Happy National Jewel Day!

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Here at The Jewel Riders Archive, we couldn’t let such a momentous holiday pass without wishing everyone a magical National Jewel Day!

In a series with gems and jewels of all kinds at its very core, we want to know what your favorite jewel is?  Is it Princess Gwenevere’s beautiful golden Sun Stone?  Or perhaps you’re more wild, and prefer Kale and Morgana’s Dark Stone?  Are you a daydreamer?  Then the Crown Jewel of the Dreamfields would be perfect for you!  Or perhaps you’re a mermaid lover?  The Jewel of the Sea goes swimmingly with you!

Each of the seven lands of Avalon is represented by a different Crown Jewel.  These Jewels are used by Merlin to keep the Wild Magic of the land tuned to good.  The Crown Jewels have been scattered by Merlin across the land of Avalon, and must be returned to the Jewel Box.

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The Seven Lands of Avalon

  • The Great Forests
      The Great Forests are the most magical and immense forests in Avalon.  The lush green canopy of trees provides a safe home to many creatures including the Faery Wraiths.  Merlin uses the Jewel of the Northwoods, a crystalline acorn-shaped jewel, to bind the Great Forests to the rest of the kingdom.  The Jewel also keeps the forests lush, green, and happy.
  • The Riverdells
      Known for its gentle running streams and wonderful fantasy castles, the Riverdells is one of the most beautiful lands in the Kingdom.  One very special place is Rainbow Falls, where Merlin found the magic Rainbow Jewel.  Nearby is Elf Woods, where some of the greatest craftspeople in the lands live.  The Elves make good magic with their songs.
  • The Crystal Cliffs
      The mysterious and ancient Crystal Cliffs are full of secrets that have been froze from thousands of years.  Hidden ice caves hold incredible treasures that were stashed away by the great wizards that once lived there.  Wizard’s Peak lies within the Crystal Cliffs.  This is where wizards would meet and make magic.  Now it is guarded by a genie who answers only to those old wizards!  The Crystal Cliffs are bound by the Crown Jewel of Burning Ice.
  • The Misty Moors
      Avalon’s Misty Moors are bound by the purple Misty Rose Jewel and lie under swirling veils of wild magic.  The Misty Moors are filled with hidden vistas, swamps, bogs and other magical places that are not safe to wander into without magical powers.  Many unusual creatures live in these parts like the Mist Monster who was created by the swirling mists themselves.
  • The Burning Desert
      There is more than meets the eye in the Burning Deserts.  This dry and dusty place can create magical mirages and secret doorways into other lands outside of Avalon.  One of these lands is Faeryland, which is reached by crossing Rainbow Bridge.  Merlin uses the ruby red Desert Star Jewel to bind the magic of the Burning desert with Avalon.
  • The Great Plains
      Green grasslands, fields of grain and gentle rolling hills make up the Great Plains.  With wild flowers blossoming everywhere, the Great Plains are a wonderful place to hold Craft Fair parties.  Wagon trains and caravans travel through the Great Plains on their way to craft fairs.  The most magical place in the Great Plains is the Dreamfields, for which its Crown Jewel is named.  It is a place where every wish comes true.
  • The Jungle
      Beautiful tropical rainforests in The Jungle are home to many great magical beasts.  Some of the creates that roam the lush interior are as big as dinosaurs.  There are also many hidden lands in The Jungle  that have never been explored by the people of Avalon.  The Jungle is bound to the kingdom through the emerald green Jungle Jewel.


Want to know more about Avalon and the magical jewels that represent it?  Check out our Discover Avalon page for a cool map and more information on the land of Avalon, or see our complete list of all the magical jewels featured in the show!

Jewel Power!

~Chris & Ronnie

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