January Update

Queen Sierra

Hey Jewel Fans!

Did you have a good holiday season? We hope you had the chance to partake in the spirit of the season, and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Before we get to the update this month, we wanted to remind those who haven’t seen the presentation boards done by Greg Autore for the proposed third series of toys, to go check out the post!


If you haven’t check out our “Characters” and “Jewels” pages for a while, we suggest you check them out, as they have both been updated with images of the Season One characters and all the jewels featured in the show!

We’ve also updated the “Enchanted Camelot” Memorabilia section to include the small painted figures of a wolf and panther that recently were sold on Ebay. Check out what was probably an early concept for Spike!


In our update this month, we’re featuring a the script for “Vale of the Unicorns.” This episode introduces Moondance’s mother, Queen Sierra, and her cousin Kiernan. When Queen Sierra goes missing, Moondance must attempt the Trials to choose the next ruler of the Unicorns. Meanwhile, Morgana is trying to influence the Trials in order to get the unicorn jewel, the Wizard Jewel that selects the next unicorn ruler.


Also, be sure to check out our Artist Challenge, to design Gwen’s little sister Tara! The deadline for entries closes 2/10/17, and we’ll have voting and announce the winner by 3/10/17! We can’t wait to see your creativity on display!

We also recently discovered a new commercial for the show! Check it out!


That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates!


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