November Update

Hi Jewel Fans! We hope you’re all doing magical!

Are you ready for the holidays to transform the world once again? We sure are!
Ronnie loves the Universal Monsters, so naturally Halloween is one of his favorite holidays, and this year we were treated to a spooktacular array of Halloween-themed Jewel Riders art from friend of the Archvie @DreamingGumPop on Twitter! Each piece re-imagines a Jewel Riders character as a classic movie monster. Which one is your favorite?

DreamingGumPop also created this awesome picture of a re-imagined Pack! Of note, she incorporated Brand, a character from the show bible that never made it past early drafts of the show!

L-R: Brand, Drake, Max, and Josh

L-R: Brand, Drake, Max, and Josh

Sonoma County Fires Update

As many of you saw on Instagram, at the end of the October, Chris was evacuated due to the wild fires in Sonoma County, CA. We wanted to update all of you that he is back at home now, and the Jewel Riders boxes that comprise much of the Archive’s materials have been returned safely as well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during a difficult and stressful time!



Comic Update

A-chan has been hard at work on a new image for our comic “Circle of Friends!” Stay tuned as we plan on bringing more comics to you in the lead-up to the 25th Anniversary next September!


Also, as Christmas and the other winter holidays fast approach, we wanted to remind everyone again about our new designs up on Redbubble! There are so many fun designs based on the jewels and our fourth anniversary artwork. Our new artwork for Circle of Friends will follow soon as well, so stay tuned!

New Season of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power

November 11th saw the release of Season Four of Netflix’s “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.” If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out on the closest thing to a Jewel Riders reboot this decade! Netflix’s new She-Ra has been consistently entertaining, beautiful, and wonderfully inclusive. It’s so refreshing to see programming like this! Season Four is supposed to re-introduce Double Trouble to the animated series, a character who appeared in the She-Ra: Princess of Power toy line in the 80s, but never in the show! Fun side note, Double Trouble is also the show’s first non-binary character!

Saying Goodbye to Equestria

On a more bittersweet note, we also wanted to report that October 12th was the airdate for the final episode of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” We haven’t seen the series finale yet (gotta wait for Netflix to put up the final season), but if there’s one other show that feels like a modern Jewel Riders, My Little Pony: FiM was it. From the unicorn princesses that have Sun, Moon, and Heart as their cutie marks, to the theme of the show being friendship, to magical jewelry, this show has so much that reminded us of Jewel Riders.

Expect a full retrospective when we have a chance to watch the final season!


Thanks for reading, and Happy (Early) Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all of you and the joy we get by sharing the Jewel Riders fandom!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

Chris & Ronnie

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our Fan Fiction section for more great vintage reads from the Avalon website this month!

2 Responses to “November Update

  • Kerry Gligorovic
    4 years ago

    I remember watching starla and the jewel riders as a kid, I ever watched it now on YouTube and learn that there are many fans to this show. so the question is why haven’t they released the complete series on DVD ? I think this series deserve a comeback and it make everyone happy to able to have it.

    • jewelridersarchive
      4 years ago

      Hi Kerry! Thanks for sharing your memories of watching Jewel Riders. 🙂
      Unfortunately, we don’t know the reason the show has never been released on DVD either. We’d love to have copies ourselves!

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