January Update

Hey Jewel Fans! Welcome to 2019. We hope you enjoyed all the great information last month from Greg Autore (seriously, have you read the latest interview with him? Amazing stuff!)

Comic Updates

We were hopeful to share the first pages of our new comic “Circle of Friends” this month, but sadly between our artist getting sick and general life getting in the way it’s not quite ready yet. But have you seen our teasers on Instagram? We’re so excited for this comic, and we hope you’ll love it!


The most exciting thing going on around here is that we’re preparing the release of the The Jewel Riders Archive’s very own comic series! As part of our “Year of the Unicorn” we wanted to shine a light on the oft-overlooked equine companions of the Jewel Riders, and a “to the left of the frame” comic fits the bill! We’ve partnered with an awesome artist, and are hard at work creating fun little stories and gorgeous artwork for you to enjoy! We are hoping to have our first release in January! Until then, enjoy this lovely art of the Crystal Palace featured in our debut issue! Don’t miss the magic this January! Stay tuned. #jewelriders #princessgwenevere #Tamara #Fallon #princessstarlaandthejewelriders #princessgwenevereandthejewelriders #starlaandthejewelriders #princess #unicorn #unicorns #unicornio #unicornios #licorne #licornes #独角兽 #einhorn #единорог #horse #horses #zebracorn #iloveunicorns #castle #palace #TheYearOfTheUnicorn #comic #sketch #comicart #fanart #wip #workinprogress

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Writer Challenge

In the vein of our previous artist contests, we were inspired by all of the art boards for the unproduced Season 3 Concept toys that we wanted to do a little challenge! We want to see what you can come up with for the possible third season! The catch is that it has to be based on the design boards we shared last month, and be told in less than a thousand words. All writing abilities and styles are welcome. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Fanfic Friday

If you follow us on social media, you’ve no doubt noticed that we often share a “Fanart Friday” post from time to time. Well, get ready for the occasional “Fanfic Friday!” One of our long-term goals for the Archive was to preserve and share the fan fiction that was originally featured on Stormy’s Avalon page. So every two weeks we’ll be releasing a new story in our Fan Fiction section. We’ve updated a bit early this time featuring two stories from Stormy herself.

A quick word from Fandom Queen herself, Stormy!

 I’m delighted the Jewel Riders Archive is posting the stories from the Avalon page.  Pretty much all of these writers hung out on the Avalon website, and we all did roleplaying of our characters in the chatroom.  I don’t remember any of our chat plotlines too clearly… there were attempts to be dark and gritty, there was some stealing ideas from Digimon which we all also watched, there were massive crossovers with different anime… we were all teenagers so the quality was teenager’s-first-story, I remember that!

We’ll be back next month with more fic, so stay tuned!

Jewel Riders Couples

With Valentine’s Day (or National Singles Awareness Day – your preference) coming up, we dug this gem out of the depths of the Jewel Riders fansites. A Jewel Riders Couples Post. Which of course got us thinking about all the possible couple mashups on the show.

  • Gwen and Drake. A S1 classic. The trading cards even confirm this one! But it’s sadly pushed aside in S2 for…
  • Gwen and Ian. The dark horse (er, beast). They even share the final kiss of the show! But originally…
  • Tamara and Ian were supposed to be a thing. Greg Autore designed Ian to be a boyfriend for Tamara a la Beauty and the Beast (because she’s good with animals, see?)
  • Tamara and Drake are seen on a date in “Dreamfields!” So that’s visual proof!
  • Another pair seen in “Dreamfields” are Gwen and Lord Baton, a stuck-up young Lord that Gwen still finds cute.
  • Fallon and Drake are a longshot, even though they do go on a date in “Love Struck,” but then who doesn’t go on a date with Drake in that episode.
  • Both Lord Baton and the guide Dennon want to dance with Fallon in “Badlands,” perhaps a spark of romance there?
  • Our personal favorite pairing for Fallon is Josh, a sadly underutilized character, but he and Fallon share a few good quips in Badlands and “Song of the Rainbow.”
  • But what about Max? The popular old ship was Tamara/Max, but we’re pretty sure that’s just if Gwen/Drake and Fallon/Josh are a thing. 😉

What do you all think? What’s your favorite Jewel Riders ship? Tell us down below!

Stay Tuned!

Thanks so much again for sharing 2018 with us, and we hope you’ll stay tuned for all the great stuff we have coming your way this year!

Until next time…

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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