February Update

Hey Jewel Fans!

January has flown by, and February is upon us.  Though the air is cold all around, we hope this update will warm your hearts.

Faery Wisp & Windy

The script we’re featuring this month is “The Faery Princess.”  This episode marked the one and only visit that our heroines every took into the otherworldly little kingdom ruled by King Odeon.  It was only accessible via the Rainbow Bridge, located in the Burning Desert, which covers the western edge of Avalon.  Things to look out for this episode include: Tamara getting a music lesson from Professor Hill, Queen Anya’s Map Room, Biker Sheep, Twig cross-dressing as a nurse, and Tamara riding a tortoise!

Fun fact!  The little dragon in the image above is named Windy, and a small toy of her came with the Deluxe Fallon doll.  By using a small magnet, Windy could perch on Fallon’s wrist!

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And finally, we wanted to remember the late, great Peter Fernandez on his birthday – January 29th.  Best known for voicing the titular character in the Speed Racer dub (in which he acted alongside Corrinne Orr, the voice of Kale), Peter Voice Directed Jewel Riders and voiced Grimm, Max, and the Grandfather Travel Tree.

Peter Fernandez

Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Friends Together, Friends Together!

~Chris & Ronnie

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