February Update

Screencap - Ian

Hey Jewel Fans! Are you having a good beginning to 2017? We hope you are, and that this year is going to be magical for you. 🙂

Several exciting updates come around this month!

Happy Valentine's Day (2017)

First off, we wanted to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! This day is doubly special for us as Ronnie’s birthday, so if you see him around on our social media accounts, be sure to drop him a line and wish him a happy birthday. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Ronnie!

Let this also serve as a reminder that you can have one of these beautiful e-cards delivered on your birthday to your inbox or social media account of choice should you so desire! Simply sign up on our Circle of Friends page. We love celebrating our fellow fans!

Artist Challenge

Also, don’t forget about our Artist’s Challenge! We’ve gotten several awesome submissions already, but would love to see even more fans break out their pencils, pens, tablets, paints, digital, or any other art skill to bring Tara, the lost Princess of New Camelot to life! Check out more information and submission guidelines at this post. Remember, submissions close February 28th!

Screencap - Ian and Gwen

This month we’re featuring the script to “The Prince of the Forest,” as the new release in our Season Two Scripts section. The episode features Ian, Gwen’s main love interest for S2. Also returning after their appearance in the S1 episode “Badlands” are Civello and his gang of bandits. You may note that this draft of the script refers to Ian as “Ranger,” and Civello is oddly misspelled “Cirello.” Also of note: the lake that Gwen and Sunstar fly over is called Silver Lake, the same place that Fallon and the Pack were supposed to go riding in “Fashion Fever” until they got drafted in Gwen’s schemes.

That’s it for February, folks! Hope you have a magical Valentine’s Day, and remember that we love you all!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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