Zardien – What is Really Evil

Archival Note from The Jewel Riders Archive: This story is presented as it was originally published on Stormy’s “Avalon” fan site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is presented for archival purposes and for the enjoyment of the Jewel Riders fandom. If you are the author of this story and wish to have it removed from the Jewel Riders Archive (or wish to share more!) please email us at Happy Reading!

Warning Note: This story contains sexual intimations, and if this
bothers you, please do not read on.

Forward: Most of this chapter is rather blandly written; but on purpose
more or less to give you a sense, dear reader, of the story to come. It
is mostly an informative chapter, preparing you for things to come. The
next chapter shall be the one that really starts the plot.

What Is Really Evil
Chapter One: Of Times Lost
By Zardien

Prologue: Evil? What IS really evil? Does it really exist? Perhaps, but
perhaps we also perceive it wrongly. Perhaps some of which we call evil
is not evil. Perhaps it is just another way of thinking, or perhaps it
is the hero of another cause. Such is the case in story that follows,
dear reader. Perhaps we must analyze ourselves before we call another
evil. Perhaps we ourselves must see love; must see hope before we
comprehend the magnitude of that maybe, just maybe, we have falsely
accused, or even worse: we are the villains ourselves…Perhaps a love
that meets no boundaries, no blocking limits, no strong resistances;
forbidden, even…that could make two see all…

“Father? What are you doing now?”
“It is all a part of precise planning, my dear. Revenge and redemption
are not things you develop in a day, but through a slow uneasy process
that must be planned from detail to detail,” spoke Kalakamarkis in his
sorrowful dark-sounding tone. Things had to be done *just* right, or the
whole thing would collapse.
“But why now? Why can’t we do something different for once? Go out for
a ride; see the country,” spouted Jessica, his sixteen year-old
daughter. Jessica was half-elven, from an affair Kalakamarkis had a long
time ago with a beautiful elven maiden who tempted him, and then left
the child that was born in Kalakamarkis’s care ever since. The maiden
never was seen again; Kalakamarkis hypothesized she had left Avalon
nearly a decade ago by ship, never to see him or the child again.
Kalakamarkis himself was half-human wizard, and half-shadow unicorn.
The shadow unicorn was a rare breed of black-colored unicorn that
dwelled on a small island deep out in the northern oceans called The
Shadow Isle, known for its great mists and rather dark reputation,
though any shadow unicorn knew very well no dark magic had dwelt there.
Unfortunately, because of lack of food, the unicorns knew they would
have to get off the island eventually. And so the time came over the
years; the unicorns were able to magically construct and bind together a
raft, in which managed to get them to the land of Avalon, where they
made their new home in a very remote area. He was the product of a
young-human male wizard who fell in love with a female shadow unicorn,
and so he morphed into a male shadow unicorn, and the unison was made,
and Kalakamarkis came to be. Kalakamarkis looked completely human in his
outward physical features, but if one could examine his eyes, his mind
and DNA blood structure, they would find it to be that of a shadow
unicorn. His father, however, killed off his mother after she had given
birth, and took the child. In such, Kalakamarkis was raised to learn
magic, and became a very powerful wizard himself because of it. But,
having the mind of a shadow unicorn, he soon figured out what his father
did to his mother, but his father had died from a rare local virus by
then. He was about six years old then. The shadow unicorns then became
his caretakers; his family. In such, one can evaluate why Kalamarkis has
such an affinity for the shadow unicorns: he was raised by them, he
thought like them, and he saw like them. Through the most recent years,
however, shadow unicorns, which were a rare breed on the shadow isle but
had been rising in number some on Avalon, were becoming a prized hunting
trophy in Avalon. Many were killed off, until there were only a small
number left, smaller than even the number that had been on the Shadow
Isle when the shadow unicorns were still living there. Kalakamarkis
managed to get the remaining shadow unicorns into a enclosed valley
hidden deep within the forests of Avalon, and he, with magic, built a
small castle in the center, which would be his home base…his home base,
for revenge…for revenge against those who hunted the shadow unicorns. He
was going to get land back for the shadow unicorns…to live and
prosper…at any cost. Kalakamarkis himself was not cold-sounding, but
more sorrowful and painstricken, which reflected like a mirror image his
mind’s inner thoughts. Though he did sound dark in tone, one who
actually listen to him could hear more words of pain and sadness then of
threat. He lived for the shadow unicorns, and just as importantly, his
daughter, who he loved more than life itself. Though he never directly
said it, his daughter knew that he loved her, more than his own soul,
from his overprotective treatment of her and his caring-type personality
towards her. In appearance, the man was normal sized, about 6’1″, had a
great build, and he was in his thirties, but his definite age was
unknown. He wore a black cloak with a hood that covered his entire body,
and a yellow rope belt around his waist, made by Jessica for him, which
he treasured. He always kept his hood down off his head, however,
because it was just a nuisance to him. He was incredibly handsome with
raven black hair and incredible stubble that if he let grow out, he
would undoubtedly have an incredibly full black beard. But Kalakarmkis
chose to go well-shaven, because a beard would also be a nuisance to
have around. His eyes, however, were the most remarkable of all. His
eyes were that of a shadow unicorn, black all around and always looking
innocent. Anyone who doubted his sorrow would just have to look in his
eyes, and all doubts would be erased.
One could say Jessica was Kalakarmkis’s better half. She was the one
would kept him sane. She was always cheerful, always willing to help,
and always longing for a little adventure, though Kalakamarkis would
never grant it to her, knowingly at least. For Jessica very often
sneaked out when Kalakamarkis was asleep, and returned before he woke
up. She was very artistic and creative, with a want to see the world
more than anything. She was understanding and loving; intelligent but
naïve to the ways of the world. There was not a shadow unicorn around
that did not love Jessica and want to make her happy. In such, when she
was sneaking out of the castle, finding a ride proved quite easy. As
for looks, Jessica was so beautiful and had such a good shape she put
even most female elves to shame. Being half elven, she had pointy ears
and a slightly curved upward smile. Her hair was a deep ocean blue, as
well as her eyes, with a slightly curved upward nose. Then again, this
was probably one of the main reasons Kalakamarkis *was* so protective
and hardly ever let her out of the castle knowingly.
But, as mentioned, that was *knowingly*. And this evening, she was off
again as her father went to sleep once more from a day of intensive
planning. For she just had to see her again…the one who stole Jessica’s

“Emily? Emily? Where *is* that silly girl?” cried Sir Malcolm,
searching frantically for this quick-witted sixteen year girl who had
just become the next Jewel Rider. “Emily, Emiillleeeeee…AHHHH!”
Emily giggled as Malcolm tripped over her foot once more. He always
*had* fallen for that one, the silly old coot. Malcolm was a good
knight, but the poor man had gotten a little bad on seeing and hearing
in his old age.
“Over here, silly!” laughed Emily. “You really ought to look harder.”
“Yes…” <gives Emily a cold stare>”Perhaps I should. Nevertheless, the
king and queen would like to see you.”
“Oh, okay! And next time, watch where you step!” she said as she walked
towards the palace, laughing all the way.
“<sighs>How are you ever going to be a good Jewel Rider if your head is
always in the clouds, you silly girl?”
“Lighten up, you ol’ fart. It’s not easy being beautiful you know.
Emily was incredibly beautiful and brilliant young lass, with radiant
flowing long brown hair and emerald green eyes. She was quick-witted,
cheery, humor-filled, extraordinarily likable, a good listener, had a
unique talent for writing and coming up with unique ideas, and had a
great sense of loyalty but a great sense of independence as well. In
short, Emily was very pleasing company to anyone, even to total
stuff-shirts like Sir Malcolm.
Emily became a Jewel Rider three years earlier, when she bonded with the
Tempest Stone. Emily herself was an orphan, raised on the streets near
the castle until she was found by Sir Malcolm when the Tempest Stone led
him to her. He had since then been a kind of teacher and guide to her,
teaching her the ways of the Jewel Riders. Malcolm himself had never
been a Jewel Rider, but he was among Avalon’s oldest knights and knew
the Jewel Riders and their ways almost better than even Merlin. But
Malcolm, despite how much of a serious old bat he was, felt she needed
independence and let Emily go her own way and only called her when it
was time to learn something new. He provided her with a place to live
and eat, but let her be independent, and thus Emily grew to be
self-dependent yet a good person to keep company with (and a good
knight, at that). In such, she became good friends with Sir Malcolm
(despite the practical jokes she played on him), and in turn he made her
a renowned fighter with a sword in the kingdom.
Emily now advanced to the throne room of the king and queen, Sir Malcolm
closing the door behind her. In the room were Gwen, Fallon, Tamara, and
the Pack, all staring her with that “you’re late AGAIN!” gaze. Emily
just gave a big grin and looked at the king, who began speaking,
“Avalon has come into some trouble as of recent. Kalakamarkis has made
repeated raids upon the countryside, and nearly twenty towns have been
leveled. We have not the slightest idea where he lies, and have not a
bit of info on where he lies or what his intentions are. This madman
must be stopped. But we need information! Any you Jewel Riders could
find for us would be very useful.”
Emily yawned. What a boring assignment. There was no time for that. She
had other things to do…to be free…to see her again…to see Jessica…
And, as evening entered, Emily rode into the night (Malcolm knew but
kept it a secret) to meet Jessica once again…that half-elven girl who
had always been there for her…

Few times has one, dear reader, seen such a love. Emily and Jessica had
this love…one of fire and passion…a forbidden love that not a soul but
them knew about…but this made it only more mysterious, more exciting,
more adventurous…this was a love that shackles could not hold…
And so it came to pass that Jessica and Emily met that night deep in the
wood, in their secret place by a small brook. They first met at this
very place, when Emily was taking a drink from this very brook. And once
they met and began talking…they never stopped meeting. But before now it
had only been talking, never anything deep, though it was apparently
clear both wanted it, but could never quite get the words out. Emily did
not know Jessica was Kalakamarkis’s daughter, for such a triviality is
unimportant for such a deep love…And tonight, that love would finally
spring forth…
“You came.” smiled Jessica, as Emily entered the area.
“Don’t I always?” she grinned. “A moment here under the stars is worth a
thousand jewels, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, but you look different tonight. A bit…I don’t know…more fire in
your eyes.”
“Well, I have to be honest with you, Jessica, there is something I’ve
been meaning to talk to you about. It’s just that…”
Emily never got to finish that sentence before Jessica had pressed her
lips against hers. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue to the
farthest reaches of Emily’s mouth. Emily was helpless…in such a daze of
passion and heat that she returned it the very same way, pushing
Jessica’s head towards her mouth as hard as possible to get a full
effect…And so the night came to a close, and they both parted their
separate ways.


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