JRA Archive Showcase #2 – Burbank, CA

Hi Jewel Fans! How are you all faring during these waning days of quarantine? We hope that you’re doing well and all staying safe! As the world begins to reopen, we here at the Archive decided the time was right to fulfill our promise from over a year ago to hold our second traveling Archive Showcase in the Los Angeles, CA area.


After much searching for a good venue, we decided to hold the Jewel Riders Meet Up at Guildhall Burbank. We wanted to give fans in the area a chance to see and hold some of the amazing vintage pre-production materials and prototypes. Items on display included: the Jewel Quest Part One storyboard, Sunstar and Shadowsong prototypes, a Heart Stone toy that never shipped, S2 doll prototypes, S3 toy concept art and production photos, the new German DVDs, a French VHS, the Archive-produced jewel pins, the 25th Anniversary Zine and much more! It was such fun to get together with other fans and share some of the treasures that we’ve shown on the site over the years in person!

It was especially good to reconnect with author Lisa Dawn of The Princess Blog, the original owner of the jewel_power Livejournal Community where she and Chris first met.


Thanks to everyone who came out to support these live events! Happy 25th Anniversary Jewel Riders!

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