May Update

Love Struck 3

Hey Jewel Fans!

Are you enjoying the warmer weather as spring turns to summer?  We’re enjoying the warmth of the Sun(stone), and hope you are too!

We’ve got another great update for you this month!

Screenshot - Anya

First off, we wanted to wish all mothers a happy belated Mother’s Day!  Our favorite Avalon Mom – Queen Anya – is a great resource for the Jewel Riders.  She has a keen interest in archaeology and ancient history, and her favorite color is blue.  Queen Anya once held the Sun Stone, bonded with her lavender tiger Wintermane, before passing it onto Gwen.  Fun Fact: Did you know that Queen Anya used to be called Queen Angelene in early drafts of the script?

Next, we wanted to direct your attention to the The Jewel Riders Archive Twitter account, where we have a lively poll going on for favorite Enchanted Jewel!  Choose between the Sun, Moon, Heart, and Forest Stones!  But vote quickly, as the poll closes soon!



We also wanted to wish a very Happy (early) Birthday to the Grand Dame of Voice Acting, Corinne Orr!  Corinne is best known for voicing Lady Kale in the show, but also voiced Queen Anya, Queen Sierra, and Cleo!

Corinne Orr

Corinne began her acting career at the Montreal Repertory Theatre and Montreal’s Mountain Playhouse alongside famous actors like William Shatner and Christopher Plummer.  She is best known for her voice work, however, playing everything from Snuggles the Bear (in the Downy commercials!) to Trixie in Speed Racer alongside fellow Jewel Riders-alum Peter Fernandez.  You can also hear her in another Robert Mandell directed series – Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers – as the main villain the Queen of the Crown.  Be sure to join us on Twitter and our other social media platforms May 19th as we celebrate Corinne’s birthday!

Love Struck 4

And for the main feature this month, we’re featuring the script for the Drake-centric episode “Love Struck” over in the Season One Scripts section!  This is a very fun episode that feature’s Drake’s love of pranks being taken to the extreme by a Magic Sword, a living weapon that seeks to control the magic of the Enchanted Jewels.

Fun things to look out for in the script include: the return of Harley!  Apparently, the baby sheep from “The Faery Princess” was supposed to join Tamara and the Babies during their performance!  Also, the setting of the Craft Fair is a village called Greenwood.  And the Carnie who puts the sword in the tree refers to it as “The Magic Sword of Garmandell.”

Love Struck 1

Be sure to check back on Memorial Day, May 30th, for a very special unveiling as we begin building a new section of the site devoted to the fans of the show and the amazing work they produce!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

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