Happy Third Anniversary!

Hi Jewel Fans! We hope your summer winded down well, and that those of you who are back in school are studying hard! We’ve been hard at work too here at the JRA!

Happy Third Anniversary!

We drew each other with our favorite characters!

We drew each other with our favorite characters!


September 10th marks not only our Third Anniversary, but also the 23rd Anniversary of Jewel Quest! Can you believe in two short years Jewel Riders will be 25? Our third year has been wonderful – as always, due to the passion and energy we get to share with the fandom!

A few of the highlights from the last year:

Thank you for your continued support! We can’t do this without the love and support of the fan community. 🙂

Year of the Unicorn


For our fourth year, we want to highlight the winsome equine companions of the Jewel Riders: the Unicorns! This is going to be a yearlong celebration of bonded friends! We have already done a “Design a Unicorn” contest – with fabulous results! But there is plenty more to come. We’re going to talk Fashion Star Fillies, My Little Pony, share some more historic unicorn lore, update with some new merch, and more!

We’re also super excited to announce the Jewel Riders Archive’s very own webcomic starring the Unicorns! Stay tuned in November as we launch this new creative project!

Jewel Quest’s 23rd Anniversary

Today is not only Jewel Rider’s and the Archive’s birthday, but it’s Jewel Quest’s as well! We have tons of great stuff related to the first episode of the show.

Or you can watch the episode at our YouTube channel, including a story reel version we made with the storyboard and audio track from the show!





Satisfaction Survey

Have you taken our new survey yet? If not, we want to hear from you! We’re looking to get feedback on what you love about the site, what you hate, and where we could make improvements and changes!


Over the weekend of August 25-26th, we had the opportunity to attend Power-Con, the convention for all things He-Man and She-Ra in Torrance, CA! It was so cool to hear from the people behind the shows: writers, directors, animators, comic artists, toy designers, Et al! It’s was also great to wander the dealer’s hall and see all the beautiful (expensive!) She-Ra merchandise. We also did our very first live stream from the convention. Did you catch it?

Both of us were head over heels for the new prototype She-Ra and He-Man dolls from Mattel! These are based on the 12-inch She-Ra that was a Comic-Con exclusive a few years ago. Ronnie especially loved Glimmer with her mass of pink hair. We’re really hoping that these end up getting made, if you’re interested, let Mattel know with the hashtag #wewantmorshera


Are you all ready with your Jewel Riders costumes for Halloween? If not, get in touch with Daniel Magana Couture for the purr-fect costume! And if you have kids, maybe you could even track down one of the sewing patterns or child-size vintage costumes!

Twelve-Inch Treasures

Have you been keeping up with toy designer Greg Autore’s blog “Twelve Inch Treasures?” If not, it’s a wealth of cool information about the toy industry. Recently in a post entitled “We are all Overdue for Recess” that talks about play patterns and the value of play in life, Greg even mentioned us here at the Archive! We can’t wait to see what new topic he talks about next.

Music Updates

We have just updated with music from Season Two! Sadly we don’t have a complete audio files like we did with the Season One music, but Ronnie has spent a lot of time crafting these from a combination of the audio from the episodes with the French Starla soundtrack. You can download the S2 files at our Music Page. We hope you enjoy!

We’ve also got all the French Starla versions of these songs on our YouTube Channel!

And that’s all for this update! Again, we can’t thank you all enough for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the update, and continue to look forward to lots of great new content coming over the next year!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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  • Thank you for all of the great work, guys! I love what you do and am grateful to have found you!

    • jewelridersarchive
      6 years ago

      Hey Des! Thanks for the kind words, and for coming along on this ride with us!

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