Happy Fourth Anniversary!

Hey Jewel Fans!

Can you believe that another year has passed and the Archive is turning four today? In just one more year Jewel Riders will celebrate its 25th Anniversary, and the Archive will celebrate its 5th Anniversary. We have a ton of fun things planned for the next year and can’t wait to spend it celebrating with all of you.

“Four More Magical Years” Anniversary Art & Redbubble Update

To celebrate the fourth anniversary, we commissioned a piece of art from the incredibly talented artist @princeivythefirst on Instagram. We are so in love with this piece (and all of his art in general!) For the fourth anniversary, it’s available on a variety of products over at our Redbubble, and we hope you find something to take home and enjoy a piece of the celebration!

Individual character pieces are available as well for Gwen, Fallon, Tamara, and Drake!

We’ve also updated the shop to include artwork for each of the Enchanted Jewels. Previously you could get something with the Sun Stone image on it, but now the Moon, Heart, Forest, and Dark Stone are all available!

If you’d like to support another artist, NowaNowii is still selling her adorable acrylic buttons and pencils cases of the jewels over on her Storenvy! We’ve got a package coming soon and will be sure to share photos when they arrive!

The Jewel Riders Archive Podcast

While you’re doing a little shopping, how about checking out our new podcast? Chris and Ronnie teamed up with Stormy, Lisa, and Natalie to record a really fun retrospective on the history of the Jewel Riders fandom and our personal memories of involvement in it. We’re hoping to record more episodes going forward and we hope you’ll tune in!


Fan Fiction Update

Our fanfic section has gotten another update as well, this time with podcast co-host Natalie’s “Star Stone Saga” stories! In addition to Stormy’s Trina, Natalie (known then as Morning Glory) independently created another Star Stone wielding original character named Anastasia. There are two different takes on this character and story, and you can read both now here on the Archive. Don’t be shy about leaving a comment or review!


Celebrating the End of the “Year of the Unicorn!”

Well friends, our celebration of the equine companions of the Jewel Riders is at its end. We had so much fun taking a little time out to hunt for unicorn goodies in the wild, read unicorn books, draw unicorn comics, and eat unicorn cereal!

  • Both Chris and Lisa at The Princess Blog reviewed Mary Stanton’s “Unicorns of Balinor” book series – check out their reviews!

  • Ronnie hunted wild unicorns, coming across all kinds of fun books, toys, and foods!


  • Stormy even got in on the Year of the Unicorn with a Unicorn Care Package for Chris and Ronnie!


We hope you all enjoyed the unicorny shenanigans as much as we did, and that you’ll keep an eye out for any stray bits of unicorn magic that cross your path in the future!

For our final piece of the Year of the Unicorn, we took a retrospective look at the Sunstar and Moondance toys!


Thank You for Being a Friend

We can’t thank you all enough for your continued love and support for Jewel Riders and the Archive. We could not do all this without you! We’re looking forward to the 25th Anniversary and all the fun we’ll share over the next year!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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