StarryTamara – Hope Comes in Pairs, Ch. 1

Summary: The Rainstone and the Snowstone choose new riders to join the Jewel Riders.

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Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

Hope comes in pairs



Disclaimer: What belongs to Bohbot is theirs, Din, Nayru, and Farore belong to Zelda and it’s creators, Silverwind, Trina, and Brightwater belong to Stormy, and the rest belongs to me. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, then it’s an honest mistake.

Chapter 1

The Discovery

Tamara leaned against a tree in the gardens of the Crystal Palace and closed her eyes; it was a beautiful day in Avalon. Sunstar and Shadowsong were grazing, Moondance and Silverwind were training with Fallon and Trina, and Princess Gwenevere was getting a facial. Tamara was ok with that, it was quiet and peaceful, and it would be nice to relax from the stresses of being a Jewel Rider.

“Lady Tamara!” Or not.

Tamara bolted up and quickly looked around.

“Who calls?” she asked.

Three golden shimmering ladies appeared before her.Tamara was awestruck, for these were the Guardian Maidens of Avalon: Nayru, dressed in blue, Farore, dressed in green, and Din, dressed in pink.

“Two what do I owe the honor of this visit?” Tamara asked.

“To inform you of business,” said Din.

“Serious business,” said Nayru.

“What kind of business?” Tamara asked.

“A disturbance in the wild magic!” said Farore.

“We believe it to be a jewel,” said Din.

“Possibly and enchanted jewel,” Nayru added.

“If you are to go, please do so alone. You should, of course, take your unicorn, but tell no one of this,” said Farore.

“We wouldn’t want to start a panic,” said Din.

“That would be just horrible!” said Nayru.”Just be careful for Lady Kale.”

“And Morganna. They could be after it already,” Farore commented. “Just report here when you find it.”

With that, the Maidens swept their right handsdiagonally up to their left, and vanished.


“Good day, good Travel Trees. May we ride your magic tunnel please?”

The Travel Trees behind the Crystal Palace turned to crystal.

“Good day, Heartstone Riders. Where do you wish to go?” one of the trees asked.

(Great. The Maidens didn’t say where to go.) Tamara thought. “Uh…the Forest of Arden. I know it’s not far from here, but it is absolutely necessary for me to ride the magic,” she told them.

“Very well. After all, you *are* a Jewel Rider,” the tree said and chuckled.

“Thank you.”

The trees opened a portal for her.

“Ready Shadow?”


“By the magic of the Heartstone!”

Swirls of shimmering pink and sage magic surrounded Tamara and Shadowsong, giving them their Jewel Armor. With a rearing and a neigh from Shadow, they jumped through the portal, which closed after they did.


In the magic, Tamara called on her Glider Wings, and began to think of what to do to find the jewel the Maidens wanted to see.

(You could make the Heartstone take you to it.) Shadow suggested. (Or call the Gliders.)

“The Maidens said only *we* could know. But maybe the jewel could work. Lemme see…what was that rhyme?”

(How ’bout something like “Take us to what the Maidens said”?)

“Hm. That could work. Lemme try this:

Jewel of friendship,

Jewel of Heart,

Show us what

the Maidens want!”

The Heartstone glowed a bright pink light. It sent out a beam through the tunnel, which apparently led to the jewel. With that. They went off.


“I told you there was a powerful jewel here,” Morgana gloated.

“Good for you. I’m so proud. Now, are you sure this will get us out of the wild magic for good?” Kale asked.

Morgana hesitated before answering.

“Well?” Kale persisted.

“Are you sure you remember *everything* I thaught you? Sure it’s all written down?”

“Yes. Now, will the jewel get me out?”

“Yes. It will get *you* out. It will also serve as a *very* powerful weapon for you when bonded with the Darkstone. But…”

“But what?”

“It could kill me in the process.”

“Oh,” Kale commented. “But it’s not *sure* to kill you?”

“No. But it’s very possible. I’ll let you know if I survive.”

“Ok, Morgana. Go ahead.”

Morgana said the rhyme, and Kale united the Darkstone with the newly found jewel called the Ringstone. They repelled eachother at first, but then united and shot a powerful blast that formed an orb around Kale. A blinding flash followed. Kale was gone.

Shadowsong and Tamara arrived.

“This is where the beam stops,” Tamara said.


“What is it?” Tamara asked. She went over to a piece of broken…jewel? It was deep violet, shaped like half of a donut…or a ring.

*This* is what the Maidens wanted?”

(Well, they said to report back. So let’s go to the forest and ride back from there.)

“Ok.” And so they went.


The Maidens pondered the situation.

“Seems like someone must’ve gotten to it first,” said Farore.

Tamara looked puzzled.

“But who would have a purpose for the Ringstone?” Din inquired.

“Morgana,” Nayru said simply.

“Morgana?!” Tamara repeated.

“Yes. This jewel can release someone from the wild magic. But what bothers me is how could she haev done it. Another person must speak the rhyme,” said Farore.

“And *that* person would’ve died.

“Strange. Well, we’ve done our job: informing a Jewel Rider of the disturbance. Now you must inform the others. This could be very dangerous for all of Avalon,” said Nayru.

“Be sure to have reinforcements,” said Din.

“Good luck to you four!” said Nayru.

The Guardian Maidens disappeared again, leaving Tamara and Shadowsong alone with the broken Ringstone.


The four Jewel Riders were in the Jewel Keep with Queen Anya. They put the jewel in a case, and Queen Anya was reading up on the Ringstone.

“Hey,” said Princess Gwenevere. “I don’t remember these jewels.” She pointed at two jewels in a separate area of the display table. One in the shap of a drop, the other in the form of a long diamond. Queen Anya and the other three Jewel Riders came to where Gwenevere was.

“Oh. The Rainstone and the Snowstone. Enchanted jewels,” the queen said simply.

“Like ours?” asked Trina.

“Yes. Except that these…well, although meant to be used actively, they never picked anyone, though magically fine,” Anya continued.

“Anya!” a voice called from the door.

“Who is it?” she responded.

King Jared came through the door.

“A magical attack has just occured in Last Village,” he said urgently.

Trina’s eyes widened. “My village? Is everyone ok?”

“Yes. They’re all fine. One villager said to have found a note that read `Avalon beware.’ ”

“How powerful was the attack?” Fallon asked.

“Very. One of the most powerful I’ve ever seen in my life.”

” `Avalon beware’,” Tamara repeated thoughtfully.

“The Pack is on their way back frome there,” King Jared informed. “Should be back here by now.”

Just then, Drake and Josh came in.

“Everything all right?” Gwen asked.

“Fine,” Josh said.

“But I could swear I saw Kale there. Or at least hear her…laughing,” Drake told them.

“Aunt Kale?!” Gwen exclaimed.

“But…didn’t we kick Kale’s but last time?” Trina asked.

“Well…she must’ve found the Ringstone…and…oh my gosh!” Tamara interjected.

“What is it?” Fallon asked.

“The Maidens said that someone else has to say the spell, and could die. If Kale is out, maybe Morgana spoke the spell!” Tamara continued.

“So Morgana did it?” Trina continued.

“I’ll bet. That must mean she’s dead,” Fallon said. “Finally!”

“It’s a possibilty. But the Ringstone went to Kale, meaning she is very powerful now. Even if it *is* half of it,” Jared said. “It is going to be very tough for the four of you.”

“Maybe too tough,” Anya muttered. “Tamara, the Maidens were right. We need reinforcements. We need…we need to activate the Rainstone and the Snowstone.”

“Wow! More Jewel Riders!” Trina said excitedly.

Queen Anya took the jewels from there spots on the table and handed one to Gwen and the other to Fallon.

“Trina, go with Fallon; Tamara with Gwen. The jewels will point you in the right direction,” Queen Anya instructed.

The girls mounted their unicorns and headed off to wherever the jewels would take them.


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