JRA Podcast – Episode 7, Corinne Orr Interview

By the Magic of the Dark Stone!

Join Chris and Ronnie for an ultimate delight – the chance to sit down with the incomparable Corinne Orr, a veteran stage and voice actress with over 50 credits to her name! To Jewel Riders fans, she will be best known as the dual voices of the evil Lady Kale, and the good Queen Anya, but her career also encompasses the original dubs of the anime Speed Racer and Marine Boy.

**Please excuse our audio hiccups, we have cleaned it up as best as possible! (Maybe a bit of Wild Magic Interference?) 🙂





Reminiscences with Peter Fernandez

Peter Fernandez voice directed Jewel Riders, and he and Corinne Orr went all the way back together to working on Speed Racer as the original voices of Speed and Trixie! Check out these interviews from Anime Weekend Atlanta in 2008 and NY Anime Festival in 2007. Listen closely and Corinne even mentions Jewel Riders!

Behind the Scenes Recording Jewel Riders

You can also check out this fantastic video of Corinne at work voicing our favorite role – Lady Kale!

2 Responses to “JRA Podcast – Episode 7, Corinne Orr Interview

  • I came across this by accident. I was in a tap class with Corinne in the 80’s. She was the voice of Snuggle, then! I was so happy to see this & know she’s still working & delighting audiences!

    • jewelridersarchive
      3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this special memory Jeanie!

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