StarryTamara – Hope Comes in Pairs, Ch. 3

Summary: The Rainstone and the Snowstone choose new riders to join the Jewel Riders.

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

Hope within the Ring



Chapter 3: Powerful Stone

Disclaimer: What belongs to Bohbot is theirs, bla, Silverwind, Trina, and Brightwater are Stormy’s, bla, bla, and the rest is mine, bla, bla, bla. Enjoy!


Author’s note: now the action starts. ^_^


After the ceremony there was a ball, and after that the six Jewel Riders met at Aussie’s room, their unicorns with them.


Silverwind knew there was something about the Rainstone unicorn…he looked strangely familiar…


[Brightwater, is that you?] she asked him.


[Yes…Tylien? Is it really you? I thought I’d never see you again!] Brightwater replied. They had a reunion and involved the other Jewel Rider unicorns as well. Thegirls had a chatter of their own.


“I thought I was gonna be rejected. It was so creepy,” Aussie said.


“Good thing Snowstorm came in. She’s so beautiful!” Alex said.


Trina shot a glance in the way of the unicorns.


“If you aske me, I think Brightwater thinks so too!” she said. They all laughed at that.


“Well we should all get some sleep. No telling what can come up tomorrow,” Gwenevere said.


“You guys are lucky. When *I* became a Jewel Rider, the action wouldn’t stop!” Trina said.


They all left for there rooms, and their unicorns followed.




The next day, the new Jewel Riders were taken to the Jewel Keep. They were told about the Ringstone, and the incident with the maidens.


“Amazing,” was among their many remarks.


“Jewel Riders!” came from the hall.


“Max? What is it?” Queen Anya asked worridly when she saw the look on Max the Wolf Rider’s face.


“It’s Kale. She left a message for you. She told me to tell you she’s going to attack Fall District,” he continued.


“What?! But, why?” Aussie exclaimed, afraid of what could happen.


“Where’s she gonna hit? My parents live in the woods,” Alex said,  more calmed and serioius then Aussie.


“I don’t know for sure. She didn’t say,” was the response.


Gwenevere took action:

“All right then. Max, get the Pack and guards all over Fall District-”


“No! Are you crazy?! You’ll be so obvioius!” Aussie cut her off.


“Yeah. That’s like dressing in red to go hunting,” Alex said. “The guards could disguise themselves as townspeople; maybe then they’d look lesss obvious.”


“I agree,” said Fallon.


“But *we* have to be there too,” Tamara said.


“Right. Jewel Riders, let’s ride!” Gwen said.




[I was thinking: what if this is a false alarm so Kale can attack somewhere else?] Brightwater suggested. The six Jewel Riders were riding around a field in Fall District.


“That’s why the Pack is at the palace: just in case Kale *does* show up and tries to steal something,” Alex replied.


“Or maybe she heard about you two and wants to challenge us,” Tamara said.


“Or…” said an utterly familiar voice behind them. “Maybe I just want to show off!”


“Kale!” Gwen exclaimed.


The Darkstone was bonded to the Kale’s half of the Ringstone. She shot a powerful blast of wild magic at them. They all called on their armor:


“By the magic of the Sunstone!”

“By the magic of the Moonstone!”

“By the magic of the Heartstone!”

“By the magic of the Starstone!”

“By the magic of the Rainstone!”

“By the magic of the Snowstone!”


(If seeing one Jewel Rider do this is cool, seeing six must be spectacular!)


It was a zapout battle which Kale was effortlessly winning. She charged the DarkRingstone for a most powerful attack, giving the Jewel Riders some time for some precautions.


“Get your visors on!” Gwenevere yelled. “And a magic shield!”


Alex and Aussie’s shields weren’t as strong, for they were less experienced. Alex hadn’t heard the part about the visors, and when her shield broke, the blast hit her hard on the face. Aussie screamed when her shield broke. Then the magic returned to the stone. Kale laughed evily.


“I won’t destroy this pathetic county, but now you know what you’re dealing with. Do what I say, or suffer the consequences!” she said. She laughed again.


Aussie opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out.


“Guys where are you?! I can’t see!” Alex yelled. She was hugged to Brightwater’s neck. They were both laying on the floor.


[This jewel is better than I thought.] Kale thought. She disappeared, leaving the Jewel Riders alone.


Brightwater helped Alexandra stand; opening her eyes in the blast without visors had left her blind. Aussie’s voice was captured by the magic, along with Alexandra’s sight.


“I didn’t know Kale could do that,” Trina said.


Again Aussie tried to speak, but nothing was heard. Tamara noticed.


“Try speaking through your jewel,” she told her.


Aussie nodded. Bits of what she said were heard, and her jewel flashed when she spoke.


[Thanks—take so—getti—used—to.] It was just the same sound of her voice, as if she were coming through a not-so-good radio signal.


Tamara giggled.


“Don’t try so hard. Pretend you’re not having an out-loud conversation,” she instructed.


Aussie breathed in, and let it out slowly. She spoke with pauses.


[Is    this    better?] she asked.


“You’ll get used to it,” Tamara said.


Brightwater guided Alex to the others.


“At least you can see,” she told Aussie.


[Can   we   get back  what we’ve   lost   from  Kale?] Aussie asked.


“We’ll have to try,” Fallon said.


“In the meantime, Alex, we can get you a red jewel tipped cane,” Gwenevere said.


“Thank you,” Alex replied.


Aussie and Trina helped her get up on Brightwater, and they rode back to New Camelot.




[How do you feel?] Snowstorm asked Aussie.


[Fine, now that I can handle this. Alex you are *so* lucky you can use your voice.] she said.


“But you have no idea what it’s like not to see!” Alex said. “Snowstorm, could you neigh for me please?”


Snowstorm neighed. Alex used the cane to get to her. It took her a little while, but she was getting the hang of it.


“That wasn’t so bad,” Alex said. “I guess I learned to use sounds better. All right!”


[Wait ’til I get my hoofs on Kale.] Brightwater said. [She’s gonna get it.]


[Revenge isn’t always what’s best.] Aussie said.


[She’s right. What goes around comes around.] Snowstorm pitched in.


Brightwater sighed.


[I guess so. But I *still* can’t wait.] Brightwater offered.


“I just want to see again. ‘Water, let’s go. I wanna find out if I can still see in dreams. *That* would make me happy,” Alex said. She and Brightwater left the room.




Kale sat on her throne, observing the DarkRingstone.


“If only I could get the other half. But…how?” she thought aloud.


“Maybe you could call it with your half,” Morgana said as she appeared before Kale.


“I see you’ve survived,” Kale said. She smiled mischeviously. “Not a bad idea. DarkRingstone, get the other half!”


They waited. Only an image of it in the Jewel Keep appeared.


“Well now we know where it is,” Morgana said.


Kale rolled her eyes.


“The stone is more powerful with what it got from those two Jewel Riders. One’s sight, the other’s voice.”


Morgana smiled.


“When do you plan on returning it?” she asked.


Kale smiled thoughtfully.


“For the Ringstone,” she said.


“I see I’ve trained you well,” Morgana commented.




[Gwen! Your mother wants to see us in the Jewel Keep.] Sunstar said to wake up a late-sleeping Princess Gwenevere.


“Cu-mehn,” she said through her pillow. She got up and got dressed and headed to the Jewel Keep.


Upon entering, all eyes fell upon her. (Except, of course, Alex’s)


“Uh..Sorry. I overslept,” she said.    Everyone still looked at her. “So, what’s up?” she continued.


Queen Anya supported herself with her hands on the center table.


“An attack to Overlook Castle in the Great Plains occured. Kale took the Plains Jewel,” she said solemnly.


“What?!” asked the shocked princess.


“The DarkRingstone is so powerful it, can blast through just about anything,” Fallon said.


“And that’s only half of it,” Alex said, gripping the top of her cane.


“What are we supposed to do?” Gwen asked.


“Bond the other half of the Ringstone with one of your jewels,” Anya said.


“Not to mention train you two a bit more,” Trina said, referring to the two new Jewel Riders.


“Which stone?” Tamara asked. “Which would be our best bet?”


“Why don’t you go help out these two young ladies first, then we’ll see what happens,” Queen Anya instructed.




“Ok. The books has a list of code words. Try them out,” Tamara was telling Aussie when they were outside.


[Don’t I have to use my voice?] Aussie inquired.


Tamara bit her lip.


“I think you’re right…..but try it out anyway. You never know,” she comforted.


Aussie sighed. [Ok…um…Howling Wind!]


The Snowstone went white, then shot out a thick beam of wind that carried icicles.


[Stop!] Aussie commanded. She didn’t know how the same jewel could talk for her *and* obey her at the same time.


[Wow! That was awesome!]


“Yeah!” Tamara commented.


Trina was helping Alex.


“Raging Storm!” Alex shouted. The Rainstone went bright light blue and a light blue beam with wind and rain shot out from the stone. Though she couldn’t see it, she felt the force coming from it, strong enough to knock itself out of her grasp.


“Stop!”  Upon the comand, the beam ceased.   “That felt amazing!” she said.


“It looks a lot like the Starstone’s Midnight Blast,” Trina said. “I think we shoul help the other three with some of *their* code words.”


Fallon had Moonlight Glow; Gwen had Bright Sunlight; and Tamara had Sweet Friendship.


*)Back at the Jewel Keep(*


“I am very impressed with you girls,” said Queen Anya. “But I still don’t know what to do about the Ringstone.”


The lights flickered. The girls remained still.


Gwen spoke up. “What was-”


“Wait,” Alex said. “I hear something.” She paused and listened. Her hearing had gotten better since the loss of her sight. “Thunder. And wind. Strong wind.”


Aussie went to the window. [Red lightning.] she said.


“Kale,” said Trina.


Queen Anya took the Ringstone in her hands. She lifted them up, and the stone floated and slowly spun around. It shone brightly.


“Choose an enchanted jewel to bond with!” Anya commanded it. She took it in her hand and held it up to all the enchanted jewels. It reacted to Alex, but it didn’t bond with the Rainstone. Aussie told her the news.


Trina motioned for the queen to let her see the jewel. She tossed it. Just then, thunder crashed, and the lights flickered off. Trina missed the toss.


“Everyone stay calm,” Tamara said. “The lights should come back on soon.”


“I’ll get the jewel,” Alex volunteered. “It’s not like I won’t be able to see because it’s so dark.”


“It’s worth a try,” Gwen said. She held the Sunstone at the height of her head to light the room a bit, and so did everyone else; they lit like small colored candles. Alex felt around with her cane, and it touched something. She bent down and felt around with her hand. It was the Ringstone. She took it in her hand and propped both on the cane to help herself stand.


“Got it!” Alex said. They came over and lit the area.


“I can’t believe it,” Fallon said.


“What? What is it?” Alex questioned.


“Unbelievable,” Gwen continued.


“Guys?” Alex prompted.


“I didn’t think it could be possible,” said Queen Anya.


“What is it?!” Alex demanded.


[The Ringstone bonded with the diamond on the top of your cane.] Aussie said.


Alex felt the top of the cane. “Wow,” she said. “I guess now it should get the name of a jewel.”


“How about StaffRingstone?” Trina suggested.


Alex nodded in agreement.


The storm grew fierce, extremely fierce.


“Maybe we should go track Kale,”Fallon suggested.


[Maybe the two Ringstones could find eachother.] Aussie offered.


“Let me see,” Alex said. She lifted her cane.


“Ring divided,

Ringstone strong,

Find the piece that we so long!”


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