March Update


Hey Jewel Fans! We hope that your cold winters are beginning to melt into beautiful springs. (Or for those in the southern hemisphere, that your hot summers are cooling off into crisp autumns!)

We have another great update for you all this month!

If you follow our social media accounts, you no doubt saw last month that Ronnie had a chance to meet none other than Princess Gwenevere herself, acclaimed Broadway actress Kerry Butler! She was performing in Southern California as part of a Broadway Arts Anaheim fundraiser. A video interview and further photos along with an entry from Ronnie will be forthcoming, but for the time being please enjoy this little snapshot and stay tuned for more!



This month, our featured script is “The Jewel of the Sea.” This fan-favorite episode sees Tamara become a mermaid during a mix-up with a merboy as they search for the Jewel of the Sea, a Wizard Jewel that fell into a lagoon eons ago. In addition to the script, however, we also have several other pieces of material to go with this episode!

First is the story treatment. These are rough outlines of what an episode’s story and major beats are supposed to be before the actual script is written. You can see interesting things like the fact that the working name for Gilly was Neptune! And that Grunge was going to turn into a sea unicorn at the end of the episode! Click the picture below to go to our Season 2 Scripts page and read both of these!


In addition to the script and story treatment, we are also lucky enough to own an animation cel from this episode! It is composed of the hand-painted celluloid, the color guide for the painters, and the background. It’s amazing to think that there were 24 of these sheets made for each second of animation! (Fun fact: Disney had already switched to digital coloring from hand-painted cels for their animation at this point!)

Also, don’t forget to check out the results from the Tara design contest we have in the next post!

Until next month, Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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