Zardien – The Stones of Silver Ch. 2

Summary: A crossover between Jewel Riders and Silverhawks! Introducing the Silverhawk Knights!

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The Stones of Silver
Chapter Two: Wings of Silver, Magic of Steel
By Zardien

The archduke took steps back and forth, in the great laboratory set up
for him…machinery ever…as Merlin also walked back and forth…in the great
alchemist laboratory set up for him…all in the castle of New Camelot.
It was a marvel indeed…a gigantic room which put the throne room of New
Camelot to shame where magic meets technology…half of it for Anthony’s
technology studies, and half of it for Merlin’s magic studies…they had
to work together if they were going to get it to work. Merlin was almost
intimidated by the vast chamber he had been given for his studies…Arthur
hadn’t even come close to this…while Anthony, well….he was so used to it
it amazed Merlin how nonchalant and focused he acted. Merlin admired
Anthony for that…and almost saw the man as perhaps a reflection of
himself in the realm of technology…for Anthony ever tried to help the
king…yet he loved his practice as well. The king had entrusted them both
to Project Silverhawk, so they couldn’t let him down.
The developing of the Silverhawk Knight technology…strangely to say,
was the EASY part. Once Anthony figured out how to fuse metal and magic
through energy transfer, it was amazing how quickly things went…and
soon, they had it down…the concept was solid…it was time. They had the
Silverhawk cyborgic technology down…the potential for the magic to be
drawn…even the horses ready for genetic altering. Oh yes, this was the
EASY part, as Anthony and Merlin sighed…now they had to find SIX
participants…six, as the king suggested for the best eliteness…six
selected beings who would make up the eliteness…hoo boy…how were they
going to manage THIS one?
Then, the king said something that seemed to ease the pressure a little
bit…something Anthony and Merlin were only TOO happy to oblige to…after
all the months they put in on this fool thing, who wouldn’t be?…the king
asked that HE be the one to select the six…and so it was to be…besides
the fact of his “I’m the king…what I say goes policy.”  And so
the king, with Merlin and Anthony II, ventured out with a small
escort…to seek out the five that were to be chosen to be Silverhawk
First and foremost, a leader was needed. Someone who could really
command troops…someone who could rally an army out of the enemy…that
kind of person…a real rare breed. But more than that, thought the king,
for who wants a stuff-shirt straightforward “ALWAYS I’m-so-serious”
leader? Those kind of people were dull and boring, and even Merlin
agreed a group of five such as this would need a guy with a little
personality…perhaps even good for a laugh occasionally…even it be at his
own expense…well, actually, as far as the king was concerned, it was be
even better if the laugh COULD be at the guy or girl’s own expense…and
then, it dawned on Anthony, who spoke to the king…he knew JUST the
person…and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to suggest him.
Amadis. Sir Amadis. Brown haired (long hair tied back in a ponytail
properly), blue-eyed, great physique, and EXTREMELY handsome. A young
knight, about 21, in command of a small regiment under New Camelot…he
was perhaps among the youngest knights in the kingdom. A true
soldier…brave, intelligent, an EXCEPTIONAL warrior, incredible
leadership qualities with a bright future in the army…this guy truly was
leadership material? So why the bloody heck was he still in command of
some measly regiment. One small factor kept the man from raising up in
the knight ranks…he had an INCREDIBLE infatuation that he was God’s gift
to women. You had never SEEN a guy with such a womanizer tendency. He
was always flocked with the local girls, too, and the guy did have
incredible charm…he lived up to most of his thoughts…but if he actually
loved anyone of them…of course not. Of course, it was extremely funny to
see him get shot down…one would be amazed to see what lengths he would
go to try to impress a girl…in such, he was never able to advance due to
the fact all the knights hated his guts for stealing their girlfriends.
And so the king and company arrived at the regiment where Amadis was
stationed, not even having to ASK where Amadis is…seeing the guy
speaking to the girl on his knees said it all. The king would have asked
then, but he was having too much amusement watching the following
“But Tanya, you’re the ONLY girl for me…No other girl comes close,
baby…you’re the one…I’m on my knees here…”
“Funny, I saw you on your knees with Lara yesterday…and Sara the day
before…and Jessica the day before that…”
“But…but…they mean nothing to me…you’re everything…”
<Girl walks by Amadis just then…he turns>
“Hey, honey, are we still up for tonight?”
<Amadis gets slapped by Tanya, and goes crawling after her>
Merlin, Anthony, and the King were laughing so hard the entire regiment
turned to them. When Anthony turned…he saw the king…and writhed in fear…
“Your MAJESTY! I…I…uh…please, I…don’t make me hang for this!”
The King laughed even harder, and nodded to Anthony, with that
“yes,-he’s-definitely-my-choice” look.
And when he heard he had a chance to be a part of an elite group…and
LEAD it, at that…well, Anthony didn’t need a second thought, only giving
that “when-do-we-leave?” look. And so the leader of the Silverhawk
Knights was found.
Next, they would need a second-in-command…someone with exceptional
warrior skills, and a determined yet fiery personality. The king smiled,
because he knew JUST the person for this job…she had begged him so hard
to let her to become a knight or join the military…but he never had let
her because he knew she wasn’t ready for it yet. And yet, the king had
always wanted the best for his daughter, yet didn’t want to take her
away from her own wishes…this would be something he could do for her to
make up for all those times he rejected her wishes to become a knight or
a soldier…and so, the king ventured back into his kingdom, and came to
her room.
Princess Trisha, the 20 year-old daughter of the king, had always been
an ambitious girl…she was great with a sword…great on a horse…had a
mindset personality on being some sort of soldier…only her father got in
her way. Trisha was normal height, had light-blue long flowing hair and
deep green eyes…exceptionally beautiful. Perhaps that’s why the king had
such a problem with her being in the military…he would’ve killed himself
if some hormone-crazed soldier tried to seduce her. But now…she was
twenty…she could handle herself…her father knew that…she had grown into
an independent, free-spirited woman…and when he spoke of this…she agreed
even before he asked if she wanted to join or not…and thus the
second-in-command of the Silverhawk Knights was now in place.
Third, they needed a sharpshooter and hunter…a man with incredible
accuracy with range weapons and a master of hunting. But who? What
person could they possibility get? There was no one in the kingdom with
such skills…until the king remembered one of his noblemen in the
northern region…he had shown great skills at the laser shotgun when the
king had caught sight of him when he was out hunting with all the
nobles…what was his name…Thork?…No…Cork?…no…YORK! Yes…Baron York…he
headed the town of York to the north. He was their man.
Duke Anthony took the assignment of recruiting York….York, a man in his
mid-thirties with an amazing physique…he had a Commander Riker face-look
going for him…brown eyes, brown hair, the beard…though his hair was long
and flowing…and he always wore a long overcoat…a sort of Highlander, if
you will…his clothes were jet black under the black overcoat…he had a
steel longsword in his belt, and a standard laser shotgun…and with that
shotgun, the baron had NEVER missed a target due to his deadly accuracy.
Anthony had to find the baron among the forest west of the town of York
(forests existed once again, thanks to the wonders of genetic
engineering), hunting on foot for some wild wyverns…the baron always
enjoyed that. Poor Anthony…a hunter he was not, and well…before he knew

The archduke had gotten caught by the foot in the classic “rope from
the tree” trick. Very soon after, York, who checked his traps
consistently, saw Anthony dangling, and at once cut him down. When he
saw who it was, he was indeed in fear, but of course the archduke told
him not to worry. After relaying the information to Baron York, the
baron gladly agreed…hunts in the forest were getting boring. Now, only
three more recruits were needed…
I could bore you to death, dear reader, with the tales of the other
three joining, but I’ll make it very short. There was Talseya, a female
knight who was 20 years old and secretly in love with Amadis, who had
green hair and blue eyes…and of course, exceptionally beautiful (aren’t
they always? &#61514;) And like Amadis, she wore standard kingdom armor
as a knight…she was chosen for her skills with machinery and with
evasive maneuvers. Sad thing was, Amadis wouldn’t give her the time of
day…he was blinded by other women. Kendric, a hardened young soldier in
the army about 25 with jet black hair and gray eyes, was chosen because
of his never-give-up attitude…you could nearly kill the guy and he’d
still come after you until death. His funny quirk was that he made bad
judgements…he was SO brave that he kind of didn’t think when doing
things at times. Finally, there was Kari…Kari, the pride of genetic
engineering…Merlin knew that ONE team member needed to be an expert at
magic…but how to do it? No person alive could possibly have such a
talent…so, when all else fails…turn to genetics…and in such, through
much processing and time, Kari…a being who was deliberately created to
be a human-sized version of a fairy; wings, pointy ears, astonishing
beauty and all…was made. She appeared to be about 20 years of age…her
body was incredible, she had long pink hair and blue eyes…Amadis
fainted when he saw her. She had incredible magic aptitude and magic
knowledge genetically infused into her…her only flaw was that she hardly
knew how to express emotion…or know any feelings…and this would lead to
some EXTREMLY pathetic moments when Amadis would later make passes at
But for now, they were set. The team of six had been assembled, now it
was time to create the team…to forge them from what they were into the
magically cybernetic warriors…THE SILVERHAWK KNIGHTS!

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