National Unicorn Day

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Sunstar and her father

Hey Jewel Fans!

Not every holiday is a perfect fit to celebrate on a Jewel Riders themed website.  But then again, not every holiday is as sparkly and glorious as National Unicorn Day.

Unicorns weren’t always viewed as sparkly horses though.  The earliest accounts to mention unicorns were not mythological, but actually historical!  Ancient Greek writers were convinced that horses with one horn and the head of a stag lived in India.  The idea that the unicorn could be found in the far corners of the world from civilization persisted for years, fueled by animals such as the Oryx (an antelope) and Rhinoceros.

The unicorn mythology took a huge step forward during the Middle Ages, when the idea that only a pure, virgin woman could tame the wild unicorn.  There are connections to the Virgin Mary and the purity of Christ woven into this interpretation.  Possibly the most famous depiction of this scene is a set of six medieval tapestries called “The lady and the unicorn.”

Lady and the Unicorn

The lady and the unicorn

Unicorns are often depicted as a horse with a goat’s cloven hooves and beard, a lion’s tail, and a slender, spiral horn on its forehead.  The horn is said to purify water, cure poison, and heal disease.  This description has held true until today, and can still be seen in works like Peter S. Beagle’s beloved fantasy classic The Last Unicorn book and movie.  But just as often, the unicorn is depicted in the modern era simply as a horse with a spiral horn growing from their forehead.

Jewel Riders uses this modern interpretation for their unicorns.


Sunstar is specific subtype of unicorns popularly referred to as an alicorn – a mixture of a unicorn and the mythical Greek Pegasus.  She is unique in the show as being the only one of her kind, and an outcast among unicorn society because of her wings.

Shadowsong is a zebracorn – mixing zebra and unicorn features – and was also an outcast because of his stripes.  Both Shadowsong and Sunstar are the only representations of their variations on the show, so it remains unknown if in the land of Avalon they are the only ones of their kind.


The Vale of the Unicorns

In the second season episode “Vale of the Unicorns,” the Jewel Riders travel to the seat of the unicorn court after Queen Sierra disappears and those in line to be the next ruler of the unicorns – including Sierra’s daughter, Moondance – must compete in the Trials.  The Trials are designed to test a unicorn’s worthiness to rule, and hold the Unicorn Jewel, and magical Wizard Jewel shaped like a unicorn horn.  This episode is unfortunately our only look at the fascinating unicorn culture of Avalon!

Queen Sierra

Queen Sierra

Who’s your favorite unicorn on Jewel Riders?  Is it the adventurous Moondance, the wily Kiernan, or perhaps little Cleo?  And what is your favorite unicorn story or piece of memorabilia?  (Perhaps the unicorn in the movie Legend, the Last Unicorn book/movie, the beautiful unicorn figures produced by Schleich, or the unicorns on the fun My Little Pony shows?)  Let us know!

Jewel Power!

~Chris & Ronnie


2 Responses to “National Unicorn Day

  • Favorite unicorn in the series: I can’t decide! Probably Moondance if I had to pick one
    Favorite unicorn story: Unicorns of Balinor

    • jewelridersarchive
      8 years ago

      Moondance is my favorite too! And oooh, you’ve reminded me that I need to finish reading Unicorns of Balinor! It was such a fun series!

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