March Update

Hey Jewel Fans! How are you doing? We hope you’re enjoying the warmer weather and that you’re getting ready for Spring and Summer.

Sac Toy Con & Jewel Riders Meetup

In mid-February, Chris and Ronnie had a chance to once again visit Sacramento for Sac Toy Con, a visit that is fast becoming an annual event! We always look forward to the chance to connect with Stormy and geek out together over vintage toys and other cool finds.
In addition to the Toy Con, this year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Jewel Riders Chris and Ronnie hosted a Jewel Riders Meet Up at Great Escape Games in Sacramento. We wanted to give fans the chance to see and hold some of the amazing vintage pre-production materials and prototypes. Items on display included: the Show Bible, the Style Guide, the Jewel Quest early draft script, a hand-painted cel from “Wizard’s Peak,” Enchanted Camelot kitbash prototypes, a Shadowsong prototype, a Heart Stone toy prototype, S2 toy prototypes, prototype art and production photos, and much more!
It was such fun to get together with other fans and share some of the treasures that we’ve shown on the site over the years in person! We’re hoping to do another meet up in Southern California later this year, probably around August, so we hope you’ll be able to come check it out and say hi!

Podcast on Podbean

Have you been listening to our podcasts? If not, you’re missing out! So far, we’ve featured nostalgic reminiscences with Stormy, Lisa Dawn, and Natalie, along with a two-part interview with Toy Designer Extraordinaire Greg Autore. This March, we’ll be starting a three-part mini-series reading the first three Avalon: Web of Magic books with Jacquesworth from the Avalon Archive.
Recently, we’ve opened a home for the podcast on Podbean! They have a smartphone app for easy listening on the go, and we hope that you’ll tune in!
(We’re also working on getting the podcast onto Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, so stay tuned for that coming soon!)

New Redbubble Products

If you love the Enchanted Jewel designs as much as we do, you’ll love the new products we have up at Redbubble!

Fan Fiction

We also have a few new fanfics up for you to read this month! We’re finishing with the last three chapters from Zardien: Chapters One and Two of “The Stones of Silver,” a Jewel Riders/Silverhawks crossover, and the first and only chapter of “What is Really Evil.” We hope you enjoy and look forward to more vintage fan fiction. There’s not too much left until we’ve reposted all the material from Stormy’s Avalon. ^_^

And that’s it for this update! We hope you’ll stay tuned for our new podcast!
Friends Together, Friends Forever!
~Chris & Ronnie

2 Responses to “March Update

  • You two have amazing loot, I gotta say! It was so cool to see it in person!

    • jewelridersarchive
      4 years ago

      We’ve definitely accumulated more than I realized over the years! I’m so glad you could come hang out and see the treasures! 😀

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