The Country Cousin

Written as part of of the Brand and Blazer Writer Challenge

Author: Ronnie Delmar

Title: The Country Cousin

You’ve heard the tale of the country mouse and his city cousin. This is the story of the city princess and her country hot shot wolf-riding cousin. The only things these two have in common are family, the Sun Stone, and their quest to protect the magic and people of Avalon!

Tamara isn’t the only Jewel Rider from a farm. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Queen Anya has a bumpkin for a sister – no, not Kale. Queen Anya’s other sister, who isn’t as often mentioned, lives on the opposite side of the countryside to Heartland Farm. It was there that the adventurous Brand, Anya’s nephew, grew up. Raised on a quiet farm, Brand was instilled at a very early age traditional and conservative ideals, and a love for the rodeo. As a child, he admired his Uncle Jared and dreamt of the day when he too would be able to bond with a powerful wolf and become a knight! But he had one fear: what if he was paired with the Sun Stone! Those jewels were for girls. Blech!

At age 16, he became the youngest member of The Pack. And with that came his immature outlook on many things including gender roles. As a member of the royal family on Anya’s side, Brand, although given a Forest Stone, still had classic features that were a family trait attributed to the Sun Stone’s magic. The wolf he was partnered with, Blazer, was colored like a majestic flaming sunset. Together they were built for speed!

While Drake was busy trying to win the hand of the pre-teen Princess Gwenevere… and half the kingdom’s other eligible ladies, Brand had fallen for the lovely and musically talented Tamara. She was a nice traditional, motherly country girl; just his type. Brand was now 18, and wasn’t that the age when an eligible bachelor should begin courting a maiden? Josh seemed to like Fallon. But Brand and Fallon were always at odds. He thought that she shouldn’t be such a tomboy and ride with The Pack. And Max….there was something peculiar about that quiet guy. Brand couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

As a wolf rider, Brand had thought that he would be fighting in unlimited adventures! The reality was that the magic of Avalon was stable. There wasn’t much fighting, actually none at all. Brand was becoming unhappy. That is, until he received an invitation to the adventure he so desperately sought. Merlin counseled his young student, and advised Brand to follow his true calling if that’s what his heart desired. After two years of riding with The Pack, Brand felt there just wasn’t enough adventure to be had. It was a hard decision, but he decided to accept the request. He would seek his own adventure. Fallon needless to say was glad to see him go. She wouldn’t have been so happy, if she could have known what was in store.

Brand and Blazer were making their way to meet the letter‘s sender. But why should he have worried? If you can’t trust your own aunt, who can you trust?… But that’s a story for another time. After all, haven’t you ever wondered why Twig and Rufus are forest green and sunset red?

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