as fast as I could to stop her, but another unicorn came to my aid.”


Fallon: “Another unicorn?”


Elaine: “Yes, this one was pale blue in color with a purple main and tail. With a moon shaped stone on her hind legs with four other stones with it, like a birth mark.”


Fallon: “Oh my, I wish I could see this one.”


Anora: “I’m glad the other one showed up, when it did.” She said with a sigh.


Gwen was busy looking through the book. Merlin had a few pictures of Unicorns in the book and some had jewels beside the pictures): “Hey hold on, Elaine what did these two unicorns look like?”


Elaine looked up at her): “One had the color of the setting sun in it’s coat. It’s main and tail were the color of the rainbow. it had intence green eyes, it’s horn was the color of the ocean. The other was truly beautifull, It’s coat was the color of the night. It’s main and tail were the color of the silvery moon. It had soft blue eyes, with a white horn.”


Gwen: “Do these look familar?” She said showing her a picture of two unicorns that fit the discription.


Elaine: “Yes! Yes! That’s them! Those stones beside the picture….” (she held them out and they mached as well.)


Gwen: “Tell us more.”


Elaine: “We’ll, Kayle had a hold of the ghost white stone. And one of the unicorns disappeared.”


Anora: “What? Why? Who?”


Elaine: “I’m guessing it’s because Kayle is evil. The Black Unicorn disappeared. I was able to get the stone away form her before she got away.”


Gwen read something in the book while the others were talking): “We need to find the other Unicorn. If we don’t…….”


Tamra looked at Gwen’s expression, so did Elaine, Anora andFallon.


Fallon: “What is it, Gwen?” Fallon asked starting to get worried.


Gwen: “That meadow will be lost to wild magic!  If we don’t find the other Unicorn. The stones they held represent a different part of the meadow. The unicorns are conected to them. The pale blue unicorn must have been a friend of theirs trying to help.”


Tamra: “Let’s get going.”


Gwen: “Right, we don’t have much time.”


The five of them walkd outside the crystal palace. Shadowsong and Sunstar were waiting for them.


Tamra: “Shadowsong, we need you to open a doorway to that meadow again.”


Shadowsong: “I’ll try.” He used his horn as a red light shot out form it, a bright light shined infront of them. It was a wild magic doorway.


Gwen: “Lets move.” She said as she mouted Sunstar. Tamra got on Shadowsong followd by Fallon. Elaine and Anora stood beside them.


In a matter of seconds they were back in the medow. Gwen, Fallon and Tamra dismounted.


Anora: “Elaine can you find the unicorn with the rainbow colored main and tail?”


Elaine: “I think so.” (She led them to a forest, the forest was filled with dozens of unicorns): “There is the one you seek.” She said pointing over by a river bed.


Anora: “Oh wow, it’s so beautiful.”

Unicorn: “Yes, my beauty is admired by many.”


Tamra: “Anora, it said it’s beauty is….”


Anora: I heard her.


Tamra: “How? Anyone else hear her?” (The othes all shook there heads no, the others stood back as Tamra and Anora spoke to the Unicorn)


Anora: “I don’t know? Unicorn what is your name?”


Unicorn: “My name is Rainshower.”


Anora: “Can you tell us the name of the other one? The one that disappeared?”


Rainshower: “His name was Silvermoon,” she said lowing her head.


Tamra: “How can we help?”


Rainshower: “The two stones were once one stone, but that outlaw Kayle broke them. If they are joined Sivermoon will return.”


Fallon: “What about the other Unicorn?”


Anora: “Fallon wants to know about the other Unicorn the one that helped you and Silvermoon.”


Rainshower: “She was injured, trying to help us. She is in a cave not to far from here.”


Anora had tears in her eyes): “She was injured, She’s in a cave not to far from here.”


Fallon: “Oh no!” She races off to the cave. She runs threw the soft grass, as the cool wind on her face keeps her going. She reaches the cave. The cave is lit by a fire. Fallon walks up next to the unicorn.


Gwen: “Fallon!” Gwen called but she is too far off in the distance to hear her……


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