October Update

screencap-shadowsongHey Jewel Fans!

We hope you’re enjoying the cooler weather, abundant candy flooding every store, and Pumpkin Spice Everything. 🙂  Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween this year?  We hope you go as your favorite character from Jewel Riders!

This month, the site is featuring the script to the second season’s second episode: “Shadowsong.”  We remember being kids and being in awe at the opening credits of the second season, where most fans first saw Shadowsong before his titular episode debuted.  Shadowsong and Tamara are a unique pair – they are the only Jewel Riders to be paired male with female!  Shadowsong is also unique in the show, in that his horn can function like an Enchanted Jewel.  It’s a great episode, and we hope you enjoy reading the script!

Shadowsong Script Page

If you’ve been following us on our social media outlets, you’ve seen some of the fun polls we’ve been running, and we’d love you to participate!  Twitter is where they are usually posted, so be sure to take a peek and get your votes in!


Also, if you’ve been following our YouTube channel, you know that we’re five weeks deep into our releases of the season one episodes, including the never-before-released-online “Gwenevere” version of the show.  Yes, it was hard for us to believe that the version of the show we grew up with was apparently unavailable to fans, so we had to set about correcting such a grave oversight.  Ronnie has put in hours of hard work syncing the best available audio and video tracks to bring out not only the Gwenevere version, but the Starla and French Starla versions as well!  They are a real treat to watch, and we absolutely hope you enjoy them!


That’s all for this month, friends!  Thanks for sticking with us, and don’t forget to leave a comment below to give a little bit of feedback or simply say hello!  We love hearing from you!

Friends Together, Friends Forever!

~Chris & Ronnie

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