Happy Second Anniversary!

Screencap - Morgana's Lair 2

Hey Jewel Fans! Can you believe how time flies? It seems only yesterday we were starting the site, complete with countdown meter to launch date, and now here we are two years later on our second anniversary. We wanted to thank you all for making this a memorable, magical two years and sharing your enthusiasm for Princess Gwenevere, Tamara, and Fallon with us.

We celebrated our First Magical Year last year with a special logo banner. We hoped to engage fans of the show with trivia quizzes, activities like the Artist Challenge to design the concept character of Gwen’s sister Tara, interviews with Jewel Riders alumni Kerry Butler and Greg Autore, and of course the release of the first season episodes in Gwen, Starla, and French Starla versions.

first-magical-year-banner-jraTrying to think of a way to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary, we turned to the traditional anniversary gift guides. The second anniversary is traditionally celebrated with either cotton or ceramic for gifts…which got the wheels in our heads turning. We couldn’t decide which would be better…so we ended up doing both. ^__^;

Visit our Redbubble page and check out all the cool stuff for sale, and help support the site while you’re at it! There are mugs, t-shirts, art prints, throw pillows, and much more to choose from and show off your Jewel Riders love to the world! Two designs are available right now, the JRA logo and the three jewels. Click through the designs in the portfolio to see more products and styles available!

After two years of sharing pictures, videos, and essays regarding the show across many social platforms, we are going to be streamlining our social media presence: Pictures will be shared mainly via Instagram and Tumblr, video via YouTube, and text via Twitter and Facebook.

In other news, we are beginning our release of the Second Season episodes! We are – of course – starting with Morgana, the first episode of the second season, which features the return of the dark wizard after she gets a hold of her Dark Stone as it floats through the Wild Magic.

You can watch the Princess Gwenevere version:

The Starla Version:

Or the French Starla Version:

Thats all for this round folks! Be sure to stay tuned the the Jewel Riders Archive YouTube page as we debut a new episode of the Second Season weekly on Fridays, on their original release dates!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris and Ronnie

2 Responses to “Happy Second Anniversary!

  • You two are funny. Lol Ronnie and his pink shirts…

    Hang on, how are you two in the same video when you live in different places? That is some serious technology there.

    I want to buy everything. Pillows. Mugs. The SHIRT!

    • jewelridersarchive
      7 years ago

      Hey Stormy!
      Thanks for watching! More videos of us nerding out over Jewel Riders are coming, so stay tuned haha
      I actually visited Ronnie in So Cal for a few days, so we took some time to film some Jewel Riders videos. 🙂 Sadly, neither of us are tech-savvy enough to digitally insert one of us into a video haha
      Yay! Can’t wait to see a photo of you rocking the shirt! 😀
      ~ Chris

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